Suggestions for travel in Turkey

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Suggestions for travel in Turkey

I will be traveling in Turkey this Oct/Nov. We plan to fly in and out of Istanbul, travel down the western coast, then go east as far as Antalya. Then we'll go to Cappadocia. Is renting a car a good idea? Do most people speak English? Any suggestions for dress that time of year. Thanks
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I traveled to Turkey in December a few years back and loved the country. From Istanbul, I flew to Antalya, picked up a Kavas rental car, and drove west through Kas, Bodrum, Kusadasi, Ephesus and Izmir. Driving was easy and well worth the modest expense. Because the coastal towns are highly trafficed by tourists (in the high season), almost everyone spoke english. I'd be happy to pass on more specific information if you're interested.
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Hi Mary:

I rented a car two years ago with friends and we drove from Istanbul down the western coast and through to the Mediterrainean coast. Kas and surrounding areas were my favorites. It is like the French Riviera must have been 150 years ago. Very unspoiled and undeveloped with fishing villages which now cater to tourists as well as locals. There are fabulous sights to see -- Kekova and the sunken Roman city which you can snorkle over, Lycean tombs which way pre-date Christ and are lying scattered all over the countryside. A part of your trip should involve chartering a boat for one or two day trips. This is very easy and inexpensive to do. The boats will take you to many lovely villages and deserted beaches, in addition to the underwater Roman city. I can recommend Kas as a base of operation.

As for driving through the country, it was exciting although at times stressful. It really depends on your sense of adventure and driving skills. It can get crazy, but we never felt that it was out of control. On the other hand, I drove for several formative college years in New York city, so not much would make me lose it on the road. I can tell you that I would not want to fly because the country is scenically spectacular. Many people take luxury buses down to the coast. One final note -- most people (including us) get a stomach bug from traveling in Turkey. It is not severe, but annoying more than anything. One way to prevent this is to stick to western bottled water. You will find lots of bottled water for sale on which the top if not sealed. Don't buy it. Also, in restaurants you need to see the bottle unsealed at your table. My guess is that for most of our trip we were drinking tap water which was poured into plastic bottles and stuck into refrigerators.

Otherwise, it is a GREAT trip.
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I was there this past August. Had an excellent time. Most people in Western Turkey could speak a little english and were falling all over them selves tring to help. The guys in the Army aren't used to people asking them questions. They were among the nicest people my girlfriend and I met - don't be afraid to approach them. Busses were clean and cheap. Airfare was $45 form Istanbul to Denzali in s/w Turkey! Brand new jet even. Recommend Pomecali(sp?) Roman spas with natural calcium baths - very beautiful. Turkish gov't thinking of closing them so go while you can. Foch (1 1/2 hr N/E of Ismir on coast was beautiful - seafood, cheap, nice hotels - fully recoomend. Hope this helps!
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If you go to Antalya, stay at the Safran hotel/pension. It's really nice and very cheap. Very clean and the owner Ali speaks and writes in English. It's right in the old town of Kaleici. You'll love it. Only has seven rooms total. I've been to Turkey 5 times and can't wait to go back. Write if you want any more info. Hotel number is (242)247-5556.

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