theft proof fanny packs?

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theft proof fanny packs?

Does anyone out there know of a brand of fanny pack that has maybe a cable reinforced belt and a more secure buckle system
( besides the quick release type that most of them are.) I've heard that thieves can simply cut the belt and run off. Somewhere I read about fanny packs where the belts are reinforced so they can't be easily cut by thieves. Help anyone????
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Ben Haines
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Dear Ms Rieder,

Your passport, tickets, spare money and spare credit cards are better placed in your hotel manager's safe, and you look less like a naive visitor and walking invitation to thieves. As you travel between hotels these goods are safe if placed in the middle of your heaviest bag.

Please write if I can help further. Welcome o Europe.

Ben Haines

Old Feb 18th, 2001, 08:22 PM
Smart Alec
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The whole idea of fanny packs is to hope they will be stolen so you won't look like such a stupid tourist.
Old Feb 18th, 2001, 09:19 PM
Posts: n/a has one for $89.
Old Feb 18th, 2001, 10:07 PM
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I think it's called a "chastity belt"
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Teresa, no matter what you carry, the very best way to theft-proof yourself is to stay alert and keep your bags as close to you as possible--especially at public transportation stops.
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The pack you are looking for will do what you want. But a good thieve will open the pack by unziping it or cutting it and take everything and you will never know it. So bottom line only carry what you can afford to lose in a fanny pack. My wife sometimes wears one but only has lipstick sun glasses and $10 in it.
Old Feb 19th, 2001, 04:16 AM
Do Not Do It
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Wearing a fanny pack, any kind of fanny pack, simply yells "HEY LOOK AT ME I AM A DUMB TOURIST PLEASE STEAL MY STUFF!"

Forget it do not wear one ever.
Old Feb 19th, 2001, 04:35 AM
Nothing's perfect
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Fanny packs are a very good thing, but NOT for style and NOT for security! Some of their advantages are: (1)they distribute weight evenly, unlike shoulder bags, so they do not cause you to walk with one shoulder up (to hold your bag) and therefore you're far less likely to get neck and shoulder and back pain and stiffness after several hours of walking, and (2) they leave your hands free, for taking photos, touching merchandise in a store, eating on the run, getting out your water bottle on a hike, carrying an umbrella, shaking hands with people, holding your walking stick, carrying a shopping bag, writing, etc. and (3) you are less likely to put them down and forget them when you stop to rest, have lunch, use the toilet or "bushes", (4) when carried in front, they are very easily accessible when you need tissues, water bottle and other practical necessities.

To answer your question, no I don't know of a brand with a belt that's hard to cut and a fastener that's not so quick, but I think I've seen them in catalogues (possibly Travelsmith, Magellan, Norman Thompson, LL Bean maybe?). I wonder if these reinforced ones are heavy, since they probably have metal cord inside.

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Checks performed:
Correct cleans were logged both in W/Stream and in the manual clean log.

Recipe was checked confirming that previous partial fix was implemented (N2purge before pumpdown)

Goldman data shows no alarms or interruptions on this run. No problems with reactor on or about that date.

All 3 batches logged through masking etch correctly. All by same operator on same wetdeck (wd11) logged about 25 mins apart.
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Patrick, you're not from Kansas, are you?
Old Feb 19th, 2001, 06:27 AM
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To Dorothy: why are you asking me that here, since I've not even posted on this subject? But no, and are you and Toto still there?
Old Feb 19th, 2001, 06:36 AM
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Sorry, I meant Frank. Don't know why I got the names reversed. Something happened to my mind ever since that big wind came. Toto is the only one who still understands me.
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childish brit
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"fanny pack" tee hee!!! snigger! Chortle!

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