Suitable Clothes for Spain

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Suitable Clothes for Spain

I will be visiting Spain in a couple of weeks. I don't want to take a lot of clothes with me. I'll be visiting Madrid and then on to Seville and some side trips from there. I was thinking of wearing jeans and perhaps taking one nice pair of slacks and blazer to wear a night. Would this type of clothing be appropriate? I am a 50+ year old school librarian and will be traveling with my husband. We will not be on a tour with other people. He doesn't care what I wear. What do you think? I noticed when we were in Italy summer, most tourists were very casually dressed. Will it be the same in Spain? Thanks for the advice.
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Your current plans seem appropriate to causal if you want to be!
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Hello, Roz,
We were in Spain last year in March. We spent three weeks there and loved every minute of our trip. I think what you have planned is fine. Most importantly, you need to be comfortable.
I didn't see a lot of women over the age of 25(?) wearing bluejeans. There are a lot of younger people that do, however. I don't think that should cause you concern, though.
I personally like my black jeans that have a little bit of
stretch to them. (I buy the Liz Claiborne brand at my local outlet center.) They are a little dressier looking, I always wear black anyway(my fovorite color on me), and keep their shape a little better than jeans do. I also think they are a bit more comfortable on a plane. But, that's just my two cents.
I pack very lightly, as well. You can always have your clothes washed there.
Your slacks and blazer will be fine for the evening.
May you have the most wonderful trip, Roz! Email me if there is anything else.
p.s. Are you going to the bullfight?
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Take a pair of black and a pair of navy blue dockers, and a nice pair of slacks. The idea of the blazer is a good one; take two, one of them black. Jeans are OK, but if they get wet or dirty, they are a pain to dry (I'm still debating that one....). Two turtlenecks (black and beige), two scarfs (for color), two long-sleeve shirts and you are set to go.
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Thank you for the advice. We're leaving for Spain on the 23rd of Feb. I'll be checking The 10 degrees of more difference in temperature between Madrid and Seville has me concerned. I want to be sure I have warm clothes, but I don't want to be hot & uncomfortable in warmer regions. I guess layering is a good solution.
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Weather in Sevilla changes by days but not by hours. It never goes over 75F in February but it reaches easily 20F. Madrid is quite different. Not much rain, either, in both places.

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