Paris in March

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Paris in March

Hello - We are travelling to Paris in March for a week, and are looking for hotels or an apartment in the 5th or 6th. We would like to spend less than $125 per night, and are looking for anything that is clean with character, and we would like a private bath. If anyone has any suggestions we would greatly appreciate them. We have read many of the other postings in this forum and plan to look into the Les Grande des Balcons, and the . . . websites. Also, Fodor's recommends the Familia, the Grandes Ecoles, and the Elysa Luxemborg -- any comments on them would be appreciated. Thanks a lot!
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Hi - Since posting the above message, we checked, and found some more great sounding hotels: Hotel Atlantis Saint-Germain-des-Pres, Hotel Michelet Odeon, Hotel Dacia-Luxembourg, and Hotel du Quai Voltaire. Any comments on these would also be appreciated. Thanks again!
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I'm booked at the Grand Hotel des Balcons for May. I chose this hotel based on the positive comments from this web site. From what I understand, it's a clean place with private bathroom in a great location. I was quoted 505FF for the two of us includeing private bathroom (about $92).
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Ashley, we have stayed at L'Hotel du quai Voltaire three times. Positives - best location in Paris, best view of an urban hotel anywhere (floor to ceiling windows fronting the Seine with the Louvre directly across the river), spotless, lots of charm and character, good baths if you request a "large" double. Negatives - the windows are not double glazed and the street noise is substantial. If you are tired from the days travels or are a pretty good sleeper, this should not be a problem. We even sleep with the windows open sometimes. Say hello to Monsieur Andre for me!
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Brian in Atlanta
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My wife and I will also be in Paris in March (24-29). We are considering some of the same hotels you are. I had narrowed it down to the Familia (provided we can get a top floor room with balcony) and the Saint Jacques ( But I'm going to look in to the Grand des Balcons due to the recommendations posted here (does Balcons translate to Balconies?). Let me know what you discover/decide.
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Brian: I am the person who most recently recommended the "...des Balcons" We assumed that that's the translations, as the street-facing rooms, such as the one we had, had french doors opening on to about a 12 inch terrace, just enough room to step out and look up the street in both directions (the Odeon alight at one end), and breathe in.....PARIS!!

A word of caution, I didn't think of earlier....recalling the layout of the hotel, it's possible that there are some rooms on an airshaft....I would advise anyone making reservations to request a room facing the street. We found "noise" to be minimal, as it's a tucked away side street, just a 2-3 min walk to Blvd St. Germaine, etc.
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Brian - We also considered the Familia, but don't know much about it. Would you post some details about that hotel please? Like, location, rates, where you found out about it, how to contact them, and anything else. Thanks.
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Brian in Atlanta
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Mark: Found out about Familia the same way Ashley did - Fodor's Paris guide. 5th and 6th floor rooms supposedly have limited views of Notre Dame. Cost should be about US$90 for a double. I've requested a rate quote via fax and will let you know what I find out. It's tough making a decision with so many good choices, isn't it?
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To Mark (last poster):
First, yes "balcons" means balconies
in French. I think you are missing
what should probably be your first
stop for Parisian hotels, or at least
after you have a hotel name--the Paris
Tourist Org WEBsite ( which will give
you complete star ratings, phone and
FAX numbers, address, etc. and an
idea of rates, although not exact.
There are some random consumer comments
on them, too. Also, perhaps you don't
know that this very WEB site (Fodors)
has hotel recommendations and ratings
by city and the Familia is one of their
top recommendations in the budget
category, I think. The Familia is
listed in virtually every guidebook
I've seen as a good choice for a very
budget hotel.(BTW, the correct name is
"Grand Hotel des Balcons", I believe -- you will need correct names if you search any WEB site).
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Brian in Atlanta
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Mark, we just booked a room at the Familia via fax. We got "A Charming Double Room with Shower and a Balcony" for FF610 per night including breakfast. It's a little more than we wanted to spend, but from what they sent on the fax, it appears that these are the best rooms they have. Their fax number (from the US) is 01133143545527.
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We were in Paris in September and had the pleasure of staying at the Hotel Saint Jacques. They recently remodeled their rooms and have updated the bathrooms. We were very pleased with our room, appreciative of the double glazed windows, the location was fabulous and the hotel staff was very friendly and helpful. I would stay there again!
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After reading all the responses, Mark & I have decided to book a room at L'Hotel du quai Voltaire...the lure of a river view is too appealing. And regarding the warning about the noise, we both live in NYC so that's not an issue. Thanks to everyone who reponded and advised us on hotels. Brian: if you get a chance, please post a message upon your return and let us know what you thought of Grand Hotel des Balcons. We'll do the same. I think we are there at the approximately the same time (3/21-3/28), so cross your fingers for good weather!! Have a great trip! Thanks again everyone.
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Kim Byrd
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My boyfriend and I stayed at the Grand Hotel des Balcons in October and it was fabulous! We were in room 104, I do think this is one of the rooms referred to in an earlier post. It was right over the front door and had a small balcony, but it was great! The only slight drawback was that if you are a gentle sleeper, being right over the doorway was difficult because guests had to ring the doorbell to gain entrance to the hotel after hours; the door was quite heavy, so the constant shutting of the door could be annoying to some. Usually we were so pooped after returning to our room - we never got back before 12 a.m. - that we went right to sleep with no problems. Other than that, we loved the hotel, especially because of it's proximity to Blvd. St. Germaine. We'd go there again, except, there are so many other hotels to experience, how can you make up your mind! Also, des Balcons has their own web page that gives you a picture of the rooms, the entrance, and the breakfast area. The address escapes me, but it is well worth it.


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