Paris question for the ladies

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Just a few months ago (maybe a year), this site was inundated with advertisements of some kind of funnel device that allowed women to do their thing standing up.
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not experienced
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I'm not yet so experienced in my travels that I have come across these facilities. And my thigh muscles are please tell me that there is something, stall walls, handles, whatever, to use to balance with?? But aside from my question, I do have this to offer, learned in the early years of teenage drinking in the middle of nowhere: only pull your pants and undies down to your knees, then squat. That leaves the "business portion" of your anatomy lower than your clothing.
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Aside from all the truly exotic rat-on-my-head horror stories, has anyone actually had a bad experience with the European foot-print style toilet?
My initial reaction was the same as Elvira's - more local color. After I'd actually tried them a few times, I really liked them. I have much more understanding for whomever left the footprints on the seat in NJ (imagine, if you've never done it, the thought of plopping your bottom onto the very spot where a total stranger has just raised her own) than I do for ladies gasping at the idea of squatting.
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Whoever reminded me of this, thanks and I hate you:

Roadside cafe in Morocco. Outside the door, a faucet and a bucket. Inside, a whole in the dirt floor. You figure it out. Another good reason to carry a travel pack of kleenex in your pocket.

I've signed an organ donor card with an addendum "don't give this bladder to anyone who's been on dialysis for a long time. The shock would kill them". Maybe that's why I don't have an aversion to ANY toilet (or high weeds).
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Leslie and Kavey,
I agree, splattered seats really p*ss me off, so to speak. haha!

IMO, every women's restroom stall should have this little bit of poetry posted:

If you sprinkle
When you tinkle,
Be a sweetie
And wipe the seatie!

And to the poster called fyi,
I had just been reading through this thread and wondered if carrying a small plastic collapsible funnel, with a zip lock bag in which to store it, on trips to these countries might not be helpful. Disposable ones would be MUCH better!!
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This has been hilarious reading. I just read ina travel catalog-threw it away but had just received both magellan's and Travelsmith--and one of them had disposable funnel shaped things for women to use standing up. Of course, you still have to deal with the pantyhose, etc. but at least it would help with the aim and spatter factor! I also carry a little TP or wipes with me for those times when none is available and have had to use them also.
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Have a look at

I didn't have the heart (or the poise) to try it myself but I did find it amusing...

They used to sell those funnel devices too but I looked at them and figured if I end up somewhere without a loo I could improvise.

I ALWAYS carry tissues in my handbag though. Always.

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And here is that device

I will stick to toilets, holes in the ground and termite mounds...
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This sort of relates to the topic. Years ago I bought a book called "The Toilets of New York" for a friend who traveled there often, suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and had a dread fear of running into a dirty ladies room.
Can any of you recommend some stellar toilet facilities to be found in Europe's major cities so that if one finds oneself nearby when the need arises, we will know of a dependable, pristine place to go? For starters, I'll nominate the ladies room at Deux Magots in Paris.
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We might as well exhaust this subject---check out top urinals of the world (including some for women), with an international page,
and the book for more rural experiences: How to S**t n the Woods by Kathleen Meyer (on
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The ladies room in Maximes-Paris..and if you are visiting the US-the ladies room at the Frick, is in a book on beautiful bathrooms~
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I'll be in Paris in two months but now I'm worried. I have osteoarthritis and can't bend my legs without my knees being in a lot of pain. How common are these bathrooms?
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Mabel, in all the times I have been to Paris, it has only happened to me, maybe twice.Once in a small bistro on the Left Bank and once near the flea markets.There are plenty of restrooms just like home and just as easy to use.I think some of us, myself included,are making it sound a little worse for humors sake~at least I was...and you must remember, French women use the bathrooms all over Paris also, if they can do it----
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The Funniest thread about bathrooms
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On the contrary, I've always thought the "Turkish toilets" were SO much better than the regular kind (studies have shown they are much more sanitary). I don't understand why American women have such a problem with them. You SQUAT! Work those thigh muscles, ladies! It's easy! OK, if you're of a certain age, you may have to use the walls as support, but it really isn't rocket science.

And why do you think European women have great legs?

You mean you actually walk out without using the toilet? THEN what do you do?
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Was in Paris a few weeks ago. Never ran into the "turkish" toilet and I ate in cafes, brasseries, in various areas. What suprised me, though, was the bathroom in the grand dept. store, Galleries Lafayette. When I came out of the stall there was a man in the bathroom calmly washing his hands. Turns out the restroom as unisex. The stalls were small enclosed closet-like rooms so no need to worry about privacy.

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