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Pin #

Going to England for the 8th time this April and for the first time will use the ATM's rather than Travel Checks. My pin number is 4 digits. Will this work in England or do I need to have it changed. Thanks.
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My 4-digit PIN worked all over Europe with slight glitches only in Austria (where I used a different card that also had a 4-digit PIN and worked). I had no trouble in the UK.
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In fact the only PIN you can rely on (usually) in Europe is 4-digit, all nubmeric. Many machines will handle only four digits, and many have no alpha markings on the keypads.

Money and Exchange for Travelers to Europe
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Thanks for your responses.
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When it comes to 4 digit pins, you might think you need to change your old more than 4 digit, but try this first...I was about to visit the UK also and wanted to be sure my pin would work even though it was 7 digits (old phone number, easy to remember). I tried just the first four digits and voila! The last three were just in there for my memory's sake, not for the banks!! I've since stopped punching in the full seven numbers and use the four number method all the time. These pins seem to be more universal than we think. Also, if you do have an alpha pin, just figure out what the numbers would be and learn that number. Try it here before your trip just to be certain, but I think you'll find the first 4 digits will work.

You might also want to find out how much it will cost you each time you do use the ATM overseas. My bank charges an outrageous $5 per use. I kept this in mind and always took out enough cash to make it worthwhile. At that price, you don't want to have to use the ATM every day. That said, it certainly is the most efficient and convenient way to handle cash overseas.
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I used a numeric four-digit pin number in England, France and Spain. Then I decided to change to an alphabetic four-digit pin here in the States (I had used the same pin for too many years) and simply convert the alpha pin to a numeric one based on the location of the letters on the number keys. Big mistake! Since I had never used an alphabetic pin before, I had never bothered to look carefully at the key pads on ATM machines. Two of the letters on French telephones and ATMs are on different keys than here. Those two letters were part of my pin. Stick to numbers.

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