Questions about Forbidden Fruit?

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Ha Ha TC!

I don't understand how having a checked bag searched would have held up the line..when my checked bags are searched, IF they are searched, this is always done long after I left the scene, so to speak...
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Thanks tomassocroccante. You’re right. I didn't hold up a line. There was no line to hold up. In this particular airport, after you "check" your luggage you get a ticket & you take the luggage over to the x-ray machine & leave it. I had lots of time & waited to see what they would do with our bags. You could watch them as they searched the bags on the other side of the counter. All our bags went through without a problem, except for this one which had winter boots (for hiking in the snow in Germany) and the peanut butter securely wrapped in bubble wrap.

Taking peanut butter in a checked bag is definitely allowed; they just check it to make sure it's really peanut butter & not something else. The suitcase was locked with one of those TSA approved locks & they didn't have the right key. I offered them my key & watched as they took everything out, removed the bubble wrap & then dumped everything back in again. It's a miracle it arrived in one piece & not all over the boots.

In this case the search was not random. They said the jar shape triggered the alert. They were perfectly pleasant; they just didn't know how to pack.

Happy New Year!
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Gee, of course if it was in checked baggage you weren't holding up a line. I read Christina's comments and then yours and I could swear you said it was in your "UNchecked" luggage. How did you get your post changed to read "Checked luggage"? LOL

New Year's resolution to self: get eye exam and new bifocal prescription soon.
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Take your friends something that they can not purchase there. Take them Krispy Creams. Germany just does not have anything like an American doughnut!
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I beg to differ ;-)

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Several years ago we had 2 girls from Dresden stay with us for a week & the thing they were most impressed with was the fact that our supermarket had a bakery that sold muffins. They kept asking if they could go back to the muffin store. The thing they most wanted to buy/do was have their hair braided in corn rows. This was not easily accomplished as we lived in a small town about an hour outside Boston.

By the way, I was told that one of the things that is often put in the kid's shoes ( similar to our Christmas stockings) is oranges.
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Mmmm... a crate of honeybells from Florida arrived last week and, I swear, there is nothing like them. Sweet and juicy and delicious.
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Now that was an interesting thread. Took awhile to read though. I'm always looking for gifts to take for my relatives and friends in Germany and they normally provide suggestions. I think back in the early 90's it was microwave popcorn and cigarettes. As far as chocolate Hershey's wins hands down on a campfire smore, but most chocolate from Europe kicks its butt otherwise.
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