Third bomb in London

Apr 30th, 1999, 05:04 PM
Pat Rowlens
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Third bomb in London

Early this evening a bomb expoloded in a bar in Soho killing two people and seriously injuring 24. Seems there are around 68 folks in hospital.

Two weeks ago the first bomb went off in Brixton at a busy outdoor market and injured many. Last weeekend the bomb exploded in Brick Lane with the same consequences. Each of the communities targeted were Asian. This evening's bomb was in a gay bar.

No warnings were given and responsibility has been claimed by a so called right-wing group who appear to be targetting minorities.

Apr 30th, 1999, 05:27 PM
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What are the London Police/authorities doing about these serial bombings? Is there any suspect/suspicious group? This is getting a bit out of hand....
May 1st, 1999, 11:09 PM
Ben Haines
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I have put the following message onto Fodor's Forum

The Metropolitan Police suspect a few tiny far right racist groups -- when I say tiny, one of them has perhaps thirty members. Police officers have infiltrated several of these groups, but nobody knows whether all of them. Records from closed circuit video cameras on lampposts and interviews with bystanders have led the police to put out photos off-film of a man with a baseball cap, wanted at least for interview.

The sequence, roughly weekly, was Brixton (for black Britons), Brick Lane in Whitechapel (for Asians) and Old Compton Street in Soho (for homosexuals: the bomb was in a oub they use a lot). Moslems, especially in Bradford, and Jews, in several cities, are being very observant indeed, and I doubt that anybody in Britain now would pick up a bag with a bomb in it and put it in the boot of his car, as a man did a fortnight ago in Brixton . The police and community groups are walking the streets in extra numbers, both to look out for suspect packages and to remind people to report at once any found object. I shan't be leaving my newly-bought vegetables in my bike basket for a few weeks !

Messages picked up within one of the small groups say that the idea of such bombs is to make non-whites furious, and provoke them to violent demonstrations that will lead to race war. The messages say that there are now not enough racists in England to start off a race war by themselves, but that they can hope to manoeuvre one in this way. As a Londoner I am a little cheered to hear that even these people believe they have lost -- as they have. Come and walk on our hill.

Meanwhile, I weep. Babies with nails in their heads, men with legs blown off. How can anybody do this ?

And you -- Americans, Australians, Germans, Singaporeans ... I think you should still come. For one thing, the statistics of the chance of you're being near a bomb are tiny. For another, as in the Blitz, as in the Irish troubles, what are we going to say to these men of hatred ? That that's ok, they've won, and we shan't walk the streets ? Never. This is our city, not theirs.

Meanwhile, will those of you who pray please ask that the racists turn from wickedness ? And will liberals and democrats among you please carry on in the pursuit of peace among people ?

I was never a hippy -- too old. But now is a time to wish you all love and peace.

Ben Haines
May 2nd, 1999, 06:51 AM
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Ben: Just wanted to thank you for your thoughtful, and informative, post. What a shame things like this have to, it seems, take place. I hope the culprits are caught in short order and life can resume what passes for normalcy.
May 2nd, 1999, 02:31 PM
Kate Cohen
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Thank you, Ben.

My husband and I will be in London in a little under two weeks. The thought of changing our plans never crossed our minds. Hatred is a box these small minded, evil men condemn themselves to. I am committed to roaming free and to others' right to do the same. Every time we refuse to cower the racist prison gets smaller, their influence more confined.

Looking forward to seeing your great city again. -- K
May 3rd, 1999, 04:54 AM
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It seems that they have finally caught the person responsible for the bomb attacks. I can't help wondering what kind of person can do something as horrible as that. The following webpages have extensive reports about the attack:

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