Paris November 2017

Dec 2nd, 2017, 03:21 AM
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tanoose...I am just back from a stay in Paris.....enjoying every word of your report and reliving all the wonderful moments......please, keep writing and sharing......
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Dec 2nd, 2017, 06:49 AM
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Bon Marche Bon Marche where have you been all my life? This place is truly the mecca of food! And other things of course.

When I walked in I was searched. Eh, no big deal. Well, my purse and bag was...

I didn't know where to start. Grabbed a cart and went down every single aisle. True that!

I was thoroughly impressed by this shack, it had everything. And I bough a bunch of stuff for a little picnic I was going to have at Norte Dame Wednesday night for the big light show. I found these awesome gift boxes shaped like the Eiffel Tower for my grandchildren. I bought an Bon Marche apron which is really nice and well made. Hand cream that I love, it smell like grapefruit, olives, bread, sweets, salami, salad and was able to get some plastic ware at the bakery. It was madness in the bakery as it was lunch time and the locals were there buying lunch and bread. My God, the products were fantastic.

The meat and seafood counters were stocked piled. If I lived in Paris I'd be shopping there every week. My friend in Paris said "it's for rich people" and I believe him, but I seen some regular ole Joe's shopping there too. And not a word of English was heard when I was there. Except me. Asking questions. And the bathroom was gorgeous! Huge and clean. A great place to sit down and take a rest in the parlor. And I did. I couldn't believe I was there for 3 hours. Time flies when your looking at really enjoying yourself.

I haul my stuff back to the hotel. I was so tempted to take a cab, by the hotel wasn't that far and traffic was horrific by this time. The streets were jammed with people and cars. And it seems like it was taking forever to walk back with my heavy bags. Finally home sweet home.

After resting and changing I wanted to walk over the bridge and find some random place for dinner. The construction on the walk was crazy. I had to walk in the street a lot as I went along. That my friend is dangerous. But I took the chance.

I have to say not one moment did I feel unsafe in Paris. But then again I'm from Detroit and I will fight you. No joke. And I always have the mind set "[email protected] please, I'm from Detroit/Excuse the Detroit in me. And security around the city blew my mind. Soldiers with automatic weapons are everywhere. Especially around the main tourist sights. And at Notre Dame it was like half the Armed forces were there. And those men are not bad on the eyes. I told my husband if I wasn't still so in love with him after 38 years I'd likely have slept with a whole lot of French men. I observed a lot of handsome men in Paris. I mean some down right fine men.

Anyways, I found a big restaurant called Café Ricard. I could smell some good stuff being served when I walk past the first time so I decided to go back. I was seated outside under a heat lamp. I was cold at this point and ordered tea. I ended up having Beef Rump, Mashed potatoes and salad. It was way way too much food, but so good. The waiter asked if I was interested in dessert. Yes, I thought, I better cause once again, I'm not eating like this again very soon. I had the house made Crème Brulee and it was outstanding. But it got me thinking of a series I watched on the internet.

France has a health inspection team/Quality team that goes around France to inspect restaurants. And it was very interesting. Especially this one man that actually rummages through the garbage at night when the restaurant is closed to see if they are actually making the foods they have listed on the menu. For instance...He looks in the trash for boxed food being served as house made. One place he found boxed Crème Brulee, boxed Chicken Gravy and etc. Then the next day he'll go to the restaurant sit down to eat and quiz the waiter about some of the house made food at which the manager comes over and say's all our food's are made in house. Then he order's the dishes, films while he eats it and then confronts the restaurant with the trash he had gotten the night before last. Brilliant! I wish I could think of the series name, but if you google it on You Tube you can watch it. It may gross you out, I'll warn you now.

