Paris @ Night (other than cabaret shows)

Jul 14th, 1998, 04:03 PM
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Paris @ Night (other than cabaret shows)

Can anyone suggest fun and/or relaxing night time activities in Paris? I will have 3 nights. Should I stick to relaxing dinners and strolls?
Jul 15th, 1998, 04:04 AM
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Paris is a big night life city, cabaret shows are probably the least interesting thing to do here. If you are into clubbing, there are many trendy wild clubs--you may need to be Claudia Schiffer to get in, though (Queen, Le Palace, Les Bains, etc). Another more relaxed alternative is to go to a fun neighborhood and hang out in cafes: rue Vielle du Temple in the Marias (v. gay, but fun for all), the Bastille (best for 18-25 set), rue Oberkampf in the 11th (again, on the younger side), the back streets behind Blvd StMichel (mixed, lots of tourists) and between blvd St Germain and the Seine. There are many famous jazz clubs as well (Duc des Lombards, Petit Journal), New Morning) some you need tickets for, some you can just go in. I've never been, since I prefer the cafe alternatives! Also, there are outdoor movies in Parc de la Villette if you are into outdoor cinema. Free, fun and they have some really good movies on this year. Starts around 10 pm but best to go around 9 w/picnic and deck chair (you can also rent deck chairs and blankets).
Jul 15th, 1998, 05:04 AM
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Beth: Francesca is right, the cabarets are not all that great and too much money! If you are not into the clubs, how about the old stand-bys? The Eiffel Tower, easily reached by Metro is really something to see when all lit up, as is nearby Trocodero (sp?). A short ride and you arrive at the Arc D' Triomphe and Champs Elysees' which is alive with activity in the evening (even Sunday!). How about a walk along the Seine? There are many places that are pretty nice, like near Notre Dame. This should fill an evening or two.
Have fun.
Jul 15th, 1998, 06:48 AM
Paul J
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Hi Beth; Although it might be considered a little "hokey" by some people, you should consider a night time boat trip on the Seine. You will get a variety of opinions on the "dinner cruise vs non-dinner cruise". We took the cruise only trip and enjoyed it very much. There were people of all ages and all seemed to enjoy it. I suggest that if you do decide to go that you make it on the second or third night because you'll enjoy recognizing the many sights you've seem during the day but in a different way. Enjoy Paris.......Paul J
Jul 15th, 1998, 07:01 AM
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Fransesca, the clubs you mentioned sound like fun. We'll have our 21 and 17 year old with us. Is there an age limit to get in?
Jul 15th, 1998, 02:47 PM
Fran Koenig
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At the end of August I'll be visiting Paris for first time. Art and Jazz are important. Any suggestions of where to stay? I'm a single, forty-something and travelling alone.
Jul 15th, 1998, 05:15 PM
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I like L'Hotel du Pantheon. Its small, reasonable (100/nite), 3 stars, OK bkfst, no dinner (never eat dinner in a hotel in Paris, it is why you are there), showers, hair blower and ideal location for left bank, RER line from Charles de Gaule, near Luxembourg, hosts speak English well, GREAT restaurants in neighborhood that aren't too bad for singles, etc. Book ahead!
Jul 16th, 1998, 01:43 PM
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Thanks for the advice. Are other attractions like the Eiffel Tower open at night? What time do shops and markets close down?
Jul 17th, 1998, 02:22 AM
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to answer questions: The Eiffel Tower is open til 11 pm A trip up to the
top is fun at night, and it is less crowded than during the day (though I still think the best view of Paris is from the Samaritaine dept. store!) A bateaux mouche boat trip at night is also an excellent idea. Take the last one, as it really isn't dark here until around 11 pm in the summer. Bateaux Mouche is the best company IMHO because the boats are open on top, rain or shine. Many other boats can put you behind plexiglass windows--yuck! Shops are open til around 7 pm, most are closed on Sundays, except souvenir shops in the most touristed areas. Also, the mall under the Louvre (not v. interesting...) is open on Sundays and the Marais area which has lots of great shopping.. Dept. stores are usually open til 9 or 10 pm on Thursdays.
As for the clubs, I have never been, just heard. I doubt anyone cares how old you are, just what you look like! Apparently it doesn't pay to show up until 1 or 2 and they go on til around 8 the next morning or even later/earlier. Have fun.
Jul 17th, 1998, 04:51 PM
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In addition to the myriad of suggestions already provided, if you are a music fan you might consider an evening concert. In particular, concerts in Ste Chapelle are widely recommended.
Jul 17th, 1998, 05:10 PM
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I've been to Paris three times, and each time we spent the great majority of nights just going to the Eiffel Tower. It was real close to our hotel and getting back to the hotel was just a pleasant short walk away. The beauty of going there was that we just sat on one of the benches and people watched. Invariably, we met some people that were doing the exact same thing as were we. We struck up some great conversations with people from all over the world, and that was a fantastic experience. Many times, we mosied over to the Trocodero from the Eiffel Tower,(It's just a very short walk across the bridge over the Seine), and did the same thing, meeting people from all over with the same interest as ours. The view of the Tower from the top of the steps at the Trocodero is simply stupendous! One night I took 16 pictures from all different angles, and I got some unbelievable photos. Some people to whom I showed the pictures didn't believe that they were not professional photos. The weather was very cooperative in every instance, and all the times we visited the Tower at night were thoroughly enjoyable.
Jul 18th, 1998, 12:45 PM
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By day, you will see that the Eiffel Tower is painted a rather odd shade of chocolate brown. But it becomes completely transformed when it is lit at night. It becomes gold! Go at night with a map of the city and see what you can identify. There is always a good breeze and the crowds are much lighter than during daylight hours. After, stroll up the Champs de Mars toward the Ecole Militaire and grab a park bench. The tower is pure magic. Also, if you are a photographer, try a time exposure; say, f 12 at 5 seconds, set at infinity. Try bracketing: using longer time or wider f stops. You will be pleased with the result, I can guarantee. If you do not have a tripod, borrow one from other photographers who will be taking the same shot.
Jul 19th, 1998, 02:05 PM
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Arizona - Thanks for the great photo tips on the Eiffel tower!
Jul 20th, 1998, 02:46 PM
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A few comments: 1) it doesn't stay light until 11 pm;
even in July, sunset is about 9:30 and it is almost
completely dark by 10 pm.
2) to the single 40-ish art & jazz lover, I would suggest
the St-Germain area (within a few blocks of St-Germain
blvd, between the St-Germain and Odeon metro stop)
as preferable to the Pantheon area. There are many
good people-watching cafes, a few jazz clubs, many
good art dealers and it's walkable to the major
museums plus has excellent public transporation.
The Pantheon area is okay, but that metro stop
(Luxembourg) is rather limited on where it goes
without transfers, and other things are more limited
there, also, IMO;
3) some of the museums are open
in the evening until 9 or 9:30 one night a week --
I think the Musee d'Orsay is open Thurs eve. and
the Louvre Wed or Thurs; 4) I agree a night cruise
is good, as well as just strolling and seeing the
bldgs at night; 5) there are many good free or cheap
classical music concerts many nights in various
churches/cathedrals; 6) believe me, you won't get
into Les Bains or Queen; 7) I forget the ages of your
kids, but 21 yr old obviously okay, 17-18 okay, 16 as
long as mature-looking-- prob. fine as long as with
older adults; I've been to le Caveau de la Huchette
with a couple 17-year old English girls (I'm 40ish
single female, also) and they had no problems at all.
8) for these and other events, buy a copy of Pariscope
or L'Officiel des Spactcles from any news kiosk as
soon as you arrive--it's an entertainment guide to
all concerts, films, clubs, museum hours, etc. and comes
out each Wed. morning (a TV-guide size pub.), it's in French
but should be understandable for times and
addresses, etc.---have available a translation of
the days of the weeks in French.

