Scotland underground

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Scotland underground

Any information about an underground ruin/city that is located somewhere in Scotland? Also, any advice on the best festivals ?.
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Bill Barr
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Yes, but probably Tony can provide more information on this.

As far as I recall Edinburgh has part of it's (very) old town underneath some of the newer parts of the city and access, I am sure, is available.

It hurts this Glaswegian to say so but the best festival also has to be in Edinburgh each August.

Bill Barr
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Tony Hughes
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Thanks Bill ....Glasgow has its moments, though.

KS, if it's what I think you mean then you are talking about Mary Kings Close. It's a street which, in the middle ages, was on ground level but when the great plague came to visit Scotland ( and Edinburgh in particular) it hit the place hard. The worst section of the city was right in the heart of the 'old town', where the present City Chambers are nowadays. This street was known as Mary Kings Close ( after an advocates daughter so the story goes) and the local authorities, the kind beings that they are, decided to seal the both entrances of the street up with everyone still inside. This street was rediscovered many years later and now you can take a tour down there. WARNING - they tell you that because of the many people sealed alive down there that there are ghost aplenty. It may be true - I went down a couple of years ago and it was a very, very chilly experience. Tours can be arranged from the Royal Mile
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Hi Tony -

Hey, do you have any other suggestions along the lines of the Mary Kings Close?

Not necessarily scary or bizarre but we don't drink (so we're not big on pubs), and we like scenery, but not days of it. We like action-oriented things and unusual (such as this street) historical sites.

We don't have any immediate plans for Scotland but I know we'll probably be there the next time we hit London.

Thanks for any help!
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Tony Hughes
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Lynn, I could name 50 things for you and your husband to do (without alcohol) but I will restrict this posting to the first five that came into my head:

1/ A trip underneath the castle in St Andrews, Fife. It can be a bit of a squeeze so if you are claustrophobic then probably best to pass on this one. John Knox used to live in this castle - also get chance to see the bottle dungeon - according to my dad, he was imprisoned there as a student for charity or something - some horrific stories he keeps for special occasions.

2/ Culloden Moor near Inverness if you are at all interested in British History. It was the site of the last battle on British Soil and was probably one of the bloodiest. It wasn't, as most people think, the Scots versus the English but the Jacobites against the Hanoverians (there were more Scots fighting for the Hanoverians than fought for the Jacobites). Poke about long enough and you may a find a claymore (sword) or brooch or whatever. Go visit Loch Ness whilst you are in the area.

3/ Dechmont Law near Livingston, West Lothian. Site of an attempted alien abduction of local forester Bob Taylor in 1979. This is the only UFO site in the world where the local authority have acknowledged what went on there and have erected a plaque accordingly.

4/ Electric Brae in Dumfriesshire. A hill which provides an optical illusion of your car rolling up the hill. A bit of fun, this one.

5/ Moffat, again in Dumfriesshire. Stop here because its a lovely little town and probably has the best cream teas in Britain.
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Tony Hughes
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Sorry .... i missed out a good one ..

Anstruther, Fife. Vist the fishing museum, Then have the best fish in the world for your lunch. After that drive along the coast to Largo, home of the 'original' Robinson Crusoe. When Daniel Defoe wro
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Tony again
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<damn> Lil' Jimmy hit the return again.

...When Daniel Defoe wrote about Robinson Crusoe, he was writing about a real person. His name was Alexander Selkirk and he came from Largo in Fife. Defoe was an English Spy up in Scotland in the 1700's and nicked the story. This is of particular interest to me as I am distantly related to Selkirk. That area of Fife is well worth a visit ( i grew up t
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Hey Tony !

How comes you are so nasty to some people and then you provide lots of info for others? You're not consistant, man!!
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I can think of at leas 3 other undergrounds.

In Abredeeenshire and Morayshire at Forvie sands and Culben sands, are the remnants of 2 villages which disppeared in the middle ages in a sand storm. These are huge undisturbed dune systems.

In Orkney (anisland off the north coast, there are the prhistoric ruins of Skara Brae which have been excavated from below the ground. They are absolutly mystical and in aeautiful location. Orkney, tho' remote has much to recommend it.

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You've answered my question previously and quite well also. Is it reasonable to think three young men (18) can hitchhike, hike through Scotland? Are people as friendly as we've been told as long as they (the boys) are respectful? Any insight? Thanks.
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Yes you can hitch-hike (3's a crowd tho') The natives are friendly

I don't know where you're from, so I shouldn't make assumptions but... everyone hates arrogant Yanks, and everyone assumes Yanks will be arrogant. You will have to destroy heir wrong assumptions!

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