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Thank you for the information on the Vegetarian restaurant.

Also, thanks for your reply to my post about renting an apartment in the 6th Arrondissement.

I would love any input on my question regarding apartments in the 1st or 6th, please see my post at: The Title is "Which of these Apartments in 1st or 6th Arrondissements - Any Advice Welcome!"

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This is a brilliant idea. I was just looking for an apartment in Paris and this thread is VERY helpful.
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Ozziez,you are going to love their apartment. I think that they are even nicer in person than what you see on the net.

Alex and Isis are the nicest people. I was traveling alone on one trip and they were able to let me in early, the cab to the airport to go back home was right on time, they called during the visit to make sure everything was ok. I had a small problem, very small and they offered to refund a couple of days rent, which I though was very generous but totally uncalled for. How often do you turn down a refund? When I remodeled our bathroom I wrote Alex an email to ask about the lights in the bathroom and he sent me a link for where to buy them. They are really really nice and professional.

PS: I am a big user of ...
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I stayed in 2 Paris apartments over the last 12 months that I was very happy with the first one with 3 girlfriends. It is ID # 28

And the following in which I stayed with my boyfriend. [email protected] which is the owners site and I found it via
both were great locations, walking distance to gardens and restaurants and Metro stops.
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Great thread! Let me contribute by noting the following apartments which we've stayed in over the last few years: (rented through Guest Apartment Services)

We've also rented from ParisPerfect and stayed in Cabernet for a week.

All were charming in their own way, and I'd be happy to answer any detailed questions about these flats.
I've also previewed, which is in the same location as most ParisPerfect flats, although not as luxurious (or expensive), but not without its charms.

After staying near the Palais Royal, on Ile St.Louis, just behind the Orsay museum, and on rue St.Dominique, we decided to return to the St.Dominique area and are planning a week next spring in another PP apartment.

Naturally, I'm always on the lookout for new apartments...Has anyone used, specifically the Avenue Rapp and Rodin Museum apartments? I'd love get some input on these. EJ
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I hope AnselmAdorne, fishee, Robjame and others who have rented apartments in Paris see this. I have a half a mind to go hunt down others' reports...but I'm not quite <b>that</b> much of a controlling busybody. Yet.
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We enjoyed for three people -- two of us in the bedroom and our granddaughter on the sofa sleeper (which got great reviews, btw)

Price is certainly right, and the location is outstanding. The local manager was extremely competent and there to meet us.

Have fun!

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Hi Leely. I was just getting around to this!

I can add three apartments to the list, going from smallest to largest:

1) In February 2007 I rented a small studio on rue Saint-Onge in the 3rd. Here’s what I later posted in a trip report:

“When the elevator reached the hallway outside the apartment, the first thing I saw through the glass door was a penguin (or was it a puffin?) wearing a waiter’s uniform. There were plants and flowers on the stairs; mirrors and Chinese calligraphy hung on the walls.

Once inside, the apartment was exactly as shown on VRBO: You walk into the kitchen area; the bathroom is off to the right. Just past the kitchen are the bed, dresser, bedside table, and chairs. Beyond are the double doors to the balcony, where there is a table and two chairs. You can see the thoughtful touch of the owners in many little details, such as the two booklets of information on local amenities and restaurants. These are illustrated with photographs, maps, instructions, and menus.

I liked the neighbourhood. In the space of a couple of blocks along rue de Bretagne, there is the small March&eacute; des Enfants Rouge, plus butchers, bakers, wine shops, banks, caf&eacute;s, restaurants, green grocers, grocery stores, a fish store, and a cheese shop. The nearest Metro station is Filles de Calvaire, about five minutes from the apartment door. The street and the building are quiet.

I would recommend this apartment for anyone travelling alone. It would also work for two, although Margriet and I prefer more space when travelling together. There are, however, many entries in the guestbook from couples who have been very happy there.”

The owners live upstairs and are reliable and hospitable.

2) And a one bedroom in the 4th. Again, from the trip report:

“My wife and daughter stayed in this apartment last August, and on their advice, I chose it for this trip. It’s on rue Mornay in the 4th, a quiet side street running between boulevards Bourdon and Henri IV. Canal Saint-Martin is just to the east, while the Marais spreads out to the west. Pont Sully, the bridge that crosses the eastern tip of &Icirc;le Saint-Louis, is about 300 metres from the door.

