Prague or not?

Old Feb 21st, 2001, 12:59 PM
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Prague or not?

My husband and I will be in Europe for 10 days. We were planning on hitting Munich/Bavaria and Switzerland. But some friends say you can't miss Prague. Is Prague worth taking 2 days of our 10? We're torn. Who's got wisdom to share?
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Becca, I got pounced on for my Prague trip report, so bear that in mind here. <BR> <BR>Prague is a lovely city with some incredible architecture. Remember, it was nearly intact after WWII. It is easy to get around in, small enough to (almost) cover on foot with history and concerts and sights at every turn. The US dollar buys for people dinner for $20.00, so it isn't expensive. The only downside that I can remember is the graffitti that appears everywhere, but that can't really subtract from this great city. <BR> <BR>In summation, two days can't do Prague justice as we spent seven and missed a lot, but two days is still better than nothing. Maybe save it for a future trip? <BR> <BR>10 days in Switzerland and Bavaria will go in the blink of an eye. You could probably slip into Austria and check out Salzburg(?).
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Prague is certainly worthy of a trip, however, it will take 4 days from your trip. At best, Prague is 7-8 hours by rail from Munich so the better part of a day will be spent traveling. I would try to make the trip more cohesive, Bavaria, Austria and Suisse perhaps.
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I loved Prague but you already have a pretty full trip so unless you plan on never going to Europe again, I would not add Prague to your itinerary. On the other hand, I would probably find it more interesting than your other destinations, but it isn't really that close to your other locations, so I would think going there is going to be expensive for you in several ways. I don't believe in hitting three countries in 10 days in Europe, except maybe very small ones close together (eg, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg or Scotland, Wales and England).
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go to prague, i GUARANTEE you will love it. so beautiful!...also i disagree, i think prague can be done in 2-3 days, in fact i think more would be too much..
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I enjoyed Prague very much and I disagree with the previous poster that says 2 days is enough. I spend 6 days there and did not run out of things to do. I agree with the other posters though that it would take a large chunk of your time because of the distance. If your planning on going back I would combine Prague and Budapest in a trip. I liked Budapest even better than Prague, in fact better than most every city I've been to. It is a beautiful city and like Prague very inexpensive. There are also many worthwhile side trips from both Prague and Budapest. Enjoy your trip. <BR>
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I spent 7 days there last year and loved Prague! Felt that I needed more time. There are some people on this board who have also said that they hated it, found it overrated, etc. I think it really depends upon what you're looking to do on your vacation. Plus, I agree with the other poster - if you're planning on going by train - it's far. Then again, I spent 2 days in Switzerland and was very ready to move on. The point being that it really does depend upon your interests. Have a great vacation!

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