Paris on Thanksgiving

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Paris on Thanksgiving

I will be in Paris on Thanksgiving. Any suggestions on where to eat for turkey? I am up for a swell french meal too. (somehow it might be easier to find!)
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My son and I are also looking for
a turkey in Paris on Thanksgiving.
Let me know if you find something.
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You'll have to look for an American restaurant and there are plenty of them in Paris. Turkey is very American! When you're in Paris, try to find the free magazine FUSAC, which is the anglo-saxon community's classifieds with postings of events and parties such as Thanksgiving: you'll get a lot of addresses. You should also post your question in, lots of anglo-Paris lovers excahnge tips there!
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The French do eat turkey, but they do not have our Thanksgiving, and I'll bet you'll have a hard time finding candied yams with mini marshmallows.
Your hotel may be able to make a recommendations for an American-style meal, but I'd go to a great French place and just enjoy guinea fowl or duck or some other member of the poultry family.
When you get home, make a belated T'giving dinner the way you like it.
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The best American restaurant in Paris is called, appropriately enough, "Thanksgiving." It's in the Marais. They'll serve an excellent dinner, with all the classics (cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, etc.); you should probably reserve.
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Well very interesting. We will be in Amboise on Thanksgiving day. Doubt if we will be looking too hard for turkey, but some duck might do. But, it anyone know of a place in Amboise that might just serve up turkey let us know.
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In the November Saveur magazine, the following info:
Version Sud, the Guy Savoy (award winning chef) bistro, at 3, rue Berryer 8eme will be serving Thanksgiving dinner on November 23. Reservations are recommended.
tel 01 40 76 01 40
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Hi again. I've just read in the Paris Notes that is organizing a Thanksgiving "feast" at the Feu Follet (14th is a little off-center). I don't know what it's worth but Paris Notes usually has good insiders and ou may want to check the website.
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My friend and I were in Paris during Thanksgiving 1997, and had a wonderful time in spite of not having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We lived on baguettes, and Turkish fast food near Place San Michel on Left Bank.

Big disappointment was that the Pompideau Center was closed for renovation. Hopefully it's back open. Anyway, the view of Notre-Dame at night from across the Seine more than made up for it.

There were a couple, well, I'll call them 'pizza-restaurants' on Champs Elysee. We had dinner at one of them and it was nice. I guess we were so thrilled to be in Paris (first trip), that as long as we got 2 meals a day, we were ok.

One thing I never figured out, was what is the proper etiquette when first entering a restaurant or cafe. There were no signs saying either "Please seat yourself" or "Please wait to be seated" (or, if there were, I did not understand them). So my friend and I would enter the cafe and just be standing there, not sure what to do. Since neither of us spoke French well, we were afraid to ask the waiter what to do. After 3 or 4 minutes of standing there, we would wander over to a table and sit. Usually we would be served, but a couple times we had to flag down a waiter. (Maybe it was my fashion faux-pas!)

Just in case I ever get there again, if anyone can address the correct way to request a table in Paris, I'd appreciate it.

Good luck Liz and enjoy your trip!

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