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Q for exp. travelers w/small children/babies

Q for exp. travelers w/small children/babies

Old Dec 19th, 2000, 03:31 PM
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Kim: As noted already, we traveled for fun with our son to the Netherlands and Belgium when he was 6 months old. It took some additional work, money and luggage, but it was worth it. However, we did have the help of my parents, who traveled with us. We also knew that this would not be as much of a monument-driven vacation, (In past vacations we have had to go from monument to monument to museum, etc. because of lack of time, etc.). We took more time, saw less, but enjoyed it as much. We also limited our desitination to places I felt comfortable with (and I am trying to learn of other kid-friendly destinations by this thread). Remember, too, that those afternoon naps can be shared, or you can take turns watching the baby, particularly if you have a hotel that is near the center of an attractive area. Hence, it wasn't completely unlike being at home and did afford as a taste of that "living in Europe" feel that you reference.
Old Dec 19th, 2000, 05:17 PM
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Mr. Haines,
I love your perspective on the presence of young children.You have some lucky nieces and nephews!
Enjoyed your doggie at the table story!
Old Dec 20th, 2000, 06:38 AM
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Mr. Haines, Thank you for your post. It is wonderful. Also thank you for your emails with suggestions for our trip. My boys have voted, and we have a fine itinerary planned. Regards, Joanne
Old Dec 20th, 2000, 07:13 AM
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Ben, that was wonderful! If only more people shared your views on children.
Old Dec 20th, 2000, 12:24 PM
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But we don't so quit ruining our vacations & dinners with your ill-behaved children. Stay home and give them some attention or go to WDW where they can act like children without annoying anyone. I've had too many vacations and nice romantic dinners totally ruined by children that shouldn't have been there in the first place.

On the other hand, people who berate parents for taking their children to WDW at a too young of age are ridicules. That's what WDW is for. Sure they may be to young to remember it but at the time they are going to have so much fun and if they have enough of these great times they are going to grow up being happy. Plus they didn't annoy anyone in the process.

There are a lot more annoying children than fat, drunk or people striken with Tourette's out there and the odds that a child is going to disrupt our Christmas trip is pretty high.

Merry Christmas! (really)

Old Dec 20th, 2000, 12:55 PM
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Joanne - I loved your message. You are so right. My son is the typical kid that loves baseball and playing with the neighbor kids. We always take him with us when we travel, whether in the US or to foreign countries. We may not notice the effect immediately or in obvious ways but there is no doubt that his experiences have made him a better, more open-minded person.

By the way, never underestimate what kids are soaking up. I remember going into a very old church, giving my son the video camera to keep him busy. After about 20 minutes or so I took the camera away because I was afraid he was "wasting film". When I reviewed the film after our trip I was so embarrassed. His comments were amazingly insightful and much better than the boring stuff I had contributed. You just never know.

By the way, another reason to take your kids to Europe: my sister and brother-in-law were planning a wonderful trip to Europe "when their sons finally went to college". Unfortunately, they both died before they could take that trip (one of cancer at 49, one of a heart attack at 52). If you want to go, and you can afford it, don't wait.
Old Dec 20th, 2000, 05:19 PM
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You are so *right* when you say,( I am paraphrasing)
Travel now if you can,because one never knows what the future will bring.
That is what I remember every time I start to feel guilty over the $$ we are spending on our trip to Italy.
I am very sorry about your family!
Old Dec 21st, 2000, 01:21 AM
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I guess it all depends on the temperament of all involved (children AND parents). Before we had children we always talked about what it would be like when we had children. We now have two (they are now 7 and 9) and we have been traveling with them ever since they were 6 months old. We love to travel and never saw a reason why we should “wait”. We never had a problem. They both have never had problems in airplanes or anywhere else for that matter. We fly mostly business and first (lots of miles from work, not the money) and it’s always funny to watch people’s faces when we board. Nope… we never had a problem and at the end of every flight people do come and compliment. Again, temperament. My guess is that too much “Disneyland” is the cause of the problem and not the solution!

We avoid hotels. We always rent (condos, apartments, villas, whatever). We’ve always done that even before the children.

As a business traveler, I am very patient. I simply understand the situation and try to help if I can. To those children Nazis, try some Prozac suppositories…

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