Sorrento, Italy

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Rifat Sonsino
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Sorrento, Italy

My wife and I are planning to go to Sorrento in February. Is the area open to tourists in the middle of winter? Any suggestions about moderately priced hotels? And, restaurants? Should we drive down to Amalfi or better take the bus? <BR>Thanks <BR>Rifat Sonsino
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richard j vicek
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Good evening, Rifat <BR>Naturally it will be cool this time of <BR>the year, do not have Februarys weather <BR>but do have Januarys, High temperature <BR>of 55 deg f. and low temperature of 44 <BR>deg. f with four hours of sunshine per <BR>day with 3.5 inches of rain. February.. <BR>Many years ago we stayed at the PLAZA <BR>Hotel in Sorrento and it was completly <BR>touristed...However search into www. <BR> and for <BR>Sorrento Hotels, Sorrento has urls, <BR> and <BR>, one <BR>of these will contain the bus service <BR>that runs from Sorrento, down the Amalfi <BR>to Salerno and return. I personally <BR>would not recommend driving as the driver will miss an awful lot of scenery. <BR>Do not neglect the island of Capri. <BR>www.capri.web/ and <BR>The only hotel I could recommend is the <BR>SYRENE, Via Camerelle, 51 in Capri. <BR>it is on the web on <BR>syrene.index.html. e mail to [email protected]/, also has a very good <BR>ristorante, it is a three star hotel <BR>with 32 rooms, some overlooking the <BR>Faraglioni....Richard of Hickory Hills, IL....
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We were in Sorrento this year in February - while alot of restaurants were closed there was still lots to do (and no crowds!) Weather was cooler than normal due to La Nina - warmest was approximately 10 degrees celsius (low 50s) but sunny. <BR> <BR>Suggest you search the site for hotel suggestions - I've copied a recent posting regarding restaurants. <BR> <BR>Re driving down Amalfi coast versus bus? We drove it - the time of year really makes a big difference (not many big tour buses and really just local traffic - frankly the drive from Sorrento to the Autoroute is much worse due to large tranports). So if you're planning on having a car anyway, I'd drive. <BR> <BR>Have a lovely holiday! <BR> <BR>Here's some restaurant suggestions from a recent posting: <BR> <BR>Positano/Sorrento Hotel/Restaurants <BR> <BR> <BR> Author: Stuart Larsen ([email protected]) <BR> Date: 9/11/1999, 9:46 pm ET <BR> <BR> Message: Does anybody know what the Imperial Hotel <BR> Tramontano in Sorrento is like. Also, recommendations for very <BR> good restaurants in Sorrento and Positano? Thanks, Stuart <BR> Larsen <BR> <BR> <BR> Author: Deepa Sobti ([email protected]) <BR> Date: 9/11/1999, 9:54 pm ET <BR> <BR> Message: There are three restaurants we enjyed eating at very <BR> much, one is Chez black near the beach and another one just <BR> above it. Another one right above the main beach area, on the <BR> way walking towards La Fenice Hotel, a small family run simple <BR> place but great food. In SOrrento we discoverd a gem of a <BR> restaurant, but I don't remember the name. We just walked into <BR> the small lanes from the main intersection of town. It was about <BR> 10 minutes inside..I will try and find the name. Have fun. It is a <BR> great area and the food and wine are divine. <BR> <BR> <BR> Author: elizabeth ([email protected]) <BR> Date: 9/12/1999, 9:25 am ET <BR> <BR> Message: Suggest you search the site as there have been many <BR> postings on this areas - try "Sorrento" "Amalfi" "Positano". <BR> <BR> Here's a couple of restaurant suggestions: <BR> <BR> Quattro Passi in Marina de Cantone (a pretty beach town <BR> approximately 15 km from <BR> Sorrento). Wonderful seafood menu and the owner (Antonio) is a <BR> charming host. Also Taverna del Capital in the same town <BR> (Michelin One Star) <BR> <BR> Don Alfonso is Sant'Agata (about 8km from Sorrento) - one of <BR> only 3 Michelin 3 stars in Italy <BR> - expensive (lunch with wine was $200US) but worth the splurge - <BR> <BR> family owned and a very warm welcome. <BR> <BR> We didn't have a chance to try them, but Caruso and La Fenice <BR> (both in Sorrento) were well recommended by Antonio and other <BR> locals. <BR> <BR> DEFINITELY go to Cumpa Cosima in Ravello and order the <BR> lasagna - who knew it could be such a light dish? <BR> <BR> We also ate at Chez Black in Positano and enjoyed it - two other <BR> suggestions (but expensive) are Covo de Saracen and Sirensue <BR> (my spelling is a little shaky on the last two) <BR> <BR> Have a great time! <BR> <BR> <BR> Author: Lola ([email protected]) <BR> Date: 9/19/1999, 11:45 pm ET <BR> <BR> Message: The Imperial Hotel Tramontano was once a great hotel <BR> and has a superb location, but the lobby is a tacky pink and the <BR> rooms are so-so. Great gardens and view and history. Mixed <BR> review. Lots of tour groups. <BR> <BR> In Sorrento, try Caruso, or Z'Antonio--ask your hotel--many great <BR> restaurants. In Positano try Donna Rosa up the hill in <BR> Montepertuso. <BR> <BR> Hear that Fodor's is coming out with a new guidebook on just on <BR> that area in early 2000. <BR> <BR> <BR> Author: Dona ([email protected]) <BR> Date: 9/20/1999, 9:50 am ET <BR> <BR> Message: In addition to Chez Black, Buca di Bacco and La <BR> Cambusa in Positano,I really enjoyed Da Vincenza - not on the <BR> beach but well worth the walk in the hills. I wouldn't necessarily <BR> recommend Le Sireneuse for dinner - but you should go for a <BR> drink - the view and hotel are beautiful. <BR> <BR> <BR> Author: Myer K ([email protected]) <BR> Date: 9/20/1999, 10:49 am ET <BR> <BR> Message: Returning from a day trip to