I make my way back to the hotel, start doing the packing of shame. You know that sad walk around the hotel room getting stuff ready to go back home. I don't stay up too late as I'm meeting my friend tomorrow to go shopping at one of the oldest markets in Paris. So I have to be up and out the door early.
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Dec 2nd, 2017, 07:00 AM
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I was worried you were not coming back to finish this! I hope the triplets are much better.
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Dec 2nd, 2017, 07:56 AM
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gomiki; The triplets are much better. Thank God. No one, and I mean no one can understand what life is like with triplets unless they live it. All 3 are in school and they are constantly getting sick and of course this Mamaw usually ends up with whatever they have. Thanks for your kind words..

Up at 4 am and out the door to walk the streets of Paris. I have to get that film of everything in my head to have dreams of it before I go to bed or when I'm jonesing for Paris again.

It is quiet and I only see a few people out and about. I get the chance of peaking into a bakery while this old man is making bread. I stand there forever watching him. He is a machine. He has a system everyone in Paris should be proud of.

I get back to the hotel at 6 ish and head up to my room and shower. The bathroom at the hotel is all marble and it's beautiful. I stand under the rain shower. Thought the hotel is old school, the bathroom is not. Huge round shower head with great hot/pressure water. I throw on jeans, a nice hoodie and my grandma's army boots and head to breakfast. I eat like all my favorites and have 3 coffee's. So happy to see the smiling faces of the breakfast crew. I will miss them.

I get the front desk to call me a cab and I head over to the restaurant that I went to on Sunday to meet my friend.

He's right on time and we walk over to a huge indoor/outside market. It is stunning and they are selling everything under the sun. He does his daily shopping while there. Oh I forgot, we stood in line to get the best croissant in Paris. The place is called Ble Sucre. OMG, it was the best croissant I have ever had. And it's huge. He and I walk along eating our croissants and talking. I love the fact that he is basically giving me a tour. We go into the building that is from the 1700's that is being refirb. They are keeping all the original wood. We go into a meat market so he can get duck livers for dinner. That's not up my alley but he tells me all about the way he will fix them for dinner. We walk around a flea market and all the food stands. He points out all the history of most of the buildings. We then go into a local coffee shop and sit for an hour drinking coffee and talking about life. Best day!

He walks me through the 12 th and we end up saying good bye at the Bastille area. I'm sad to leave his side. I make the decision to walk back to the hotel. What a fool. It took me forever to make my way back. I got to my hotel to use the bathroom and when I walk out of the hotel I go left into the 6th. It's busy and bustling with people and I find a place to sit and just hang out and people watch. It's a beautiful day and the sun is shining and it's still early enough to do more walking. Tonight I have a date with the grand Dame of them all Norte Dame.

I end up sitting in the lobby of the hotel for a while. They have a huge fireplace and it's roaring. I do some journaling and end up kicking some old lady off the house computer so I can print my boarding pass. She sat there for close to an hour using the computer and her laptop at the same time. Gheez, give some one a break already.

I print my boarding pass and run it up to my room. Grab my picnic stuff and head to the lobby to speak with the most wonderful/beautiful Concierge Coralie. She has helped me from the moment I made the reservation at the hotel 8 months ago. She truly is a huge asset to the hotel and if your ever think of staying there I will give your her email address.

I tell her I'm heading to Norte Dame for the big light show. She says "you must have a ticket" and I tell her I've had it for weeks now. I got it online while searching things to do in Paris for November. She say's it's the hottest ticket in town and several guests have asked for them and she can't even get them on the black market. Whoa! I offer her my ticket as I don't really have to go. But she refuses. I told her I would think you could see it from the street, but I'm wrong about that when I get and see the set up.

I tell Coralie that I need a cab in the morning for the airport. She then does the sweetest thing. She says the hotel would like to provide me with a cab on the hotel. Once again, Whoa! She says if I would accept! Of course I would accept. That is way beyond kind. This night is turning out awesome...

I walk over to the bridge and down the river towards Notre Dame and the area is just packed with people and handsome soldiers carrying huge guns. I fight my way in like a true Parisian and get to the head of the line. I have my ticket on my phone and they scan it and then search my bags. I get a great seat along the flower beds right up front. I lay my blanket down (Thanks Delta) and lay out all my goodies. Oh, I forgot. Right across the street from my hotel is a food shop that sells all in house made foods, sandwiches, pasta salads and desserts. I read about it on TA and people said the lady was rude and mean. Nope, she was nice, her shop was spotless and it's a 2 person operation. She basically doesn't want you to touch the food. She or her helper will service you whatever you point too. They both speak English. I got some pasta salad and a lemon tart there earlier.

