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sicily travel

would like to travel with multi generational family, 9 [or more] folks,to sicily for 10-14 days. woudl like to stay in the northeast and travel by car or bus, possibly chauffered, to various locations. we will visit my grandparents birth towns of Bronte, geraci siculo, and agrigento. we may visit the aeolian isles. do you have any suggestion? we may like to rent a villa. we need to limit the expense. can we keep this under 10.000 usd?
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Try this website.
Riccardo has been great to deal with. He lives in Palermo and has a travel agency there. I used him for my reservations and was very helpful.

Also take a look at this website. I have never used them, so can't give you first hand knowledge.
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I don't think you can easily travel by bus from
the northeast to the other two areas you want to
visit, or at least not for daytrips. I was told
that once you're there, it is fairly easy to find
local people who will drive you around for a fee,
but I didn't try it myself. (I can tell you that
it's not easy to find out about these things in
advance from USA.) I discovered that it is not
easy to schedule visits to tiny towns by bus.
For example, I wanted to visit a little town in
the Nebrodi Mts. about an hour inland by good
road from Capo D'Orlando. There was a bus TO the
town in the a.m., but no bus BACK the same day;
the bus back was only in the a.m. as well. So
having a car and driver may be necessary, unless
you stay a few days in EACH of your three towns,
which may really be very enjoyable.

I don't know too much about public
transportation, but I think depending where in
the NE you stay, you can easily get to Cefalu by
train, and there's probably a bus to Geraci
Siculo from there (probably more than one a day,
since that's a bigger town than the one I
visited). (I don't know anything about bus route
running north/south to Agrigento, but I know
there are routes running AROUND Sicily, but that
would be a really long way to go to Agrigento

Re: accommodations that are not too expensive --
Try agriturismo places. You can search in by putting in the word agriturismo
plus the name of your town (put the name in
quotation marks if the name as more than one word
like Geraci Siculo). You will probably find some
agriturismo places. I stayed in one on the
outskirts of San Salvatore di Fitalia (near
Nebrodi parklands, province of Messina) and found
it an interesting experience. The owner may even
provide driving/touring service for a fee (Mine
did, but I didn't happen to take advantage of
it.) Also, I think Bronte may be in the Nebrodi
Park. There are some good-looking glossy
brochures about the Nebrodi and they include a
list of accommodations in the park. You can
request it by e-mail from the park's website. (If
you can't find it, write to me; I have it
bookmarked at home.) You might also write to the
municipal offices of each of "your" towns and ask
if there are hotels in town. If it's a small
town, some nice person may answer.

Re traveling with 9+ multigenerational family
members: EEK!!! (but the Sicilians will probably
love you for it).

The Aeolian islands are beautiful. I stayed in
Lipari, and visited only Salina and Vulcano.
Vulcano smells vile because of the sulphur. I
loved Salina, which is great for
hiking/picnicking and refreshing your lungs with
clean air. Lipari is good for all ages.

Yellow Pages more...

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Don't get exceted --didn't mean to "advertise" yahoo

Fodors didn't work when I tried to post, so I e-mailed the above message, then later tried, successfully, to post the cut and pasted e-mail Forgot to delete Yahoo's parting shot.
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thanks jo, and thanks carol for all the links you sent me. we also plan on visiting Giarre. we are actually considering goin in appril, though we havn't made a single connection yet! we're looking into the agriturismo and will probably hire a driver or two...
wish us luck!
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thanks again for all your help. we are now planning this trip for next spring. we are focussing on nebrodi or messina area for lodging, and probably hiring drivers on arrival for trips to giarre, g. siculo, and bronte. if you have anything further we are eager for more info! thanks.

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