Capri(I can't over describe <BR> the beauty of Capri and the disappointment and waste of time of <BR> the Blue Grotto. Don't waste you time. Walk the island. Great <BR> sites and views) we decided to walk up the winding street rather <BR> than take whatever form of transportation or walk the steps from <BR> the marina to the town. <BR> Near the top, about 3 minutes from the main square of town we <BR> saw what looked like some sort of restaurant structure. We wen <BR> in and stayed for coffee. It had an outdoor deck (100 tables) and <BR> a stand for a small orchestra (3-4 piece). Also an indoor room on <BR> the other side of the orchestra for that type of weather. We <BR> decided to book for dinner since it was out aniversary. We got <BR> there at about 8:00. I asked why only about 20 tables had <BR> settings. We were told there were for dinner the remainder for <BR> drinks. We still didn't realize. We don't drink so take prices <BR> accordingly. We shared an aperizer, some mineral water, each <BR> had a main course entree and share a great ice cream (gelato) <BR> dessert. The bill came to about 67,000 lire. That's about $37. US. <BR> Unbelievable. Now the rest of the evening. By 9M the entire <BR> place was full. A band began to play in both Italian and English <BR> (with accent). People began to dance. We stayed until after <BR> midnight. <BR> Picture this. We had a table up against the rail. Look down over <BR> the rail down a cliff to the Marina. Look to the left through some <BR> palm trees and watch the sun set. I kept taking photographs of <BR> this as every few minutes the view appeared better. By looking <BR> slightly to the left and outward we had a view of the bay and on <BR> the other side in the distance Mount Vesuvius. <BR> ### The Foreigner's Club ###. <BR> We stayed at a Hotel in Sorrento directly on the side of the main <BR> square. Villa di Sorrento. App $125. US including breakfast, tac, <BR> service. Not fancy, 3 star. Clean, air, hair dryer, elevator, etc. <BR> Great location. Since there is unfinished business in this area <BR> (we spent 3 days and will need a few more) I will definitely stay <BR> there again. <BR> <BR> <BR> Author: Barbara ([email protected]) <BR> Date: 9/20/1999, 12:28 pm ET <BR> <BR> Message: <BR> An enthusiastic second vote for Da Vincenzo in Positano and <BR> Cumpa' Cosimo in Ravello. At Da Vincenzo, it is fun to just follow <BR> the owner's recommendation and let them feed you, but if you like <BR> mussels, this is the place to have them. Not unusual for the <BR> owner, a colorful character, to burst into song. Another one is <BR> Positano is IL Mulino, hidden down a pair of steps near the <BR> center of town. A simple place, I've had the BEST linguine with <BR> clams of my life (twice). As to Cumpa' Cosimo, well, there is just <BR> no place quite like it. Netta will feed you like an affectionate <BR> grandmother and you will feel well taken care of. My favorite dish <BR> there is the platter of seven homemade pastas, one more <BR> heavenly than the other. Like your grandmother, she will pout if <BR> you don't have dessert. Restaurant is back a side walkway and <BR> through a beaded curtain. Buon Appetito and Buon Viaggio. <BR> <BR> <BR>
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Hi Rifat <BR> <BR>I went to Sorrento in the November of 96 and the temperature was pleasantly warm. The locals were wrapped up in coats and scarves, but we were in light clothing with no need for coats during the day. February might be colder though. <BR> <BR>We stayed at the excellent Grand Hotel Ambasciatori, a 10 minute walk from the town centre. We had a lovely room with a view of the Bay of Naples and paid about 75 per night. (We booked through an excellent travel company called Magic of Italy based here in London and got a great deal which included flights.) <BR> <BR>Definitely take the bus to Amalfi. This part of the coastline is so beautiful and should be enjoyed without having to watch the road! <BR> <BR>Also, don't miss Ravello, a further bus ride up from Amalfi. This is a quite beautiful village with 2 lovely villa gardens to visit - the Cimbrone and the Rufolo. I'd also recommend the Villa Maria for lunch, if it's warm enough to sit out. They have a terrace that is pure Italian heaven!
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Just had to give my couple of remarks. We were in Sorrento Oct. 99. Stayed at the Excelsior Vittoria, perfect & beautiful, expensive but worth every dollar. Ate at Caruso excellent and the hotel was better than excellent. We took a bus on Amalfi Coast. The road is scary on the curves so if you drive be prepared for close calls. I'd stick to the bus or a chauffered car. Have a great time. People were friendly, I speak some Italian too.
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Hi Rifat: <BR> <BR>My hotel recommendation for Sorrento is the Bellevue-Syrene. It's a short walk from the center of town, but it's perched on the cliffs overlooking the Bay of Naples, with a restaurant/dining room on the bay. It's a *** hotel and fairly reasonably priced. It's not a slick modern place, but more like a grand 19th century place with the modern conveniences. I loved it.
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Another recommendation for the Bellevue Syrene. We stayed there two or three years ago and were very pleased. Good location, great staff and awonderful view of the Bay. Definitely go for a bay side room. Altough you may not get to enjoy your balcony too much in February you'll still have that great view. <BR>Would also suggest you drive the Amalfi coast. Will give you more options than the bus. And be sure to go up to Ravello--absolutely superb. Have fun.

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