I really enjoy my one and only picnic in Paris....Everything was delish.

The grounds around the church are set up with Red Cross displays about the war. I'm understanding WWII is what most of it was about. They had huge screens set up that was broadcasting nature and wild life. I wish my French was better as I couldn't understand any of it. But I get it here and there.

My space that I had was getting smaller and smaller by the moment. I swear they had 1000 people in the courtyard of the church. Just totally jammed. Then all the lights go out and info about the beginning of life is being broadcast over the speakers in French and the light show begins. My God, this is one of the most beautiful shows I've ever seen in my life. I can't even describe it I'm too illiterate. The light show plays all over the church. It even makes all the little statues dance, don't ask me how, I can't explain. The show is about 1/2 hour long. Then the doors of the church open and smoke is billowing out of the doors and they invite everyone to come inside. I hop up and try to fight my way in, but I get so squished and I start freaking out a little and rush my way through people to get out of the line/crazy train.

I end up not going into the church. I make my way back to the spot I entered and them here they come out of the area I was sitting in and all the other people. Those flower boxes in front of the church. RATS! Yes RATS! Huge rats start coming out of the bushes. Security people run over and kick dirt/pebbles off the ground at them and they would run back into the bushes but as soon as the people would walk away they come right back out. Crazy, No these were not little mice. Huge Rats. I was shocked. I kept thinking OMG, I was just sitting there...I believe they were coming out to eat whatever was left on the ground. As there was a lot of trash left behind. Shame on people. I got some good pic's of those fat little suckers.
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Dec 2nd, 2017, 10:09 AM
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Great story! Still chuckling about the rats.
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Dec 2nd, 2017, 11:42 AM
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Rats! Yikes!

What was the name of the market you visited with your friend?
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Dec 2nd, 2017, 01:08 PM
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Great trip report....thank you! Will be in Paris next week and hope the rats are hibernating.
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Dec 2nd, 2017, 03:24 PM
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Thank you for taking me on a lovely journey through my favorite city. You made it come alive.
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Dec 2nd, 2017, 08:00 PM
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Just chanced upon your report and am really enjoying it. You have a wonderful way of telling a story, or recounting an event Nice work.

By coincidence, I was in Paris a month before you with a tiny group of first-timers for 9 days (I've been several times since childhood, and have studied there as well so it wasn't new for me). And an even greater coincidence: our primary hotel was literally a hop, skip and a jump away from yours, on the same street. We sauntered past your hotel a few times when walking in that direction (otherwise we mainly routed towards St. Germain and St. Michel), and once even stepped in for a look see and were graciously welcomed.

That whole area of the 6th is lovely and very convenient, and I know first hand of several of the places, shops, and of course the toy shop, that you visited. We had late night coffees and drinks a few times at l'Atlas (as well as at Café de Paris and Maison Sauvage next door but one, that restaurant on the corner with everything green including the artificial vines and leaves climbing up the walls outside). And we also admired the seafood counter at l'Atlas, but preferred that teenie tiny Oyster bar on rue Dauphine, with the red and white champagne bucket in the window for dinner one night.
We also took some late night/early morning walks (I'm a runner so I enjoyed pre dawn runs) - there's so much going on at all hours around there.

Looking forward to reading of your last few hours there.

