Paris Beauty Indulgences?

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Paris Beauty Indulgences?

Can anyone recommend any affordable indulgences in Paris? I am thinking of manicure, pedicure, facial and beauty treatments. I am even willing to get a haircut on vacation. Any thing in Central Paris will be convenient. Are there Turkish style baths in Paris?
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French women are fanatical about grooming and love to share their resources. You'll see a lot of beautiful complexions (everyone has regular facials), nails and perfect haircuts. Depending on where you go, however, these services can be quite pricey. Best is to keep your eyes open. When you see someone who's look you like (and don't forget waitresses, store clerks, the staff at the front desk), hand out lots of compliments and ask where SHE goes. Once, I just had to have my nails done like the lady at the front desk. She hopped right on the phone and made an appointment for me with her manicurist (just around the corner). I was greeted warmly, the manicurist knew just what to do, gave me a discount and refused a tip. The shop was a real experience - I could have just watched all day long. You could also check Paris secion at the bookstore for the "shopping" guides. All have sections on this with lots of recommendations. You'll stumble across many lovely "boutique" shops. Often services are provided where the products are sold. Be advised, however, that the French favor appointments versus walk-ins and they are very peculiar about this. So, if you wander into a place, ask to make an appointment. Even if they can take you right away or very soon, they just like to do business that way. Turkish baths are another subject entirely, and I never was able to obtain much information on this. Apparently, there are separate days for men and women, there's a whole lot of protocol, and they're quite expensive.
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Third try to post this:
I'm not into salons that much and
have enough trouble getting the kind of
haircut I want in the US, so I would be
leery of communication problems with
the stylist in France even though I
speak French pretty well. However,
they probably are more sylish than in
many places in US. Well, I'm not sure
about this, but I would guess a good
place to go might be a salon in one of
the major dept. stores (Bon Marche, Galleries-Lafayette,etc.). They are probably good quality and used to dealing with other languages if you don't speak French. If you like makeup, check out the Sephora store on the Champs-Elysees (there's now one in Manhattan, also) -about the most complete makeup store in the world. Okay, I know something about Turkish baths (hammans)--there are some in ritzy hotels (ie, the Ritz and the Trianon Palace at Versailles) and a few open to the public. Good bets are Les Bains du Marais in the 4th arr. and the one at the main mosque in the 5th arr. They are not that expensive IMO (less than 200FF for basic entrance, massage and other things are extra) and I also don't understand the comment "a lot
of protocol"--like any decent spa/gym, you go into a locker room, take your clothes off and shower before going in to the bath/sauna; they should provide towels/robe and show you around. You can get info on some just by looking in Pariscope (under Sports and Loisirs and then "Beate-Sante"). Pariscope (URL: is a weekly Parisian entertainment guide available at
any news kiosque for a couple francs.
Here's a copy of their current online listing for the main Turkish bath at the mosque in the Latin Quarter:
39, rue Geoffroy St Hilaire (5e). Mo Jussieu. Le plus authentique Hammam de Paris. Décor original, ambiance envoutante,vapeur Eucalyptus, gommages, relaxation,soins esthétiques et de beauté, coiffure. Salon de thé, restaurant. Ouvert 7j/7. Mar, Dim hommes, autres jours exclusivement aux femmes. Entrée: 85 F>>

So, they have other services than the baths it appears (coiffure, etc.). You will need an appointment for massage or other things. Can you read French? The above says "open 7days; Tu & Sun men, other days exclusively women. Entry: 85 francs".
Beware of the word "naturiste" for some
spas/baths--you prob. don't want to go there; I think you need a license anyway for that (I'm serious, YOU need a license not just the facility). Aside from the above bath, the Bains du Marais is very good and luxurious and about 200FF. It's at:
31 rue des Blancs-Manteaux 75004
(Rambuteau metro stop); women Tu & Wed,
men Th-Sat, Sun mixed ("mixte")with
swimsuits required.
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Hi Tina --

Beauty frenzy in Paris -- what a great idea!

First, go to the nearest Monoprix, Prisunic, whatever supermarket is near your hotel. Make a beeline for the cosmetics section -- often right at the front of the store. Both Vittel & Vichy (mineral water sources) have superb, cheap lines of skin care products. I like their moisturizers, gel nettoyante fraicheur (foaming face gel) & lait de toilette (cleansing cremes).

Paris also has beauty stores (e.g., Silver Moon, Beauty Success -- don't ask me why the shop names are in English!) which I hit up for concealer creme, body lotion, etc. Don't buy the high-end products, such as perfume -- it *is* cheaper duty-free.

Amusez-vous bien alors!
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Don't know about salons, but a couple of my favorite "beauty indulgence" shops are Amin Kader di Santa Maria Novella, on 2 rue Guisande in the 6th-they carry the marvelous beauty products of the Santa Maria Novella pharmacy in Florence (their Hydrasol cream is the best body moisturizer in the world!); and Sephora, 70 Champs-Elysees-they sell every brand of cosmetics known to France, and have their own signature line which includes wonderful bath products.
So after you indulge yourself in Paris, you can continue to do so at home!
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I love the Phytotherapie hair care products that can be found so cheaply in Paris at any pharmacy. I have only seen them at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus her in the states, and they run anywhere from $30 - $60. We bought our stuff for about $10/$12.

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