Popular Tour Groups

Old Nov 3rd, 1998, 06:08 PM
Joan Russell
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Popular Tour Groups

For a first-time visit to Switzerland, Austria, Italy, what tour group would you recommend (or avoid)? Other comments welcome, too.
Old Nov 3rd, 1998, 09:09 PM
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We got back on November 1 from Perillo's Italy North Classic tour. It was fabulous. Since it was our first group tour, we can't compare against others.
Old Nov 4th, 1998, 09:52 AM
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Joan, I recommend to forget about a tour group and go it on your own, especially if you are traveling with one or more other people. A few years ago my husband wanted to take a tour on his first trip to Europe (my fourth). I convinced him we could do it on our own and he was so glad we did. Nothing beats being able to see exactly what you want to, when you want to, and having the freedom to stay a few extra days in a place you really enjoy. If you do decide on a tour there seem to be some great ones offered through the Smithsonian (albeit expensive). Also check your local colleges and University, especially if you have an active community college system that offers reduced course rates to seniors. The often have study tours that many adults go on, rather than just college students. I'd also look into theme tours, art history, architecture, cooking, etc. I'd love to go on an eating...um I mean cooking tour of Italy.
Old Nov 4th, 1998, 04:41 PM
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I'm going to foist my frequent reply on you: if you haven't already, use the "text search" feature of this site, with key words perhaps like "tour" or "tour group" and see what comes out of the archives. There were over this past summer lots of postings on tour groups and various recommendations. It should be helpful.
There is one tour group I have never heard of mentioned in the U.S.A. forum with a question about Smithsonian tour groups with an archeological bent - you might want to check them out too.
Tour groups can be absolutely great for lots of people, including those of us who otherwise travel independently. Sometimes a tour hits the spot. Most important, relax and have a great time.
Old Nov 5th, 1998, 12:36 PM
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Don't just dismiss tour groups as something no one wants to do. Escorted tours have their pros and cons just as independent travel does. Tours are a great way to just be a tourist and see the sights - someone else handles your luggage, someone else finds the hotel and checks you in, someone else is giving you background information ,local gossip and stories on the scenery you pass by (instead of the sometimes blissful ignorance of car and rail travel)., etc. The key is finding the right itinerary to suit you. Do you want to see many areas of the world at a rather quick pace? Or would you rather see a smaller area at a leisurely pace? Do you want alot of things already included such as all of your meals? day tours? admissions to museums? etc.How much free time do you want? Some people just don't have the discipline to get out and see the sights unless they're on a tour. The key is to find a good travel agent to help you sort out the different tours. Ask around and get referrals from friends and neighbors because there are great travel agents and not-so-great travel agents out there!! Not all tours are the same so don't just buy a tour based on price.
Happy travels!
Old Feb 7th, 2000, 05:24 AM
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We have used & been very happy with Insight tours for the last 2 yrs.Would recommend all their optional excursions.They seems to have younger,less stuffy tour directors.Howevere,this year we are going to try Perillo,only because they seem to be the only one that offers the como,land tour & crusie that we want.Hope we won't be disappointed.Try
www.insightvacations.com.Have fun whoever u choose. email me with any questions.Switzerlan,Austria,Italy are just wonderful countries.
Old Feb 20th, 2000, 02:46 PM
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We are thinking of taking hiking tour in Swittzerland with EuroBike Tours..Has anyone had experience with this company ? THanks

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