Sweden vs. Norway

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Have to Choose
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Sweden vs. Norway

Can someone provide me with a good, thumbnail comparison of Norway vs. Sweden as a tourist destination? Obviously, Norway has the fiords and Sweden doesn't, but I'm also interested in other attractions, comparative costs, whether it's any easier to get around in one than in the other, etc. If you only had 5 days and had to choose between Oslo plus a day trip or two, or Stockholm plus a day trip or two, which would you choose and on what basis?
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Wow! Tough question. My wife and I traveled in both countries in June (also Denmark) and it's really a toss-up. We thoroughly enjoyed both Oslo and Stockholm. Costs were comparable and not as expensive as people had led us to believe. Lunches and dinners were roughly the same as what we pay at home.
If I had to choose, I guess I would say Norway. If you can make the trip between Oslo and Bergen, the scenery is absolutely awesome. One of the most beautiful places I've ever been. People were friendly; everyone spoke English.
In two weeks, we never saw the first piece of litter along the highways!

Skål -
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I'd also pick Norway, although Stockholm is a wonderful city. The day trips in Norway tip the scales that direction. The Stave Churches, the all means, do Bergen, it's well worth the effort. Loved the old town along the waterfront. Great people, friendly. Lodging and food's about the same both countries. Food isn't really all that much differnt than the U.S., but I found lodging about 15% higher on average. Good traveling!
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Another vote for Norway -- have been to both countries - hightly recommend Norway.
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I have not been to Norway but to Alaska
sort of similar. I like that scenery
but I really enjoyed Stockholm's
old city of Gamla Stan alot and the
people were great. I hear the islands
near Stockholm are wonderful I think the
prices are similar. It depends on how
rustic you want this trip to be.
Have a great trip. E
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I also agree with the Norway recommendation. After touring all of the Scandinavian countries last summer (including Iceland), Norway was my favorite and the one place I have on my must revisit list. The Norway in a Nutshell route from Oslo to the fjord area is breathtaking. I've travelled extensively and the fjords of Norway have to be one of the most magical, beautiful places I've seen so far. We made the journey in 24 hours, and I only wish we had more time to explore the whole area, including Bergen.

A thumbnail comparison: The Norwegians are more friendly and down-to-earth, the Swedish are hospitable but reserved. Stockholm is beautiful and has interesting places to visit but it is a cosmopolitan city like many others. Oslo is smaller than Stockholm and is more of a country cousin. Costs are comparable in both cities, don't know about transportation since we had our own car.

A decision between the two would really be between a city vacation or an outdoorsy one. I don't recall many day trips outside Stockholm although you can take an overnight ferry ride to Helsinki, tour the city in a day and return that same day.

Either way, both are worth visiting. Enjoy your trip!
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I, too, am considering a holiday (October)in the Scandanavian countries and after reading everyone else's recommendations, I am deciding on Norway. What I am really interested in is witnessing the northern lights. Can someone tell me when and where are the best places and times to experience this activity? Thank you for all your feedback and valuable information.
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Here you have a good website

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