Paris weather in March

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Paris weather in March

Can anyone share weather experiences in Paris in March? What should I bring to stay warm?
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My sister and I were there two years in a row about that time. Both times were a bit chilly. She ran the marathon and needed a jacket. It was heavy sweater weather. The week after we left, it snowed! You might check the weather as your departure date approaches:

Depending on what you're used to, the weather may not be chilly at all. We're from Hawaii, so anything colder than 70 is cold!
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I have been to Paris 5 times and always in March. Generally speaking it has been chilly though sunny with some rain here and there and once it was down right freezing! Based on my experience
60% sunny but brisk
25 % rainy and brisk
10% sunny and moderate
05% Flippin' COLD!

I always bring gloves, a scarf and hat, and lots of layers. Good comfortable, non slippery, waterproof walking shoes are a must, ones you can wear socks under. Let me include the caveat that March is my very favorite time for Paris, fewer crowds, lower prices, and I am always reminded a line from Les Miserables that Epinine (sp?) Sings about Paris, "In the rain the pavement shines like silver" It is utterly magical! I am planning another trip, either March 01 or 02 depending upon finances... bon voyage, enjoy a steaming, crepe chocolate for me!
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During the final week of March this year, Paris weather was very similar to weather at home in NY. We had only two half-days of sun in a week (luckily they happened when we were visiting the cathedrals to see the stained glass) and one rainy day. March weather is 40s-50s. A shirt and sweater with a lined raincoat worked for us, and gloves are a good idea. Even a decorative silk scarf really keeps your neck warm. I agree with Thyra that Paris is a city that is very beautiful--and romantic!--under gray skies and rain.
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Actually, the marathon was on April 8. I ran it with shorts and a little bra top and a light jacket. I think the weather would have been more bearable, except that it was windy & rainy the whole time we were there! Sandy, the weather all over Europe has been erratic the last few years due to global warming. I'd bring a lot of layers to prep for 1) a freak cold snap OR 2) a freak heat wave. I've done both in the past few years!
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Layers, layers, the morning, it's 40 and rainy, then you get on a metro car that's hot enough to steam rice, then back out into 40 degree weather, into a museum that's either 40 degrees or 80 degrees, then by 2:00 it's sunny and 60...your only hope is layers.

Musts: some sort of rain gear, either raincoat, umbrella, rain poncho or whatever works for you; gloves; scarf (if you get a shawl-type, you can put it around your shoulders in restaurants, etc. to keep the chill off); and extra socks - if you get caught in the rain, at least your feet will be dry.

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