Jul 21st, 1998, 01:42 PM
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Christina - thanks for the great tips. What time is sunset in October vs. July in Paris?
Jul 31st, 1998, 07:42 AM
Peter Goodman
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There are many clubs around Place Clichy - your kids will "boogie" all night and sleep all day while you explore ... stroll around - ile st louis, quai, st germain, a few drinks, and a leisurely dinner at about nine ... while your kids get ready to push off around midnight - sounds like a perfect vacation!!
Jul 31st, 1998, 11:31 AM
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Beth -- I haven't read this in a while because I was
in Paris and Austria. Anyway, I used to know a
great site run by the Naval Observatory that gave
you sunrise and sunset times for a year by latitude &
longitude, but they've changed it so it now only is
good for US cities. However, I did a search and
found a new site I like even better where you can find
sunrise/sunset times for many world cities by month:

I haven't been to Paris in Oct for quite a few years.
I usu. go in summer, and couldn't recall exactly but
I know it's quite noticeable a difference as to when
it gets dark. The above site says sunset is 9:50 on
July 15 and 7:02 on Oct 15; darkness is about 1/2 hr
after sunset (these are actual clock times and
include daylight savings time which runs until
end of October). That seems about right, as getting
dark at 7:30 pm would be an impedance to me as I
like to walk around late and sit in cafes, and am
usually traveling alone, so I notice things like that.
Aug 1st, 1998, 07:46 AM
Ben Haines
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On you'll find lists of music evenings and of art exhibitions. You might like to look now, and then to look again a day or two before you fly. The site also lists museum times: you could print those out now. ......................

Please write again if I can help further. Welcome to Europe .................................................. ..

Ben Haines, London

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