Swiss Rail Schedule

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Swiss Rail Schedule

I've been to the Swiss Rail site and I know you can search for train schedules but I want to purchase the book before I go there next month. Where can I order it from? I know I saw the information somewhere but I can't track it down any more.

I'm trying to get a handle on my travel schedule and make any advance reservations that need to be made.
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richard j vicek
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Good afternoon, Claudia
The Fahrplan, for rail, cablecars and
ships can be purchased at any Swiss
Railway stations, upon arrival in CH.
The cost of about 12 SF. However had
purchased them a few years back thru
the Swiss Tourist Office, eg. New York,
0212 757 5944 and San Francisco, 0415 362 2260.....
Swiss Railways is also in NYC 0212 757 5944 as well as SF/. Richard of LaGrange Park, Il...
Don't not beleive that you have to make
and reservations for rail travel in CH
other than special trains such as the
Glacier Express and also which seperate
dining car reservations must be made,
these also can be done at the SBB office
in Zurich, Kloten or Basle airports on
arrival. You can also at the same office forward any baggage to your
destination within CH. Have used this
service a number of times in the past
from Klkoten to Grindelwald, Zermatt
and both times out bags arrived on the
same trains which we did, or the following one...This means about all
the lubbage you have to carry on the
train would be an overnite bag with
enough items to carry you over to the
next morning.. Richarad of LaGrange PLark, Il...
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Unfortunately the Swiss tourist offices haven't sold the Kursbuch for years, and there hasn't been a US source for several years.

You should have success ordering by e-mail directly to Swiss Rail. Try the following wording:

Ich möchte ein Offizielles Kursbuch bestellen. Meine Kreditkarte-Nummer ist:
[Indicate MasterCard or Visa]
[Card Number]
Ablauf: [Expiration Date -mm/yy]
[Name - as shown on card]
[Full address, including country]

Vielen Dank

E-mail to [email protected]

Better to write the request in English as well ... giving a better chance that their reply will be in English. If, as is usual, the reply is in German you should be able to get a decent enough translation through AltaVista Babelfish or Systran.

Books are valid for one year, roughly from the end of May. The current book is valid until June, 2002.

The cost for the Summer 2000 Kursbuch was CHF16 plus CHF8 for postage, or about USD15 ... an amazing price for 4,335 pages of useful information!

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Thanks everyone.

Ed, if I order that book today, do you think I'll get it before I leave on July 21? I know the Swiss are efficient but don't necessarily trust the mail.

What do you think?
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Yes. No guarantees, of course, but Swiss post is quite efficient and reliable. I ordered mine considerably in advance of the publication date. I can't be sure when they actually posted it but it arrived within days, certainly less than two weeks, of when I believe it was sent.

Note that the SBB website does specify train services on which reseravations are **possible**. These are mainly on trains operating in international service. Usually reservations are not required on these trains, though if you're traveling a long segment you might wish to make the reservation anyway.

Other segments where the website shows reservations are "possible" are certain highly-promoted scenic services such as the Glacier Express, Panorama Express and so forth. On these "elite" services reservations are usually mandatory.
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Thanks Ed. I went ahead and ordered the book.

I have reservations on the Glacier Express but it would be nice to know my options for other segments of my journey without having to go back and forth to the SBB website.

It sounds like it'll be well worth the investment. Plus I'll know exactly how to plan my exodus from Zurich as soon as my plane arrives.
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Here is your timetable in English.
(SBB= Swiss Federal Railways)
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Just to follow up - you can no longer buy the rail schedule from Swiss Rail in advance. I guess I'll have to wait until I get there.
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I've gone to Europe several times and have always used the trains. I've purchased reservation in advance only a few times; on sleepers and the odd special train. I have purchased reservation a couple of days in advance while there just to make sure. Reservation a much less expensive when purchased there. I have found the German train system to have the best system for looking up schedules anywhere other than Spain. France, Switzerland, Italy, etc.
In the past I have selected the areas I planned to visit as well as possible places and printed out the schedules for several hours in each direction. I then glued them to a page (both sides) and photocopied. I had my whole schedule of a page or two with all possible options. The German system doesn't just give you a sampling as some do. It lets you move earlier and later from the selected time. It alws lest you look at the itinerary so you know where the train stops and when. Great site. I've included the address.

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