spanish inquisition

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spanish inquisition

Hello. Apparently I should either just shoot myself before going to Spain and save the terrible, ubiquitious criminals the trouble or I should expect the safety of my momma's embrace, birdsong in my ears and heaven on earth, Spanish style. Seemingly there isn't much in the middle, if one were to go by these threads. Guessing that there might be, could folks share some thoughts: We are spending a week in Spain in a few months. The plan has us landing in Madrid and then renting cars and driving south to pick up the ferry to Morocco. It's only a week. Are there things that we would be foolish to miss? Is there something that must absolutely be seen or the visit was wasted? And suggestions of routes or itineraries. Barcelona seems to be too far out of the way for this trip. Thanks
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For starters, I would re-enter this post with a different title.

Some may think current title is opportunity for flame war and you may get more responses.
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Denis: I think a week is too short a time to drive south and go to Morocco. IMO you should spend time in Madrid, perhaps a day trip to Toledo. The furtherest south I would venture is Sevilla (my favorite city) by train and spend a day or so there. Most say just visting Tangier in Morocco isn't a very pleasant experience. To enjoy the country you need to go further in to Fez for example. Spain is a wonderful country with much to see and enjoy. In just a week I would relish every minute there.

Just my opinion. j
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Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Spanish Inquisition?

Is that like the precursor to the "Who is the Weakest Link"?

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Pable, yes, with physical torture thrown in! LOL.
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Eric Idle
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Bring more comfy pillows!!!!!
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"The inquisition - what a show,
the inquisiton, here we go........"
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And then there is Mel Brook's "History of the World - Part I"!!

Actually, given the reports we're hearing, "Spanish "Imposition" would be a better title. They ain't asking -- they're taking.
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Wasn't that song from Mel Brooks' "History of the World part 1"?

BTW, part 2 was promised but never delivered... I never got to see "Jews in Space" or "Hitler on ice"...
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With only a week I would spend 2-3 days in Seville (maybe Cordoba too), 1-2 days in Granada, 3 days in Madrid with outing to Toledo. Definitely go south by train, much quicker than car and very comfortable. All these cities are easily connected trains or buses. Car is nice to go around smaller places but you don't forget time. Forget about Morocco. Andalucia is my favorite part of Spain, Madrid however did have a different feel, less safe. You can stay in Madrid however and take daytrips to Toledo, Segovia, Avila.
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Well Denis I guess two out of ten ain't bad, particularly on this board lately. Would be lovely to get back to travel and forget the other stuff!

Just my opinion.

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life of brian
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"...always look on the bright side of life...."

Sorry, wrong religion....also, my mistake regarding movie. Jeesh - you guys pounce the moment anyone makes a mistake.....

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