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I also ate quite reasonably while in Paris. It was a matter of choice not a matter of my budget. I enjoyed the baguette sandwiches that took me forever to eat. Sometimes for dinner I would go Le Welcome Cafe on the Rue de Rivoli near The Regina Hotel and the Brighton Hotel and have their French onion soup andthat would be my dinner. consequently with all the walking I did I ended up losing 8 pounds in 12 days. Not a bad tradeoff at all.
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topping for fred again
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I spent a month in Paris last May and found my favorite place was Cafe du Marche on rue Cler in the 7th. Dinner with a bottle of wine was at the most $13 and the food was always good. There is also a little stand next to it that makes crepes. There is a pizza place, I think it's called Pizza Milano, right across the street from Place San Michel. Excellent pizza, not Domino's type. Back across the street is Cafe de le Depart right a the metro stop that serves the best New York Sundae I've ever had. Your son would love these two places. If you like french onion soup, there is the La Flore en L'lle on Ile St Louis just when you cross the bridge from Ile de la Cite. Excellent soup.
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I second the Café du Marché. I love that place, and so do my kids. Good food - good value.
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The first thing I thought of when I saw this thread was Cafe du Marche. Lots of evenings after a long day sightseeing, I'm too pooped for the proper French dinner. Cafe du March solves the problem with a one-plate dinner (veg-carb-meat) or a large dinner-type salad. When we were there (2000), it was 60F former and 50F latter.

Another chain that is quite reasonable and not bad is Chez Clement. They have locations pretty much all over town and a 14.90 euro menu that includes entree and main course (grilled choice, spare ribs and chicken). Website Check it out for locations nearest your hotel.

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