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hey fellow traveling brethren:

i wanna travel in europe for 6 months or more, but i don't know if paperwork limitations will prevent this. what i'd like to do is fly into london and start there, then make my way into france, spain, portugal, italy, etc. and fly back to the US from wherever i may end up.

does anybody have any info on this?

anybody that has DONE something like this? i wanna hear your feedback! i'm sick of working the mundane life!!!

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i'd like to know more about this too! anybody got any experiences on this?
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daniel when are you leaving. you should go in the summer when it's nicer out there. -jacky
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hey, daniel, didn't you just do a cross country trip in the US? Are you the fortunate beneficiary of some tremendous trust fund? We want your life!!!! Can I fix you up with my daughter when she gets back from Central America in 3 months? Come to think of it I want HER life. That said, you should be able to get some good direction from this group, but you'll need to be a bit more specific...such as, will you try to find jobs to help finance your venture, or are you piling up the cash to live on for that period, and what do you see as your daily/weekly/monthly budget requirements? Check the love-him-hate-him-Rick Steve's for how to best book "open jaws" flights. You may want to also try Council Travel (both have websites). There's lots of experience in this forum, but your initial request is a bit too wide open to yield worthwhile responses.
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when you say "paperwork limitations" do you mean your visa? i know that you can't stay in any one country more than three months at a time without an extended visa.
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First we need to knowyour nationality. If you are from a "rich" country (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, most of Europe, Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina and a few others), you don't need a visa for (most) Western/Northern/Southern European countries.
The UK will let you in for 6 months as a tourist. The countries of the Schengen agreement (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Austria) together will let you stay for 3 months as a tourist. Officially, after these 3 months you have to leave the area for 3 months and not come back; in practice, nobody cares as long as you have enough money and behave. Anyway, half of the time your passport won't be stamped so they don't even know when you arrived. In practice, you can stay forever in Europe as a tourist. You can't work, though.
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Just returned from traveling Europe for 5 months (May 1 to October 2) which was one month more than previous record for me. I'm ready for 6 months next time if I can swing it. Perhaps the paperwork refers to taking care of "business" at home? I have an incredible friend who is now on my checking account, checks my mail once a week and pays bills, etc. He also works part time for me independent business and handles things for that too, although I am pretty much retired and there is little to do there. But I have pretty well figured out how to manage if anything (God forbid) should prevent him from doing so in the future.
Let me know if this is what you are talking about. We had been a little concerned over a posting on this site last year saying that Americans could not stay in Europe for more that a certain amount of time, but that has never been an issue, especially moving about from country to country. And coming back through customs, the officer merely congratulated us for having the good fortune to be able to go for that long. One of the worst things is trying to get a good airfare, most super fares are only good for up to l or 2 months stay. Fortunately we were able to use FF miles and do the whole trip Business class free. Originally we planned to fly to London and fly home from Madrid, but the FF option also allowed us to fly business class free to Istanbul from London after our 2 week "stopover" there. What a deal!!!

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