Russia in Winter

Jun 4th, 1999, 12:48 AM
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Russia in Winter


Does anyone have any experiences to share of Russia in the winter months? How cold does it get? How short are the days? I've heard it's still quite beautiful and my husband and I are planning to spend Christmas and New Year there. Any tips on hotels etc, useful guidebooks, highlights....
Jun 6th, 1999, 11:00 PM
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Hi Rachel,

Well, the weather depends on which part of Russia are you going to. Here in Moscow the usual temperature for winter is about -10C or -15C, but it could get down to -25 or -30C for a week or two. We have pretty much snow this time and the nature looks really beautifull if you're dressed warm enough. In St.Peter the temperature's about the same or a little colder, but wet air and pretty strong winds from Baltic could make the same temperature felt much worse. In Southern Russia it's much warmer, above zero usually and there could be no snow at all and if you're going to Siberia you'd better take all your warm clothes with as the frosts could be really heavy.

Have a nice trip,
Jun 7th, 1999, 01:34 PM
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I went to Russia twice in the winter. It's about as cold as Wisconsin or Minnesota in the winter. You just have tio dress warmly and buy a fur hat. One good thing is that there is little slush so your feet stay dry. I waqs there a while ago but my experience was that there were often very few tourists in the less touristy spots, which can be quite interesting. Many of the landscapes are extremely beautiful in the winter. I remeber visiting an outdoor museum of wooden churches in Novgorod and it was beautiful You can live out all of your Dr. Zhivago fantasies. Also, the winter is the height of the cultural season.
Aug 7th, 1999, 05:47 PM
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i was there in march and had a long wool coat and boats. i bought a fur hat and scarf and was very comfortable. i stayed with my uncle that was working there for a year so he had an apartment. when collegues would come they would stay at the hotels and i heard horror stories from them. that was two years ago and they were remodeling but i wouldn't exspect too much. if you are looking for a luxguries vacation you are going to the wrong place. if you go wanting a great adventure this is it. it is probably one of the most historical places in the world that not many people have witnessed. wait until you walk thru red square. go in the evening so you can see st basil's all lit up! i used fodor's book and found everything on the first try. i wish i could remember the local tourist company i used to see all the sites they were fantastic and very affordable. i think the most exspensive was $13 and they provided the transportation. they have advertisement at the starlite cafe. it is an american like cafe. chickenwings and french fries.
Feb 6th, 2013, 12:44 AM
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I travelled to Russia last Dec. The view was amazing!

Here's my travel log:
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Feb 6th, 2013, 02:55 AM
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Bettyho, great pics and description, also practical advice.

Enjoyed your book selections too....
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