Merci d'avoir partagé ce bon rapport de vos aventures.
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Dec 9th, 2017, 09:53 AM
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Mathieu; It sounds like you all had a fabulous time! And I love the 6th. A lot of people on here really bash it. But, I must say, I don't think I'd stay anywhere else. And I'm still dreaming of my beautiful hotel. I am totally scheming and plotting how to go back next year same time. Delta won't show dates available in November of 2018. But you better believe, I'm looking. I just booked a trip to my Home Sweet Home Cancun for May, that outta hold me over from hound dogging over Paris. Mmm, Paris Syndrome, I'm believing it. Oh, and that little Oyster bar on rue Dauphine was in my target, but I never made it. That place is tiny and so adorable. Next time. And that cluster of restaurants in that area of L'Atlas look great. I wanted to try the one directly across the street but I felt like I would be cheating on my new friends at L'Atlas. It was funny to see the staff from both restaurants meet in the middle of the street just to BS or have a smoke.

Finally home from my DD house. Whoa, that household is a crazy hot mess. But in a good way. Christmas is killing me and we ain't even nearing the finish line. Baby Jesus help me.

I have forgotten so much stuff to put in this TR. I wish I was a little more organized, but so much going on.

To prepare myself for Paris alone I did watch YouTube. And my God, they got every angle covered. Some of them really got on my nerves and I felt was a total waste of time. And some just down right Ugly American's. But other's were chuck full of info. Especially eating wise.

If I could recommend one series of videos it would be [email protected] that's Delicious! I watched just about every video those crazy dudes put together however...Warning Warning Will Robinson if your are offended by horrible/bad language and pot smoking stay away. But otherwise the series in Paris was AMAZING and had my taste buds drooling. Action (one of the main dude's)is a chef and he put's his money where his mouth is. And they don't have a budget (Dirty Dogs) and the food they eat will blow your mind.

I did search solo in Paris and so much info was really was helpful. But hey, how much can you do?


After the little rat circus I tried to leave the same way I came in. No way was that happening. As I approached a lady told me in French I had to go back towards the church. Ok, no problem. But it was a huge problem for some guy who blew a nut and was screaming at the lady. What he was saying I'm not sure, but they went back and forth for a minute and he just basically pushed past her and the crowd waiting for the next show to all our disbelief. I one the other hand did what I was told and was directed around the church way out of the way of where I wanted to go. But that was ok as I walked past a police station, 2 police cars pulled up with people that had handcuffs on. One was a beautiful young lady who I felt extremely bad for. Don't ask me why. It could be because she looked devastated. I wasn't just standing there staring as the police stopped me to bring her out of the car into the station. I prayed for her and the other 2 guys who rolled in right after her.

I had to talk almost a mile to get back to the hotel as they had all the streets around Norte Dame rerouted. It made for some crazy driving action by those trying to get around that area. Finally I got back to my beautiful rue Dauphine and it's own little madness.

I dropped off all my picnic stuff and got a cab to L'Souffle. The drive was very interesting. The driver asked where I was from and proceeded to talk automobiles stuff to me, Like I knew something being from Detroit. He told me all about how he was getting a new taxi license upgrade. So better vehicle and more money. He also said L'Souffle was an excellent restaurant.

I had made a reservation via FB and got a reply within 5 minutes and I'm glad I had a reservation. Though when I walked in there were only a few other tables within 1/2 an hour it was packed and people being turned away.
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Dec 9th, 2017, 11:33 AM
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The welcome I received was warm and kind. I was shown to a table in the front of the house. I had a funny feeling the American's up front, French in the back. Yep! It was confirmed later in the evening.

I threw all caution to the wind and had a Spritz that was on special. No offense to them but I did not like it. I'm just not a drinker and it was way to strong for me.

I started out with bread, butter and a perfect salad. In fact I had to small loaves of bread and the dread of tomorrow was on my mind. I ended up ordering a Souffle with chicken and mushrooms. When the Souffle arrived it was a work of at art and love. Truly perfection. My waiter poked a hole in the middle and spooned all that love in the middle. It was hot and delicious. I could only eat 1/2 as I was saving myself for a dessert that turned out to be the best dessert I have ever had in my whole life. Caramel Souffle. When it arrived it was like the Sear's tower. How that do that is magic. It smelled amazing. I ate the whole thing along with a coffee. If I wasn't so full I would have ordered another. If I wasn't leaving so early in the morning I would have came back for lunch. Now I just dream of that bad boy.

