restaurants, tearooms, etc.

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restaurants, tearooms, etc.

My wife and I will be in Paris later this month. I have an Excel spreadsheet with over 100 food locations including chocolatiers, bakeries, tearooms cafes, etc., with their addresses. I've built this list up by reading this forum and other venues. I'm sure that I missed some very good ones but these are the ones that we are focusing on. The way that I am using these is by locating them on a map of Paris and then laminating the map with the list so that we can use the map/list when we are in the mood for chocolate or a snack or lunch or whatever. I have a separate list of seven restaurants that we are planning on using for dinner. I would be willing to e-mail the lExcel file to anyone who is interested. As indicated above, it's not a complete list but should get us through seven days in Paris without starving. E-mail me if you are interested. Hopefully, this can be a small repayment for all the great advice I've gotten from this forum. I wish I had a way to mark the locations on a map on my computer instead of hard copy so that I could e-mail that to anyone who is interested. If anyone knows of a way to do that, I would appreciate any advice.
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Throw away your list!!!!!!!! Go with what you've heard about, or what you see that interests you..
You must be anal retentive!!!!!!!

This is a vacation/holiday..if you want statistics and ratings ..stay home and work and let your poor wife go off on her own!!
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Not to seem ungrateful Bob, But do you actually think that you would starve in Paris without your list? It is PARIS after all. One of the best things about Paris is discovering great little places -- NOT checking a restaurant off an excel spreadsheet.

I am sure you put a lot of time into compiling yoor data - but relax and just go with the flow. Leave the spreadsheet at home.
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It's okay, Bob! I UNDERSTAND!! You have a limited amount of time in Paris and you have a handy reference map that shows you, in any locale, where a good place to eat/relax might be. It will save you time in the long run, right? Sort of like a safety net. And I'm sure you will pop into any place that looks interesting to you once you feel more comfortable. : )

I would certainly be interested in your file. My e-mail address at top is real. Please send to me when you have the time.

I appreciate your efforts in trying to give a little back. What a nice guy!!!!

Hope you and your wife have a great trip!!!
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I'm sure Bob was kidding about "starving." Bob, you are certainly a planner, and I think it's great that you have a list that relies on recommendations from real people. Even if you take a partial list, you will have a GREAT time!
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Bob - I like your style! That is exactly the kind of thing I do and I always get grief from my husband who thinks the spontaneous approach is best. BUT, I am vindicated when we get hungry and I know just where to go for good food!
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Good for you Bob. You are like me and like to be prepared. Nothing wrong with that. Hope you and your wife have a wonderful time in Paris. I have to wait until Sept. to go. Please email me your list, I would love to see it.
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Anal retentive - maybe. Over-organized probably. Able to organize enjoyable vacations - definitely. My pet peeve is having to look for a restaurant or bakery, etc. when we're ready to eat on our vacations. I also like to try things that other people have recommended. Janis, that was humor about starving.

Also, just a note to xxx, everything is a spectrum. I may be more organized than you but less organized than other persons. If I'm anal retentive, then less organized persons are only partly anal retentive. I think I've figured out which half of anal retentive you are. Janis, that was another attempt at humor.

I'll send the list out Monday to those who want it.
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Thanks for the offer; nothing worse than walking around looking for a place and coming up empty. Spontaneity is all well and good but it shouldn't be substituted for planning.
I too would like the list as we will be in Paris in May.
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i would like to have your list of restaurants, etc. as my husband and i will be going to france the end of may.
i too have been "list making" and have restaurants, drive and metro routes, itineraries per day, translations i might need, you name it.
i'm impressed that you're so organized and feel your trip will benefit.
i like to cover as many details as possible, then i can just enjoy the trip and do as much as possible. after all, i'm not sure i'll ever go back to france.
but, i understand that if parts of the trip change, well, it's a vacation, not a job.
have a great time.
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Bob, I have been taking notes on recommendations also. I would love to see your list to compare. I agree with your planning. You may find that you never need your list, as you spot interesting little places, but what a windfall if you walk by one of the interesting places that is also on your list and has been tried and liked! I've heard that not ALL interesting little places are good quality. Have a great time.
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AGM/Cape Cod
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I had planned to do the same as you but never got it done. I would appreciate a copy of your list since my folks will be in Paris in April. Thanks.
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My husband and I will be in Paris this time next Saturday for 8 days. Your spreadsheet on good restaurants sure would come in handy. Thanking you in advance.
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Would love to have a copy of your spreadhseet. I think it will come in mighty handy and is one terrific idea.
Of course, if you see some place special that you like that ISN'T on your one said you can't try it. It is very kind of you to offer this.
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Bob, could you send it to me as well. Will be in Paris for 10 days end of May. I've been looking as well and would be interested in seeing what you've come up with. Thanks.
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Great idea. Would you add me to the list .We'd love to see what you've come up with. We'll be in Paris in the fall. Thanks & have a great trip!
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Bob, heck, yeah! I appreciate any organization that someone has been able to do. I've been copying info off this forum for two years, but who knows if I'll have the time to put it all together --I still have income tax to do . (My own personal road to hell....)
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We hope to go to Paris next year and I would love to see your list! Thanks so much for all your hard work!
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Bob , You are very generous to take the time and effort to share it with all of us. I would like a copy also.
Thank you very much!
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I would love to receive your list. I think its a great idea. I will be in Paris in May and would be happy to use it.
Thanks for your work!

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