Seven hour layover in Milan

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Seven hour layover in Milan

We fly to Naples next month through Milan. Unfortunately we arrive in Milan at 9:15 am and do not depart for Naples until 4:15 pm. It looks like Milan is about an from the airport, but because we have 7 hours between flights, we should have no problem for a quick look around Milan.

Do you believe we will go through customs in Milan, or will our luggage be checked through? If it is not checked through, are there safe facilities to stow our stuff while we zip into the city?

Since we are going to be a bit jet lagged, what would you all recommend we do in Milan? I am torn between just finding a cafe to people watch versus one or maybe 2 cultural things.

Would love to hear from you! Ciao...
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I don't believe that with a 7 hours gap between flights, your luggage will be checked through, but I might be wrong.

Anyway, since you're likely flying Milan/Naples on an Italian airline, you shall be able to check your luggage in to that Naples flight. If not, since Malpensa is an International Airport, there is for sure storage facilities there. Free of luggage, you can leave Malpensa ( is Malpensa the airport you're landing at, I assume) by metro, and have still about three hours to see at least the Duomo in Milan, then hanging out for about two hours at a nearby cafe, or stroll by galleria Vittorio Emanuelle, before heading back to the airport.

This link shall help you out. Make sure about which terminal you're checking out, and where you're checking in.

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Don't know for sure, but also believe that you'll have to claim your luggage when you arrive in Milan and then re-check it for your subsequent trip on to Naples.

Yes, there is a place where you can leave your luggage at airport (did this on a recent visit) --- if memory serves me, it's called 'Deposito Baglio' and it costs 5,000 lire per bag. I arrived into Terminal 1 and once you get thru customs & onto the concourse, you can check your bags with them.

To get to city centre, you have several options; (1) taxi, which is most expensive; (2) Malpensa Shuttle Bus --- departs from outside the terminal & goes to Stazione Centrale; (3) Malpensa Express --- train departing from lower level in Terminal 1.

I'd suggest traveling via the train. It's clean, quick, reliable & you don't have to get caught up in street traffic. After checking your bags, go down 1 level (there's stairs or elevator) & follow signs to Malpensa Express. When you buy your train ticket, do be aware that prices are a little cheaper for those who've flown via Alitalia Airlines.

You will not actually have 5 hours to spend in Milan; depending on how quickly your luggage pops out of the chute, etc. (going thru customs is usually fairly quick) --- you may be able to catch the 9:45 am train to Milan; more likely it may be the 10:15 am departure. Train takes 45 minutes, & brings you into Cadorna Nord station.

Once @ Cadorna, change to the metro (very quick/efficient), Line 1 (red line) and travel in direction of Sesto FS. Three stops & you're at the Duomo (stops = Cairoli, Cordusio, Duomo). Explore Duomo; it sits in an open square that always has folks walking around or hanging out so you'll have an interesting people watching experience. Stroll around the area --- the 'Galleria' --- then I'd walk towards the Sforesco Castle. Depending on how much time is left (it goes alot quicker than you think) you might have time for a quick visit inside --- it's free & has an eclectic collection. Then if you're by the Cairoli metro stop (in piazza out front of Castello) you can jump on subway back to Cadorna. Or as it's only 1 stop, you can walk to Cadorna & get back on the Malpensa Express to MXP.

You'll want to return to MXP on either the 14:20 (2:20pm) train or the 14:50 (2:50pm) --- latter train is cutting it kinda close as it gets in @ 3:30 pm. Also, train arrives into Terminal 1. Need to check if your flight to Naples departs from Terminal 1 or 2 & give yourself enough time to re-claim your bags, check-in, etc.

So as you can see, your actual time in Milan city centre will be around 4 hours.
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Ooops, forget to give you websites for schedules on Shuttle Bus and Malpensa Express.

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You should easily be able to both see the Duomo (which tops the must-see list in Milan) and then sit in a nearby outdoor cafe and view the street scene. Make sure you go to top of the Duomo. You also might want to view and perhaps do some shopping in the adjacent Galleria.
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You are the greatest. Thanks for the info, wish we were leaving tomorrow instead of in 4 weeks! Grazie...

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