paris street map on line

Old Dec 10th, 2001, 12:37 PM
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paris street map on line

can anyone direct me to a website that offers a comprehensive paris street map (comprehensive meaning not just the major streets) going to paris next month for the first time and would like to be at least semi-aware of where i am located---many thanks
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For an overview (divides Paris into 16 sections) that is easy to read, try But if you want lots of detail (down to a particular address if you like) go to (available in English if you need it) I don't find either of these sites entirely satisfactory but they are the best I know of. Perhaps others will have other suggestions.

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Fiddle around with this site. Type in a street and it will even show you pictures of the buildings...great fun and the more you play with it the more you will get out of it!
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When I go to Paris I go to and make lots of detailed maps of the reas/places/hotel/addresses I am going to be visiting. I put them in a notebook with the address and the "thing"--museum, shop, restaurant--and take it with me for the day. On my printer they print out about 4X4.
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you aren'T going to be able to find a free map online that is detailed and yet comprehensive for Paris as a whole that will give you a sense of the city. Pay a couple bucks, go to a bookstore, and buy one (ie, Streetwise Paris is one). You can get some free when you're there but I think it's best to review in advance. Online stuff is only good for very small areas and detail IMO.
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As a yearly visitor to Paris who is interested in having the RIGHT info instead of a lot of info...go to the site I may be a character off so use the search feature on your internet explorer to find it. Type in an address and see a photo of the site...its in French but its good practice. Regarding a map, every newstand in Paris sells a little red book (un petit livre rouge) called Plan de Paris. It is awesome. It has maps for the Metro, each area down to the street, an index so you can look up the street you are standing on and find out where you are, bus maps as well as a listing of stops (saved my life when the Metro shut down on Bastille Day and I was stranded at the Marchs aux puces, RER schedules, conversions, everything you need.

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