Thanks for the tips on Rome

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Thanks for the tips on Rome

We just returned from Italy and it was great. Thanks for the info on Rome. Italy was great. Rome was fabulous. I be glad to answer any questions! Vivian
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Daniel Fusco
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Vivian, I'm glad you enjoyed Rome. Please tell me about the Termini area. Is it an undesireable area in which to stay. I've heard that it is somewhat unsafe and dirty.

Also, did you visit Piazza Navona? Do you recommend that I stay in that area? Thank you for your help.
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We stayed at the Hotel Pensione Italia which was about a 10 minute lazy stroll from the Termini. I will admit that the area was not as clean as say the area around the Vatican or Borghese Galleria (sp??) but I felt safe at all times and our hotel was clean and we did have a quiet room. When we walked to the Galleria, it was obvious that we were not on the nice side of town, but we stayed in our rooms about 8hrs a day, and were out the rest of the time. We walked everywhere except to the Vatican, in which case we took the notorious bus #64 and had absotuletly no problems. Apparently, that is where the pickpockets hang out, but we were careful, not parnoid, and did just fine.
Unfortuately, we did not vistit the Piazza Navona, we just did not have time. But I did walk around in that area, and I can honestly say that it did not stike me as being as clean as say the Vatican area or the Galleria area.
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Dan: We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Minerve which was a short walk from the Piazza Navona. It is a great area to stay in, a short walk to the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Castel St. Angelo, Campo dei Fiore and the Vatican.
Since the weather was perfect, we ate several times in the Piazza Navona, and although the food was good, it is nothing to write home about. The setting on the other hand is unbelievable and sitting out at the cafes with the pigeons, fountains, artists and Romans is unbeatable. Don't miss the tartufo at Tre Scalini, expensive but worth it. Also the cafes at the Pantheon were equally as good.
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Vivian: Did you visit the Borghese Gallery or gardens? How about Vatican museum and what was the wait like to get in there? We are going in Oct. and have rented B&B rooms near Campo and P. Navona. Can you recommend any restaurants to me? Thanks!
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We did go to the Borghese Galleria Museum. We rented headsets and we all enjoyed it very much. I preordered my tickets (no big deal to do it online) and had no problem getting in. Those that didn't preorder weren't able to get in when they wanted.
We did go to the Vatican. We went on Wed, when the pope had the audience with the masses of people and I do mean masses. We decided to use a tour group called Walks of Rome. We were told to meet our tour guide near the obilisk(sp??). He would be wearing a red cap. Needless to say, when we got there, it seemed like everyone was wearing a red cap, and what the heck is an obilisk?? I know now, we did connect with our tour guide and it was okay. I think the personalized tour the day before with the coloseum was much better! The Vatican museum was awesome as was St Peters and though it was busy, I didn't feel like a sardine, even at the Sistine Chapel.
The one restaraunt that I can recomend is Antica Traverna. They treated us so well and the food was great! I do believe it is near the Piazza Navona. Please excuse my spelling!
Have a great time in October!
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I always ask this question......How crowded was Rome? Also Do we need a tour guide for most of the sites? Can you wear capris in the vatican? thanks
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I was also worried about the crowds, but I didn't think they were bad. It was crowded at the Vatican on Wed, but I've seen alot worse. Evenin the Sistine Chapel, there was plenty of room to move around.
I think you only need your knees covered at St Peters, but I may be wrong. I say lots of people wearing the capri pants, I wish I had brought a pair, because it was hot.
I had never been to Rome, so I was intimidated and decided to use a tour guide for the Vatican and the coloseum( and surrounding stuff ie the forum)The one for the coloseum was just great. The one for the Vatican was fine but very generic. In any case, I was glad that we used a tour guide because we wanted to get the most out of our day.

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