I didn't stick around too long. I wanted my waiter to turn that table over. I asked them to call me a cab, but I was informed there was a cab stand right up the street. So off into the Paris night I go..

The neighborhood is really nice surrounding the restaurant. I intend to check it out further in the future. I highly recommend L'Souffle. Service and food was outstanding. I can't remember what the cost was, but it wasn't super crazy high. As I rounded the corner, boom there was the line of taxi's. Off to the hotel.

When I enter the lobby there is a Jazz trio going at it. The lobby area and lounge is jammed pack. And not just with tourist's. I head to my room take off my coat and grab my cigar's and head to the patio, which is busy as well. I have one more coffee as I sit and ponder what a perfect birthday/vacation this has been. Fall and all..

I decided to stay up just a little bit later. I move the lounge chair in my room up to the balcony window and just watch the night set in and all the people walking around. I'm trying to make that mental note that will stay with me forever. I actually wake up in the chair 2 hour's later. Cold and a neck cramp.

6 am up and out to walk for a minute. All my stuff is packed, I have my outfit ready and I just want to get that last little bit of Paris in. I get back to the hotel about an hour later and go straight to the breakfast room. I am greeted with a coffee and smiles from everyone. I tell the one man that's been a doll to me today's my last day. He knows.

I really do make a pig of myself. I eat as much as I can handle without pulling a Karen Carpenter. I pack a small roll and 2 macaroons. I head back up to the room, take a shower and get dressed. I go back downstairs and sit in the patio with one last coffee and write Thank You cards to the staff. Then it's that time. I have someone come to the room and grab my "one ton hoe luggage" and go to check out.
My compted cab is there and off I go. Just like that.

This cab driver is nothing like the guy who picked me up when I arrived. He was hauling [email protected]@ all the way to the airport. It was raining and dark. How proper is that? Just about how I felt. We were at the airport within 45 minutes. He pulled up to the terminal/Air France. He got me a cart, loaded my luggage on and I shook his hand and off he went.

The airport is madness. Truly a hot mess. Air France basically makes you do everything yourself. Print your baggage tags, put your luggage on the belt and so on. And it's been a long time since an airport employee pulled me to the side and asked 20 questions.

Did I pack my own bags?
Did someone ask me to carry something for them?
How long was I in Paris?
What hotel did I stay at?
Was I carrying any liquids?
Where was home?
Is it a non stop flight?

And a few more I can't remember. Finally I was out of the check in area and now to hall K and the Air France Lounge. But not before Security which was a zoo.
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Dec 10th, 2017, 08:46 AM
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Security had 2 booths open. Are you kidding me. The line is starting to snake around and it's taken forever to get the customs booth to stamp passports and then to the x ray line. I finally get through the stamping part and into the line to get my carry on x ray. I have to take off my shoes SOB I was not thinking about that. Then I get pulled to the side to have my purse and carry on swabbed. That takes forever as someone else has to come over and watch the procedure. Finally!

I start to walk to the Air France Lounge. I get directed to the First Class Lounge. Of course I'm not allowed access to that one. I'm directed across the way. I walk into that lounge it's madness. I'm not even joking. The problem seems to be people wanting access were not allowed due to their tickets. A nice young man comes over and helps me through all of it and I'm in. And what a huge mistake. The lounge is totally crazy. Dirty tables everywhere. Not a decent place to sit down. I walk around and finally find a table. I go over to see what looks good. Nothing. I mean nothing. Plenty of hot dishes are empty and not being replenished. I end up grabbing a few waters, some chips and cookies and leave. As I'm walking out the same young man stops me and says "is everything ok Madame" I just say yes, I'm running out of time. I leave and head over to a Sushi place that has the running belt with food. Nothing looks good. Dang. Then I head over to the Caviar bar as that's totally up my alley. It's the first place that has my beloved Pepsi. That seals the deal. Though there were only a few people at the counter, by the time I left it was jammed. I wanted the to Russia with love platter. But they didn't have the crepe's so I end up getting it with bilini's(?) and that was a total let down. The Caviar was mushy and the eggs both whites and yolk were in little tins that tasted fake and horrible. What a waste of money. Shame on me.

