Should I wear a maple leaf?

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Should I wear a maple leaf?

Looking for some advice here:

I have had several friends tell me that during my trip to Europe I should identify myself as Canadian (ie. by putting a maple leaf on my backpack, etc.). The logic behind this being that many people in Europe are (what's a good word here...) nicer to Canadians than to Americans.

Has anyone here had any experience with this? Is it worthwhile, or does marking oneself so obviously as a tourist leave you vulnerable to pickpockets, etc.?

Thanks for the help,

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Rob, my luggage tags do have a maple leaf on them, but how often am I carrying my luggage? I've never had a problem - often I've been mistaken for American, but that doesn't seem to result in negative behaviour! On the other hand, once I say I'm Canadian ....... I don't know if people are nicer. I'm usually treated well no matter what.
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Rob, when my buddy and I first back packed to Europe in the 80's everyone told us to wear maple leaves on our luggage or maple leaf patches on our coats...and we are American! We were told the Europeans hated Americans and we would be taunted and treated badly, this was during that whole "Star Wars" era. Well we didn't wear maple leaves and we were treated fantastically by everyone.. Generally speaking, it doesn't matter if you are Canadian, Australian, German, American or Asian or whatever... if you treat people with courtesy and respect, then you shall be treated with courtesy and respect. Bon Voyage.
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I don't know about any other nationalities, but here in the UK, we feel equally friendly towards Canadians and Americans.
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Rob, it is a myth, perpetuated by insecure Canadians with low self esteem who are only able to define themselves by what they are not, i.e. Americans. The same sad situation as with the "Joe I am Canadian" rant. Visitors from no other country see the need to wear their nationality on their clothing.

As to your second question, you will be recognised as a tourist by where you are and what you are doing, as much as by what you are wearing.
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I am an American and I have been treated nicely by nearly everyone I've met in Europe. The occasional exception was, I believe, more a function of an individual's general rudeness rather than a slap at my nationality.

I never think that I am fooling anyone into believing that I am not a visitor; I just try to be neither rude nor
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I believe you should travel naked as a jay bird and wear a maple leaf over your private parts. I'm sure it would cover up your 1 inch dick with room to spare.
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Well, when I go to London next month, I will sure to be extra nice to those people I see wearing maple leaves...just in case they some ego stroking... ;-) Judy
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WoW xxx:
You are really on a roll today!!!!

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