Parking in Positano

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Parking in Positano

I have read countless pros and cons regarding driving the Amalfi Coast vs. public transportation or a driver. For those of you who have rented a car, what does one do if indeed you can NOT find an available parking space in town?? I will be in Positano for a week at the end of May, and really do want the flexibility of having a car at my disposal.

Any thoughts?


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We found at least one car park ( do not know how many cars they have room for) when we were there.. It was way in the middle of town near the beach. They parked our car for us and arranged to take our luggage down to the hotel. Check with your hotel re: parking arrangements.
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My question is not where are there parking lots, I have that information. I want to know what any of you have done, if, indeed you arrived in town, and all the parking lots were full.
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Hi Kathy. May I suggest that you contact your hotel telling them that you will be arriving by car and intend to keep it during your stay. They may have special arrangements for their guests with reserved parking. I am not saying it will be free, but it may be available. A friend had a car while in Positano and had to pay $20 a day to park it, but he didn't seem to have a problem getting a spot through his hotel.
We are renting an apartment in Praiano, and I contacted the owner directly to tell him we would have a car. I asked if he had a place available to park it. He didn't say the space would be free, but he said "no problem" he had a space.
Just one thought.
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Last June we stayed at Albergo California in Positano. Family owned and run Hotel, good location, large rooms with updated facilities and their own parking garage that costs you nothing. or
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Drove the Amalfi Coast last April. It is an experience. When you hear a bus honk, stop immediately!! The first time I encountered a bus, I stopped too late. After I stopped, the bus kept coming and coming. We folded in the side mirrors. Bus still came. Finally the driver decided he'd come as far as he could. I had 1" on the passenger (mountain) side and 4" on the driver (bus) side and it was now my turn to move! Needless to say, I slowly inched my way out of that predicament. After that, whenever I heard a bus honk, I stopped immediately.

Now to address your parking question. When we made our accommodation reservations, we were told 'parking was available on the street'. Believe me, you do NOT want to park on the street! First of all, it is very scarce. You do not want to park in a 'no parking' zone. The streets are narrow and on some of them, what we thought was a one-way we discovered was a two-way when we encountered oncoming cars! If you do find a spot, have fun getting in/out as the cars park close to the mountain and close to each other. After 2 nights in Positano (we didn't move the car), we decided to move on to Pompeii. We were afraid if we moved our car we'd never find a parking spot again. The only good thing about parking on the street is it is free. I understand parking is available at various parkades for a price. I don't know what the cost is but our Canadian dollars don't go as far as US dollars do. I would definitely not go to Positano without having a parking spot reserved. If I was to do this again, I'd stay in Sorrento without a car, then take the bus along the Amalfi Coast, the train to Pompeii and Naples. Hope this helps. If you have any questions, you can email me. Zoe

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