Now I head towards my gate. I call my DH to let him know a little up date. He tells me my plane is delayed. WTF! Are you kidding me and sure as [email protected] I walk up to the gate and it say's 45 minute delay. SOB, I'm sweating like a whore going to confession, I'm really hangry yes, hangry at this point and totally zapped of energy. However, there is some kind of naturally food restaurant right next to the gate where I can see the boarding sign. I grab a salad and cold rice dish and sit down and eat. Ok, I'm gonna live through this.

Air France has 17 employee's at the counter area. I count em. And now the delay is into the 1 hour and 45 minute mark. The flight crew is standing there too. And I see my Mr. 20 questions there asking other passenger's the same questions. There are several people in wheel chairs and most need interpreter's. And most for Arabic. The lady behind me in the priority line makes an off hand comment. I want to turn around and say "Hey, were headed to Detroit, The biggest Arab community outside the Middle East" but I didn't. But had she said something nasty, I would of. I'm an Arab myself.

Now were at the 2 hour mark and they start taking people down to board the plane. I can't see the plane and there is a reason. We have to take a bus across the tarmac to get there and people are [email protected] up a storm. Once I get on the bus I grab a seat. Now, if an old lady or something along that line got on, I'd give up my seat. They pack the bus like sardines. Finally were off on a 3 hour tour to the plane. When we finally get there we have to go up some stair to a hallway to board the plane. Thank God I see my seat.

I'm in 5 F. And I have aisle access. The crew seem really happy and start to get everyone settled and they are hauling [email protected]@ to get everyone on the plane so we can make up some time in the air. A lady sit's next to me and takes off her shoes and socks and starts getting all white trash comfortable. What do I mean you maybe thinking? She starts rubbing her feet, sticking her finger's between her toes and just grossed me out. I don't even want to think what else she'll be doing on the plane ride home. She starts pounding drinks and I'm happy thinking she'll just pass out. Nope..No such luck.

Then it starts. This big dude in the same aisle on my left start raising his voice to the flight attendant about how late the plane is and blah blah blah. He in turn sends over the purser(?) who is so patient and kind. The purser is trying to explain the flight was late from South America and needed to be refueled and so on. This guy ain't havin' it. He goes on and on. I just want to scream STFU! Were all in the situation, just drink your cocktail and shut up. I kid you not, the purser was there for at least 15 minutes listening to this guy repeat the same thing over and over. Boy, I'm really missing Delta at this point.

Thank God, all the light's go dim and we take off. At this point I wish I was a drinker cause I would have done a couple of shots of something. Service begins and It's all pretty decent but Delta was so much better. I get the Lamb, it's not bad at all. But the cheese plate made me want to hurl. Something on there stunk so bad it was killing me to the point of asking the attendant to take it away. I had already been smelling puke for a while. I thought OMG, did someone throw up on this seat? But you know what it was? It was nicotine gum that had been chewed and put back in the package that was never cleaned up from the previous flight. It was in the arm rest storage area. I finally found it after sniffing like a dog to pinpoint where the smell was coming from. My God, how do people chew that [email protected]!

And thank the Lord...The lady next to me was playing Candy Crush for 8 hour's straight. I take that back. She did try to sleep and I was somewhat [email protected]@ed she had her face right towards me when she did. Oh man. Really. But Candy Crush level 10,000 was calling her name, cause she shot back up after a few minutes and started her marathon.

The flight was OK. And it did go by pretty fast. I was up walking the aisles so much. I was drinking water like a camel. I had the chance to talk to the crew who were super nice. I also told the purser he was a Saint the way he handled that Douche Apocalypse! It took him a minute to understand what I was saying, and then be broke a gut laughing. And I meant it. If that guy pulled that crap on me at my restaurant I would have threw him out.

