Rome-2 days

Sep 8th, 1997, 08:55 AM
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Rome-2 days

What is the best way to enjoy Rome in 2 days? We're staying at the Raphael Hotel.
Sep 14th, 1997, 06:38 PM
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We just returned from a 12-day european cruise that ended with two days in Rome. Fortunately, we were able to see Rome by excursions from the cruise line that included a daylight tour to the major sites, a "Rome at night" tour which included dinner at a wonderful restaurant that was once a prison, and another daylight tour of the Vatican Museum and Sistene Chapel. In my opinion, something you DON'T want to do in your two days in Rome is attempt to drive there. Crazier than L.A. with people on mopeds diving in and out of traffic from all sides. The most impressive site (to us) was St. Peter's Basilica, followed by the Vatican Museum and Sistene Chapel. One thing we found out was, after 9:00 a.m. in the morning, the line to get in the Vatican Museum is terribly long and the wait can be anywhere from minutes to hours. However, if you can book a guided tour, which was how we saw it, you will get in from another entrance and be inside in less than 15 minutes. Other areas of interest was Trevi Fountain, the Coliseum and ancient Rome. Again, the city is large, widespread and crowded. I'm not sure of the exact location of your hotel, but you may be within walking distance to many sites or the hotel may offer shuttle service. We didn't use our hotel shuttle service because we stayed at the Sheraton Roma and it was a 30-minute drive from the central part of the city (one-way). The last thing is to be alert at all time because the city is host to many pickpockets that target tourists--so carry your valuables & cash wisely and be prepared for any distraction, bumps by people, etc., that would be an invitation to get pickpocketed. You must have your shoulders and upper legs covered to get into St. Peter's Basilica (no tank tops or shorts). We missed it, but the shopping is supposed to be great at the Spanish Steps which is nearby Trevi Fountain. If you don't have one, buy Rick Steve's book, "Best of Europe". The information is excellent. Have fun!
Sep 14th, 1997, 06:43 PM
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I forgot one thing--you may want to ask other people, but our tour guide on the Vatican Museum warned us not to use public transportation (buses, subway) as she felt they weren't safe for tourists. She suggested we use taxis for any independent travel. You may also want to pick up some key words in Italian also before you are there, although we did find a large number of those who spoke English.
Sep 18th, 1997, 06:46 AM
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We spent three days in Rome a couple of years ago and loved it. I strongly recommend the Forum and Colisseum, as well as the catacombs outside the city. The Vatican was tremendous, and I would recommend you get there early and plan at least half a day. Make sure you see the Trevi fountain and the Pantheon. We were staying in a suburb, and regularly used both the subway and the buses and had absolutely no trouble. And we looked like tourists - the big camera, the clothes, the sunburn. But always be careful.
Sep 23rd, 1997, 11:32 AM
Laura Syvertsen
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DON'T miss the Pantheon--it blew me away! Picture walking down narrow streets, turning a corner, and being struck by the sight of the incredible Pantheon--that and St. Peter's impressed me the most. We went to the Vatican around 11 AM and didn't stand in line at all. As for pickpockets, people tend to exxagerate the threat, although I may be insensitive to the worry considering I spend a lot of time in NYC. We only saw one beggar the whole time we were in Rome (4 days). Public transportation was fine during the day--we walked at night, so I can't speak for that. Make sure you validate your bus and metro tickets properly--we had to pay a hefty fine on the spot in the metro for a simple, honest mistake.
Sep 23rd, 1997, 10:21 PM
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Hi Lynn,

Read about your trip to Rome, would sure like to find out more about the place as I'll be going there in Feb 98. Is it a good time? Please advise.

Sep 24th, 1997, 03:39 AM
Danny Lim
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Good for you. Well, the unfortunate thing is always time. I was there some time back and I am sure you should spend a day getting lost in the beautiful city. Very comprehensive bus routes and metro system will get you almost anywhere. Book a tour with ATAC is cost saving (as compared to those run by the private companies)if you are very time conscious. But I must say I really think that I enjoyed myself walking through the city, giving my eyes a real feast of the splendour. I walked for all the 3 days there and the only regret is leaving the place. Go to the Tourist info to get a map and plan your route whatever mode of travelling you might decide.

Remember to throw a coin over the right shoulder for a safe trip home and another over the left to go back to Rome, when you get to the Trevi Fountain. I'll be going back there soon!

Next day, spend it in the Vatican City. Guides or a audio guide will bring you around. Whatever, never save on getting a guide because the place has more history to it than sight seeing will ever satisfy. Enjoy yourself.

P.S. If you chose to walk and regret it, you can shoot me for free!!!
Oct 7th, 1997, 08:30 AM
Joe Lomax
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Ditto on the Pantheon. If you are in the area, be sure to see the Caravaggio's in S. Luigi dei Francesci, and be sure to have some spare change for the light. If you are there on Sunday morning, do not miss S. Ivo in Sapienza. It is the largest church in Rome because it pulls you straight up into heaven. Both of these are between the Piazza Navonna and the Pantheon.
Oct 8th, 1997, 07:04 AM
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I agree with the above and would add my own two-day Rome experience. I spent 1 day at the Vatican and took a Greyline tour to ensure that I saw the rest of the highlights. You can book it at their agency just to the left of the Spanish Steps as you are coming down. The tour was thorough and the guide was knowledgable, answering questions, pointing out the Pope's helicopter (it is pure white), and stopping for snacks when we were flagging. I was very happy to have spent my time in Rome with this plan. Have fun!
Oct 12th, 1997, 07:23 PM
Kurs Lee
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I know it's too late to contact you.
But I just got that page today loking for Rome.
Could you Help me, please?
I'll be at Rome this november, so I wanna share your information how to enjoy ...
It'll be so thanksful thing.

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