Rome in February -- How Cold Will We Be?

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Rome in February -- How Cold Will We Be?

My husband and I plan to visit Rome in the second week of February and are wondering about the weather. We've seen the average temp and precip for February but would like details from Fodorites on what the weather "feels" like, how warmly we should dress, etc.
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When the temperature is &quot;average&quot; for February in Rome, it &quot;feels&quot; cold, and you should dress warmly.<BR>
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We were there a bit later, in the first week of March, and it was quite pleasant, we even got down to t-shirts one lovely sunny afternoon.<BR>Mostly we wore cotton long sleeved t-shirts, a polar fleece and a scarf at night for extra warmth (and cotton trousers).<BR>It didn't rain at all for 4 days but we were in Rome for a couple of days in early April and it poured down. We added a rain jacket which cut the wind and were warm enough. You may find gloves useful, you can buy some nice leather ones as a souvenir!<BR>Kay
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We had the same experience as Kay last year at the end of Feb. in Rome. The most I wore during the day was a sweater over a silk tee and at night I added a pashmina. My Husband just wore a sport jacket over a shirt. as I recall one or two days he even left that off. Our raincoats never left the suitcases!<BR><BR>Having said that there were people bundled up like it was the North Pole! I guess one person's pleasant is another's cold! We are from FL BTW so it's not like we are that used to cold weather!<BR><BR>So I suppose the correct answer is to check shortly before you go as you are the only one who knows your comfort level and do what everyone on Fodor's always says LAYER!
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I was in Rome 10 years ago after spending time at Carnevale in Venice. Maybe it was a freak year, but it was incredibly cold. I had a big winter coat and was still freezing. Be prepared for cold and maybe you will get lucky. One thing I remember is that people don't heat their homes, hotels, restaurants, shops the way we do in the states. I'd dress in layers.
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I was there a couple of years ago at the same time in February and the weather was great! Most of the time, the highs were in the mid fifties and the lows (early in the morning) were in the high forties. I wore a 3/4 length raincoat over my blazer over a longsleeved turtleneck teeshirt, with chino pants. Most of the time, I took my coat off in the afternoon and carried it, draped ever my purse. On a couple of chillier days, I added a shawl. I really wouldn't recommend anything warmer--If you catch a really cold spell, you can always buy something beautiful and warm in Rome!
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in february, probably low 60s daytime, high 40s at night. lots of sunshine. Jacket will be sufficient.
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Dawn , the Italians must have discovered central heating since you were there 10 years ago. <BR><BR>we had to keep the windows in our hotel room open during march last year and the museums were stifling with heat.
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Well-heated indoors or not, the outdoors in Rome in February is WINTER. Sometimes mild, and sometimes not. I don't see how anyone is doing you a service, Cam, by telling you to leave your winter apparel at home because of their anecdotal experience with a mild winter.<BR><BR>You already have said that you know the facts of the average temperatures. Those temperatures &quot;feel&quot; cold. You might get warmer than average temperatures, you might not. Will anyone here FedEx you some warmer clothes if you get there and face the average temperatures which can be reasonably expected?<BR>
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I don't know Tom, when you come from NYC like me, 40 in the winter is considered warm--we don't begin to feel really cold until the temps drop below 35 for a week! I believe the coldest it gets in Rome in February is 40! Oh sure, I know they get the occassional freak snow storm, but when I visit Rome again in February, I'll plan to dress for a NY Fall. BTW, it was kinda bizarre to see the Romans bundled up for winter when it was 55 outside--it all depends on what you're used to.
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Since Cam says that she has seen the averages, maybe we should all play with the same information:<BR><BR>From<BR><BR>Rome<BR><BR>Average high temperature: 56<BR>Average low temperature: 40<BR>Record high temperature: 69<BR>Record low temperature: 25<BR>Average number of days below 32F: 4<BR><BR>New York<BR><BR>Average high temperature: 40<BR>Average low temperature: 27<BR>Record high temperature: 75<BR>Record low temperature: -2<BR>Average number of days below 32F: 20<BR><BR>So, Rome will statistically seem milder than New York. But not mild enough to leave winter wear at home, in my view.<BR><BR>Best wishes... and stay warm...<BR><BR>Rex<BR>
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I was in Rome in Feb. 1992 and it was very cold. I'd say the highest temp while I was there was maybe 40F. I was only there for 3 days though, so it could have been a fluke cold spell. We wore heavy winter coats, sweaters, gloves, you name it. However, it was bright and sunny. No rain or snow. So it was actually quite lovely, but still very cold.
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Had to laugh at this thread. What ever you do don't listen to an Italian! We have just returned from Rome and it was in the 60's last week during the day, T-shirt weather. But no the Italians were in long macs, scarves and wooly hats!. To us it was like a summers day. You could spot the english tourists - they were in short sleeves!
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but not the mercury<BR>
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Every year in the past nine years that I have been in Italy, at some point, a local says, &quot;You know it's unseasonably [fill in the blank: hot,cold,dry,wet, foggy] right now!&quot; <BR>Weather is just as unpredictable there as here. Check the site Rex mentioned or the Weather Channel for a week before, average it out and do like I do when I go in Feb/March-take an umbrella, and a set of silk (easy and tiny to pack) long underwear! Eccola-all eventualities are covered! You can always buy Tshirts there!
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