The flat is on the fifth floor of an old building (I would guess late nineteenth-century, but perhaps a bit later). On entering the apartment, you see a hallway with doors on either side. To the left are the living room and dining room, connected to make a long open space overlooking rue Mornay. The doors to the bedroom and kitchen are on the right-hand side of the hall; the bathroom is straight ahead at the end.

There is a lot of space for one person; it would be perfect for two. The ceilings are tall with elaborate mouldings. The windows are huge, letting in a great deal of light. There is a small balcony along the front and another on the back off the kitchen. The view from the back is down into a large landscaped courtyard. The floors are hardwood, the furnishings comfortable. The decoration is gentle—a mixture of paintings, masks, and fabric wall hangings. The whole impression is welcoming and comfortable. (

The neighbourhood is a mixture of apartments, offices, and public buildings. The Biblioth&egrave;que de l’Arsenal is just around the corner, while the Republican Guards occupy a large stone building on Henri IV. The Sully-Morland metro stop is very close; there are lots of caf&eacute;s and restaurants on Henri IV and around Bastille. Rue Saint-Antoine became my daily destination for groceries.”

Here are three photos I took while there:

Another Fodorite, Nikki, stayed here within the last year and also gave this apartment a good report card. The owner is good to deal with. If there is a downside to this place it is the kitchen, which I found tight. If you aim to eat in restaurants or caf&eacute;s, or plan to prepare only simple meals, it’s fine.

3) The third was a large two bedroom, two bathroom place on rue des Petits Champs in the 1st. We have rented it twice, once in February 2007 and again in December 2007. (This is the same place elsiejune referenced in a post, above, listed as It is also advertised on another website:

This is from our trip report:

“This apartment is large and beautifully decorated. You enter a wide hallway; a bedroom and a bathroom are on either side as you walk towards the living room. A long, large room opens up, windows on the far side overlooking the street. The kitchen and dining area are on the right, then the living room itself, and beyond that, way off to the left, a separate study. The master bedroom and its ensuite bathroom are to the left off the living room. Both bedrooms overlook a quiet courtyard, while the tall windows on the front of the building wash the kitchen, dining area, living room, and study with light. There is a long, wide balcony just outside those windows, with plants and flowers.

I had mentioned to the owner that we would be preparing some of our own meals. She wrote back to say that we would find the kitchen “convivial,” an apt description. As Margriet will describe, we did cobble together some interesting meals.

The dining table seats eight. The living room has good reading lights and comfortable seating. Introverts (that would be all three of the Adorne family) wanting a bit of time to themselves can retreat to the study, where there is a fold-out couch and desk. There are sliding doors between the living room and the study, so the study can be used as a third bedroom. The library is diverse and extensive, the bathrooms elegant, the beds comfortable, and the bed linens—well, the linens are sublime.

One of the big questions here on Fodor’s is “What are the owners like to deal with?” All of my dealings were with Sheila, who was blazingly fast on responding to e-mails and whose humour and good-will were never far from the surface. Roland, their agent in Paris, is gracious and fluently bilingual. I recommend this apartment without hesitation.

This was our first time spending any amount of time in the 1st arrondissement. There is a bakery across the street, and a Paul a block away. Basic groceries can be purchased at a Monoprix on avenue de l’Op&eacute;ra. Within two blocks is Place du March&eacute; St-Honor&eacute;, with its Wednesday and Saturday markets. Nearby is the Le Coq du St-Honor&eacute;, where we bought poulet de Bresse. There are at least three wine shops within a few blocks. The nearest Metro is Pyramides. There is some traffic noise during the day, but the apartment is on an upper floor; we didn’t find it irritating or intrusive. It is quiet in the evening.

There are treasures nearby: the beautiful Palais-Royal and the nearly perfect Place des Victoires. The Op&eacute;ra, rue St-Honor&eacute;, and the Louvre are within a ten-minute walk. The Passages Choiseul and Vivienne are very close.”

Here’s a photo I took while there:

I should add that the couple who rent this place are refurbishing a second apartment on rue des Archives in the 4th. We have rented it (even though we haven’t seen any photos!) for early November.

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I have just moved from my Meursault apt. to the brand new Moulin a Vent. It is not even on their website yet. It is Madelyn throughout!! Absolutely lovely, in every way. These places make you want to spend a lot of time in them...that is what the Stu Dudleys have been doing.

Had lunch with my French friends up in the Republique area..they had appointments up there. My metro line 8 right here at Ecole Militaire took me right there. They will be coming in for the evening dining at Violon d'Ingres next Tuesday and will spend the night with me.

