Paris Flea Market

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Paris Flea Market

Anyone been, and have thoughts/recommendations? We'll be in Paris in mid-September and I'm interested (if worth the time). Thanks.
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I was there last September It was a fun morning. We went to Marche au Puces in Clingcourt. Be sure to go past all the socks and junk to the center of the area
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There are a dozen or so flea/street markets in Paris, as well as the occasional neighborhood "brocante". Whether it's worth the time is an individual matter. To me, St Ouen/Clignancourt is a big yawn; lots of overprices stuff and very expensive antiques. I prefer Vanves, but others don't like it because it's a lot of junk.
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There have been several threads on this topic just within past couple months, probably, you can probably find by searching for word "clignancourt" or "puces". As I said then, I don't find shopping that interesting as a hobby, but especially not in places like that. They take up a lot of time being away from central area (especially Saint-Ouen) and I wouldn't spend any time at them unless I were in Paris quite a while. I just think they're boring and there aren't very interesting things to buy (espec not at good prices). Saint-Ouen seems just like a huge antique/used furniture store area of a city, which is not what I'm interested in. If you really have a lot of money to spend and don't frequent cities with interesting stores and want to drop a bundle on Quimper or whatever, you might enjoy it more. I much prefer shopping at antique stores in St-Germain, bookstores, or the Paris museum shops, or even souvenir shops on rue de Rivoli--no kidding, I bought a beautiful hand-painted with waterlilies (like Monet) porcelain ashtray at one of those Limoges shops on rue de Rivoli for only about 200F; I intend to use it on my bedside table for used matches when I light candles or just as a piece of decorative art. I never found anything I liked at the flea markets, but if you don't like museums, etc to visit in Paris, it would be an okay way to spend some time. The article Elvira referenced is a good one, I think.
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You can only get real bargains if you kow what you are looking for , have some appreciation of the value of something in the US . I have made exceptional buys at both St Ouen and vanves. A friend of mine who is really into majolica and another into continental silver have made steals. But if you are not a collector or dealer just go for the fun of it. If you are interested in something it is a good place to expand your knowledge and look at things that may not be available at home. for example at vanves in MArch, my friend bought a little crown or tiara , just because she liked the shape and thought it was unusual, had no earthly use for it but it was cheap and she thought it would be a curiosity and reminder of a fun day . Her husband is a real expert in silve, This turned out to be an 18th cen, French sterling silver piece probably made for a church statue . If youhave the eye you gotIT!!!

Don't go expecting to find anything, that is when the find will come along!!!!
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There are three main markets: Vanves, Montreuil and the largest Clignancourt.
Things to remember while visiting the markets. Take cash, always bargain because the dealers will normally come down 10 to 15 per cent (don't expect too much-they know what they are selling-also to some an American=$$$) and as always if in a crowd watch for those pickpockets.
Village Suisse
Not truly a flea market, but I mention it because from time to time there are stalls selling second hand collectibles and antiques: African art and prints, furniture, fine and costume jewelry. It's located on the former site of the 1900 worlds fair.
38-78 avenue de Suffren 15th arrondissement, Metro: La Motte-Piquet-Grenelle.
Marché aux Puce d'Aligré is the only puces within the Paris city limits. It's origins actually go back to before the France Revolution. For most there is only junk to be found. There's a handful of brocanteurs peddling books, kitchenware, those French phone cards, and knick-knack ware mostly all overpriced. Seek and yea shale find? One mans junk is another's treasure, or something like that.
pl d'Aligre, 12th arrondissement metroedru-Rollin. Open daily 9am to noon.
Marché aux Puces de Vanves has a reputation as being not only the smallest of the markets but also the friendliest. It's beat to arrive early to find the best buys (most of the good deals and dealers are packed and gone by 2pm). I have seen artists and craftsmen often displaying works alongside the antique dealers. Generally there is lots of small furniture, costume jewellery(50's), glass, crystal, old photos, cologne bottles, biscuit tins, lace and linens. There are a few stalls I remember selling antique clothing that looked from the 18th century and newer. This is a fun place for a stroll on a Sunday morning in Paris even if your just "window-shopping,"
ave George Lafenestre(on the bridge after the Peripherique) and avenue Marc Sangrier, in the 14th arr. metroPorte de Vanves. Open Sat, and Sunday 7:30am-7:00pm.
Marché de Puces de Montreuil is almost just an organized junk yard. You will find people there selling anything and everything from stolen watches and handbags, a personal garage sale, to a wholesale selection of sport sneakers and army surplus. If you want Algerian music on cassette and old scratchy vinyl-this is the place to come. Really nothing here pre-1900, if that. Lots of tasteless: bric-a-brac, broken furniture, and even some paintings (art?). Think:bargian-basement, church garage sale. You need to wander to the furthest part of this market to find anything of quality for possibly purchase. Again, if you have the time and patience you could stumble across a few gems.
Located outside the Porte de Montreuil in the 20th arr. Open Monday, Sat and Sun. 7:30am until 7pm
Puces de St-Ouen (Clingnancourt) is the largest flea market in Paris (reputedly the largest in Europe). You need a map for this place and might find one inside one of the central galleries. You can find it all here from a man selling old videos and cassettes on a blanket on the ground to very upscale antique dealer and shops that look like the dealers on the Left Bank. You will definitely find lots of high quality goods here, but at sometimes extortionate prices. The reason many of these dealers look like the ones on the Left Bank is because many are from these more lush quartiers of Paris.
Ten different "marches" run off the rue des Rosiers in St-Oues: Marché Dauphine is the largest and undercover two story "mall." Up to 300 stalls selling everything.
Again it is best to bring cash (there are cash machines located I believe on rue des Rosiers), but most stalls will accept credit cards.
Located outside metro Porte de Clingnancourt, in the18th arr., open Monday, Sat., and Sun. 5am to 6pm.

Hope this infromation will be of some help to you. Sincerely,

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