I wish I could remember what they served before landing because I do remember it was good.But, for the love of God if I ever get a good cup of coffee on a plane I'd have a heart attack. Because I was dying for a good cup of coffee. I was so desperate I drank tea. And I only drink tea when I'm sick. Or that time I gave up coffee for lent (now that's a story).

I swear we floated in the air above DTW for an hour.
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Dec 10th, 2017, 10:49 AM
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I am a bit saddened by the writing style and choice of vocabulary for the last part of this report. We all have our ugly American (or whatever nationality) moments on certain trips, but there is no reason to spew venom over everybody involved (except the purser) just because things did not go according to plan.

I am a bit surprised by your extreme desire for more and more food at the airport after having a big breakfast. ("I really do make a pig of myself. I eat as much as I can handle without pulling a Karen Carpenter.") And still you want food in the Air France lounge, food at the caviar bar, food at the salad place, and then you still scarf down the meal on the plane. Oh well, it was your trip to experience the way you wanted to.

I hope you have a good experience in Paris on your next trip, even though I wish you would change a few things.
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Dec 10th, 2017, 11:31 AM
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Thanks for the cigar info. It’s true about being able to sit forever in Paris restos (in Italy also). The hotel provided a phone? Fabulous perk. What was the name of the hotel, please? Thanks for the YouTube link also.

(Gomiki, I had forgotten about Uncle Tanoose on Danny Thomas. Thanks for the nice fun memory. )
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Dec 11th, 2017, 09:21 AM
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TDudette..Yes the hotel provides a phone. It was awesome to have.

Hotel D Aubusson
33 rue Dauphine

I highly recommend it. I am already booking for next year. Keeping my fingers crossed I can swing it.
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Dec 11th, 2017, 12:55 PM
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As usual, great trip report Mamaw!
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Dec 12th, 2017, 10:10 AM
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I think it was a lovely gesture but I'm having a hard time imagining a flight crew eating food brought by a passenger. It seems really risky. What if the passenger decided to drug the crew or ... It just seems to me that it would be completely against the rules.
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Dec 12th, 2017, 09:40 PM
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Tanoose1/Mamaw, I must say you made me chuckle even more for these last few chapters. Your writing style and sense of humour are very amusing and complementary to each other.

"It was funny to see the staff from both restaurants meet in the middle of the street just to BS or have a smoke."

Lol! so true. And sometimes if business was slow mid-morning, they'd happily join in loudly singing whatever French classic was playing on the sound system, sometimes serenading any single females who may be sipping and smoking at their tables. One attractive lady in our group always received such attention from one of them. She was quite amused.

Even though I know the 6th well, I admit this was the first time I've stayed there, and that was only because I was with a group of first timers to Paris. I think for newbies, the 6th satisfies many impressions and expectations of Paris.. but most importantly, it is very convenient to get around and explore easily and quickly on foot at ones own pace and leisure. That certainly was a huge advantage for our group. When they were with me we travelled far and wide in all directions from the centre; when on their own they were very happy to have so much to see and do in such close proximity.

Otherwise my preferred haunts where I always stay are the 11th, 14th, 15th and 18th. I have favourite apartments that I rent in all of these. I love the 14th near Alesia and Muton Duvernet, and one of my top favourites places is the Goutte d'Or area in the 18th around Marcadet Poissonniers and Chateau Rouge and as far over as Abbesses - very vibrant and colourful, with a mix of mainly African and some Indian and Arab communities. A bustling side of Paris few visitors see. I also love rue des Martyrs in the 9th for all things fresh, artisanal, literary, gourmet and gastronomic and much more, and make a visit there at least once every trip to say 'bonjour' to now familiar shops and shop keepers.

Two trips to Paris possible in 2018 for me, both work related. Late Spring and mid-Summer. Fingers crossed for both.
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Dec 13th, 2017, 03:44 PM
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Just found this! Can't wait to read this, and pull ideas for my return trip in a few months.
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Dec 14th, 2017, 12:36 AM
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Thank you for your trip report, it was fun to read.
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