I am entertaining the young man who owns the Flirt'The (where I have breakfast) for dinner tonight at either Cafe Constant or Les Cocottes. Nice young man.

a bientot..........
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JimF--We are staying there in June, so I am glad to see your nice comments.
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And travelers do this kind of thing -- review self-catering accommodation -- at Lots of other useful information at this site.
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This is our favorite apartment in Paris. It is a 2BR, 1BA on Rue de Turenne in the 4th arr., very close to the Places des Vosges. It is as described in the listing, and the owner is lovely. As return visitors, he is still giving us the weekly rate from 2005! The layout is very spacious and the bathroom is quite large.

The flat is convenient to many bus and metro lines, as well as all of the Marais and Bastille areas. It is easy to get anywhere in the city from here.
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Oops, after proofing my above post, it looks like I had an error. The following apartment is the one I tried to reference as the flat that I previewed on rue St.Dominique. It is in an excellent location, quiet, with a view of the Eiffel Tower. The kitchen and bath were not as luxurious as some of the other places we've rented, but it is well-priced. Hope this link works and sorry for any confusion. EJ;code=13
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Just got back from a week at's flat #122 and want to second Guenmai's recommendation. We loved the area (on rue St. Andre des art just off the Place), the flat was well-equipped and very stylish. Most of all, we loved the price, just over $200 a night. It's booked as sleeping 3-4 but that means at least one person in the sofa bed. We were two and liked it that way--it would be VERY cozy with 4 but doable--there's a half bath on the main floor and a bathroom (shower no tub) off the upper level bedroom which is very spacious.
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i'm so thrilled to read that you were happy with vip #122.
i have booked it for april - my first trip.
they have been extrememly responsive to my requests and confirmed today that they will be able to provide maid service every other day!
178 days to go!!!!
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Cathinjoetown...Glad that you had a great stay in that apartment and area. I knew it would work out.

Abranz...Well, you're next and I'm sure that you'll love it as well. Have a great time! Smiles.

Happy Travels!
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Bethyk...I just googled Au Grand Appetit vegan restaurant and it seems to still be open. Someone posted that had just been there in March 2008. You can go to to read the reviews. The place seems unchanged. I've been going there since the 80s. I know the couple who started the place. They were there every day and the wife cooked the meals while the husband tended to the shop. It's a locals place, not a tourist place. For many years, I saw the same people eating there and made friends with some of them.

If you get the rue de Seine apartment then you can VERY easily take the bus there. I always took the bus there from my rue de Seine address. Just walk up rue de Seine to Blvd. St. Germain and catch bus #86. Blvd. St.Germain is a one-way street, heading east.

When you get to the bus stop called, La Cerisaie, then get off and you'll be right there. That's where the street is and you can easily see the restaurant. It's just s few steps away. The bus ride will take about 20 minutes and is a nice ride through a nice neighborhood. When you cross the bridge, look to your left and you'll see the Eiffel Tower in the far distance.

After having lunch, you can walk a few blocks up to Bastille and sightsee and then also walk over to the Marais and Place Vosges. It's a very easy walk. I've done it tons of times.

While over in the Place Vosges/Marais, look for bus 96 that says Montparnasse on it. That will take you right back to the 6th. You'll recognize the area when you enter the 6th. I always get off right in front of Emporio Armani and across from Cafe Deux Magot.

Also, if you take the rue Buci apartment and need to get to the Opera area..where Galleries Layfayette and Printemps are, then just go to the bus stop directly in front of the church of St.Germain and across from the Louis Vuitton store and Cafe Deux Magots. Get on Bus 95 and it'll take you to the old Opera can't miss it. Get off at that bus top (Opera) and you'll be in the heart of the department stores and Blvd. Haussman. From there, it's a very easy walk to Place Vendome and other sights in that area. Remember to use the bus as a sightseeing tool. To get back to the 6th, back on Bus 95 (Montparnasse). As long as the bus says Montparnasse, you're fine. I think there are 3, 90 series buses, in Paris, that go to Montparnasse. Happy Travels!
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Hi Abranz,
It's rather small so maid service every other day may be a bit more than you need but you'll know best when you get there. We didn't cook much so there wasn't ever much mess. Recycling bins are just off the small lobby in a back room, so we took what rubbish we had down with us when we went out. My only complaints were the local contact never got us a second set of keys, which meant we had to do some coordinating and mobile calls to get in, and it's virtually impossible to keep the floor from getting wet while showering--minor in the grand scheme of things. Have a great time.
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I didn't have a wet floor problem in the shower. I just turned the shower head to face the wall. Happy Travels!
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