Paris on Sunday?

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Paris on Sunday?

From what I'm reading, it appears that there is not much to do in Paris on a Sunday. Any suggestions or ideas? Seems like most shops, museums, etc. are closed.....
Thanks in advance for your hlep.
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That's wrong, where did you get that info? Probably there are some, but I don't know of any museums closed on Sunday, that's a prime museum-going day. Big stores will be closed, and some restaurants may be closed at lunch and/or dinner. What's "etc"? What do you want to do that you think will be closed?
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Most shops yes, but not most museums at all. Museums tend to close on Mondays or Tuesdays. Also open are Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, other monuments.
Churches will have services in the morning, but reopen for sightseers in the afternoon.
Many restaurants close on Sundays, but many do not.
I have a file on Paris; if you'd like to see it, email me.
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Book Chick
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Also, Sunday is the day the fountains are turned on at Versailles, a short train ride away!
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The mere premise of this question baffles me - thinking there "is not much to do in Paris" on ANY day is goofy. Even if every single museum was closed (which they aren't) there would still be hundreds of things to do.

Its like asking if there is anything to "do" in London, or New York, or Rome . . .

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Thank you Elaine and book chick I think Versailles will definitely be on the Sunday itinerary

Christiana...the etc. would be restaurants...AND, yes, I was incorrect in mentioning museums - I checked back to several of the books that I have been researching and see that the museums are open. sorry to have been a bother.

TOM...I'm not sure why you bothered to respond since I seem to be such an idiot to you.

I have been observing comments on this forum for about a month or so...some people can be soooo rude. I tried not to ask a STUPID question. forgive me....I was seeking help....guess I came to the wrong place.
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You're welcome. Some of the restaurants are closed on Sundays, so I acquired a Zagat's Guide a while ago for Paris. They have a code for each restaurant to indicate if it's open or closed.

I hope you have a delightful trip!
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In addition to the other suggestions, don't forget the parks. To me, there's nothing as good as Sunday in the parks in Paris. For more Paris information e-mail me [email protected]

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