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My better half and I will be traveling to europe for 10 days beginning Nov.24. We have the option to arrive and/or depart from either Paris or London. We'd like your thoughts on whether it's better to split the vacation or stay in one city/country. This will be our first trip. Thanks in advance.
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Why did you wait 10 minutes and post this again? Once is enough already! Maybe your "better half" would have been smart enough to figure out this is a message board not a chat line. As to your question.......far better to stay in either one of the two cities as you have very little time and there is so much to see in both of them. No sense wasting 2 days travelling between them when you have such a small amount of time to begin with. Of the two Paris is the hands down winner.
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My husband and I had the same dilemma last year. We opted to spend the entire time in Paris. It was wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that we're returning for two full weeks in Paris next May. Of course, we still haven't seen London yet. My recommendation would be to get the Eyewitness Guide (because it's organized by area, has fabulous photographs, and emphasizes many more sights than the typical tour guide) for each city and spend some time perusing the neighborhoods and things that interest you in each place. Then, if you want to - do both. Four to five days in each city will not be enough time for everything you'd like to do and see. But, then, neither would a month. So, if you'd like to see both on this trip, go ahead. Just be sure to prioritize your plans, as you will run out of time before you run out of places to visit. Having done that, you'll be planning your next trip on the plane ride home. I think you'll also find that you will start planning your next excursion much farther in advance of your departure.
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Knut Solem
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You can easily slit your holidays between London and Paris by using the new high speed train link "Le Shuttle". No hassle with airport transfers, but convenient travel from city centre to city centre.

But it is true that you can easily spend 10 days in each city!
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Definitely go to both. Before the Eurostar service through the Chunnel, I would have recommended only London or Paris. I flew between the two several years ago and wasted time to and through the airports that was not worth the effort. I took the Eurostar two years ago and couldn't recommend it more highly. Direct service into the center of each town with an enjoyable ride in between (good food, champagne, etc.) I saw both London and Paris in a week. Ten days should afford you ample opportunity to see both of these equally wonderful cities.
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If you plan on returning to Europe in the follwing years I would pick a city and do it and the country side. If however, you are uncertain if you will be returning I would opt for both London and Paris. The Eurostar is only 3 hours point to point. Another factor might be your confort level. England might be the best bet due to our common lanuage. In any event, either way you go you will not make a bad decision.
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BOTH!!! Start by having a glass of wine and sleeping all the way to London! Wake up in time for tea before your flight lands. If you plan properly, you can see a great deal of London in 4 days. Divide the city into sections. Pick the important sites. Forget the wax museum, see an early show instead (Oliver!). Skip windsor castle. you will lose a lot of travel time & they only let you into about 10 rooms anyway. In that time you could fit in The Tower of London (far more interesting). If you do your research well, you will take the subway to a section of the city each day, and really cut down on travel time. Another time saver is to stay somewhere that provides breakfast. Fast, easy, and a chance to chat with other guests & get other suggestions. The Chunnel leaves from waterloo station. Travel in the evening and save 1/2 day. Leave London at 8 pm. Arrive Paris 11 pm--but you lose an hour due to time difference. I found the best way to see all the sites in Paris was via double decker bus. Only pay once. No fumbling for currency/cabs all day long. Go to Eiffel tower in early eve. Enjoy daytime view. Stay for dinner--bonus! Sunset/night views too! Have fun.
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To me 10 days is a small amount of time even for just one of these interesting cities. I am amazed at how many people say to SPLIT your very short visit between too large fascinating cities. I just don't get it......but then I don't understand having only a 2 week vacation all year that people from the States get either. It's just too rushed! How can you ever savor or even NOTICE what you are seeing if you try and see both Paris and London in a whirlwind of activity? IMO a person with only 10 days would be best off if they stayed in Paris. You will never be bored in those 10 days if you go to Paris and glory in all its beauty.

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