Please help! 8 days in the Peloponnese

Sep 11th, 2008, 07:43 AM
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Please help! 8 days in the Peloponnese


I知 going to Greece in October to make the trip of my dreams: a tour around the Peloponnese with my boyfriend.
After reading through the Lonely Planet and lots of travel forums, I came to an idea of an itinerary.

I ask your kind help to give me suggestions over my itinerary!
-If the sites are well chosen
-If we値l have enough time to visit everything
-A suggestion of places to spend the nights (small hotel or camping)

Sun 12: Athens
Mon: Athens
Tue14: Delphos
Wed15: Olympia
Thu16: Mistra (Maybe spend the night at Monemvasia?)
Fry17: Nafplio and cities around (Mycenae, Epidaurus.. and what more?)
Sat18: Nafplio and cities around
Sun19: Hydra

I知 aware that 8 days are really a short period, but it痴 all I got!
Thank you very much for helping!

In love with Greece =)
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Sep 11th, 2008, 12:20 PM
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I think you need to nail down where you are staying each night. For example, are you thinking of taking a bus from Athens to Delphi Tues morning and then heading by bus to Olympia later that day or staying overnight near Delphi? Getting from Olympia to Mistra is a full day bus trip probably through Tripoli unless you intend to rent a car? Mistra is probably 3 hours including getting there and back from Sparta by bus so you could probably make it to Monemvasis for the night, but when would you explore it before leaving for Nafplio? How do you intend to get to Hydra from Nafplio? You can take a bus from Nafplio to the coast and take a ferry to Spetses and then on to Hydra but whether you can do this direct or in one day I do not know and even if you could you would be arriving in Hydra late in the day, stay overnight and leave the next day without exploring the port let alone any of the island. The intinerary looks challenging and needs some more work to make it work in my opinion.
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Sep 12th, 2008, 04:48 PM
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I wouyld agree with Chania, the "intinerary looks challenging".

Some of the drives are long (time-wise), and would not give you much chance to enjoy viewpoints, stops, or attractions along the way.

When I've driven thru the Pelponnesses, I've only averaged about 20-25 MPH.

Many of the roads are just 2-lane country roads, plus I like to stop frequently and "smell the roses".
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Sep 12th, 2008, 08:09 PM
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To have a hope of doing this trip you will have to be renting a car. By bus forget it.

Our experience matches Tom h, once you get into off of the National highway the best you can hope for is 30 km per hour average distance traveled. There is so much to see. You are going to have to make a big choice on this trip. Do you want to really experience where you are or do you just want to say We were there.

I think you will have to consider dropping Olympia from the trip. It is way to the West from Naphlion, Mystras and Monemvassia to be included in a trip like this.

To replace Olympia you could try visiting Ancient Nemia. While it is not Olympia it has the advantage of being right on the road to Naphlion. In ancient times it was a rival to Olympia. It has its own stadium. museum and partially restored temple. Nemia simply lacks Olympia's good marketing department.

While you are in the area be sure to visit ancient Corinth. You do not hear much about it but it was a very important town and is well worth a visit.

Based on our experience I would suggest you spend more time in Naphlion which is absolutely delightful then head to Mystras and on to Monimesassia. We were captivated and spent two nights there. Sleeping in a 15th century walled city is an special experience.

Whatever you chose to do, remember, spend more time experiencing where you are than spending too much time simply trying to get to the next location.
Greece is captivating and you will want to come back again.
The stuff you missed this time will still be waiting for you the next time.
Here are our pictures of Naphlion and area.
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Sep 15th, 2008, 10:26 AM
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Hi there -

I posted the same response on Frommers (sorry for the duplication!). Sounds like my experience was a little different than those above, but I think it's doable. the post above does make a good point and reminds me that we opted to exclude Olympia for precisely the reason stated - it was too far west. At any rate, here's the cut and paste from my other response (sorry it's so long, but we really loved the area!):

I think it sounds like a great itinerary and you will LOVE the Peloponnese! My husband and I were married in Greece and spent time on Santorini, Crete and about 5 days driving around the Peloponnese in late Sept/early Oct. 2005. Perfect time of year as the crowds are gone, but the weather is still very nice.

Maybe it's because we hadn't read or heard as much about the Peloponnese as the other areas we visited, but we really loved it and were very pleasantly surprised. In 5 days we covered a lot of ground and really only felt like we did too much driving on 1 day. So with 8 days, I think you'll find that it's spaced well.

One thing you might want to add/consider is a little bit of time in Mani, specifically around Gythion (I think that's the name of the town). There are some fantastic caves there that you can take a gondola tour through. And the water/scenery down there is beautiful - tons of blooming fruit trees this time of year.

Something not to miss (that was actually a recommendation from the lovely woman who ran the hotel we stayed at in Monemvasia), is a drive from Monemvasia, through a tiny little inland town called Kosmos, then back down to Leonidis. It's like experiencing 3 worlds in one day! You wake up by the sea, then drive through twisted mountain roads up to Kosmos, which is truly a one-restaurant, one-church town. You get out of the car and the temperature will have dropped about 30 degrees. The scenery is beautiful. Then the drive down to Leonidis follows an old gorge and is truly spectacular - although there is no guard rail and with the mountain roads it's definitely not a drive for the squeamish! One of those great travel memories that we never would have discovered without talking to locals. I don't think that the awful fires last year got to this area, but I'm not certain.

If you enjoy seafood, there's a wonderful place in Monemvasia called Skorpios where we had some of the best fish of our lives. VERY casual, typical fish taverna, but really delicious. It's located across the causeway from the old town part of Monemvasia, but is right on the water at the little port.

For the area around Nafplio, enjoy Mycenae and Edidarus, and consider spending a full day being lazy in Nafplio. It will be quite different from the other towns you're visiting so that could be fun. There is also a small beach town just outside of Nafplio called Tolo. We weren't able to go, but it was recommended by a native of the area who owns a Greek restaurant here in the US.

I'd be happy to pass on hotel recommendations if you're still looking for any. Feel free to ask any specific questions and I'll try to tap my memory. You will truly love the area though - have a wonderful time!

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