Prices since the Euro?

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In Ireland, the official statistics has claimed that while the rate of inflation generally was 4%, the prices in hospitality sector, the ones that affect tourists directly, went up more like 20%.<BR>It all depends on how the rate of inflation is calculated. Normally they use a basket of commodities and services which an average person might be expected to buy, then weighted to even out seasonal fluctuations. Often one of the bigger items is motoring cost, and I haven't noticed much change in the price of fuel in Ireland, which has more to do with global crude market. And I'd imagine the fixed cost like insurance and tax, and manufactured goods with a national tariff like spare parts, only went up by the usual amount. And if they took mortgage payment into account, that has stayed low.<BR>So it's more to do with a perception of price increases than an actual rise in average household expenditure, in which travel and hospitality-related costs occupy much smaller proportion than for a foreign traveller.
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I traveled last year in France which was on the franc still, but prices were posted in euros everwhere. This year we traveled in Italy with only prices in euros. I would have to say the big difference was the US Dollar at 87 cents last year and hit $1.01 while we were in Florence this year.Having said that, I really get ticked with americans that use the terms like fleeced and gouged. I live in Southern California and would invite anybody out there in Fodorland to come for a vacation here and see if you can come close to value for your dollar that I have experienced in both Italy and France the last 2 years. I never paid more than $82 for a double room with private bath and breakfast. Never paid more than $20 for a bootle of classified growth wines in a restaurant. If you come to California you can expect that Motel 6 for a double will be $75.00 and no wine exists on a wine list less than $25.00<BR>and then add 15% tip and 8% sales tax.<BR>Now we produce a ton of wine in California so you could buy a bottle in the store for $12.00 but you better not try to drink it on the beach or in a park, laws against that sort of thing. My point is that I recieved great value for my money on both my trips and the fact that I am a huge wine lover was an extra bonus.
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Good input to my original question<BR> Could you be more specific re costs in Spain . Cost of a beer ,a breakfast, a bottle of wine in a grocery?
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About a 5 % inc year over year in my experiance
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coffee.. now at least a Euro..quite a hike.<BR>all drinks at bar have gone up rounding off upwards.<BR><BR>still breakfast deals at bars for 2 Euros.. coffee plus croissant, juice at times ,etc.<BR><BR>menus of the day are still availbale in large cities for 6-12 euros but depends on whether drinks, coffee are included. <BR>Spain is still inexpensive.. many decent wines from smaller cooperatives for 3-5 euros in supermarkets.<BR><BR>but all in all the euro has hit us in the streets.. although some things have made an effort to do the exact change and not round off. Utilities, etc.<BR>However, we are expecting an increase in public transport now. taxi drivers have started to strike, too.<BR>so, we shall see what 2003 brings.<BR><BR><BR>
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