overnight train from paris to rome

Jun 13th, 2001, 08:57 PM
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overnight train from paris to rome

has anyone taken a 1st class sleeper car from Paris to Rome (or any other night train, I suppose)? I heard that they only sleep 2 people instead of 4-6, and was wondering if this is true. Going on my honeymoon, and we are taking 2 night trains, (Paris to Rome, and Florence to Paris) to save on hotel fare. We don't need sleep, nor do we need too much privacy (at least for those 2 nights ), but we are just wondering the conditions of the 1st class sleepers...are they comfy at all???
Jun 13th, 2001, 10:14 PM
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hi lara--

i took the paris-florence and rome-geneva sleepers a year ago. what a huge difference btwn the two! both were first class cabins w/ 2 people (the latter had 3 beds but was reserved for 2) and the trains had dining cars--i think the difference reflects different operators. for ur purposes, i'd say paris-florence (the train continued to rome) is ok but not romantic, and the dining car at dinnertime was like a mel brooks movie. so many people were counting on that restaurant car, even at 10pm, that there was a line snaking from the locked doors into the next car. the one waitress seemed to be taking orders from only the first few tables and not the ones further back, so thruout the meal u cd actually hear people begging for food in various languages. the cabin had a flip-down chamber pot under the sink that emptied directly onto the tracks. after the attendant came in to make the beds, u cdn't sit on the lower bunk bc the upper bunk made u crane ur neck at a painful angle.

now the rome-geneva sleeper seemed like heaven after that. in first class u got down comforters, leather straps securing the bunks, a welcome of champagne, oranges, nuts and bottled water. we were too disheartened to try the dining car so had brought a picnic dinner on board. bkfast the next morning was better than at some hotels we'd stayed at: prosciutto and croissant w/ honey, choc hazelnut spread, butter and jam, cereal and fresh milk, yogurt, fruit juice and coffee. u cd sit on the lower bunk even after the upper bunk had been made and put down.

if only one operator runs the paris-rome sleepers, all i can say is bring ur own food. if different operators take turns (eg french and italian companies), then it might be worth trying to find out more abt them. sorry i can't be more specific!
Jun 13th, 2001, 10:31 PM
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thanks Mari for your reply!

Oh boy...seems we'll be in for an experience!

Is there anywhere to store your bags safely in your chamber, or is it like 2nd class where you have to sleep with your belongings? Did you feel less threatened by thievery in 1st class? Or is it all the same? Sorry for all my questions, I am jsut so excited, and I want to know what to expect, so I don;t expect something a lot nicer that what it is!

Again, thank you!!!!!
Jun 13th, 2001, 11:04 PM
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it's not that bad! compared to other sleeper trains i've taken, paris-florence was decent. i hope i didn't give the impression the chamber pot was the only choice--there are toilets (no showers) at the end of the car.

as for theft, u can lock the door from the inside. that's the only provision for luggage storage i recall, and i don't remember abt dinnertime when everybody vacated their cabins in hopes of finding food. i may be naive, but the possibility of theft wasn't on my mind in that train car. each car had one attendant, as i recall, so u felt known and secure.

and really, if i found out tmrw that i'd have another chance to take that paris-florence sleeper, i'd take it in a heartbeat. have fun!
Jun 14th, 2001, 01:30 PM
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dear laura
last sept. my friend and i took the overnight train from paris to venice. the compartment was the smallest thing i've ever seen. you can place your luggage on the floor under the overhang from the compartment next to you but if the pieces are big they can extend into the aisle where you have to walk.i would bring a picnic type dinner in to your compartment from the train station they have some very nice sandwhiches,cookies,fruit that you can buy. or buy some before you leave paris. also i'd bring some tissue with you. on our train they only gave one small roll of toilet paper per bathroom and the attendant said that he had no more paper if they ran out he was going to shut down the toilet that night. can you believe that! the train we were on was very rough and noisy that we had a hard time sleeping. someone told us that this was one of the oldest tracks in europe and i believe it.
Jun 14th, 2001, 01:52 PM
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We took a second class sleeper from Paris to Florence not too long ago (there was no availability in first class). It was fine. It was small when the bunks were down but not that small. There was room in an overhead for our luggage (and we weren't traveling light). A sink in the room and bathroom down the hall. There was a porter on duty all night in our car.

Dinner wasn't an issue as the train left quite late in the evening, so we never tried the dining car (if there was one). We brought snacks on board and the continental breakfast was fine. I'd do it again in a minute. Couldn't sleep all night only because I wanted to look out the window and see all the beautiful places we were passing through. Also, the car was filled with Italians and they sat on the steps leading to the cabins and against the windows and talked and smoked and sang as we traveled. They were primarily families and very friendly. I'd take it again over first class in a heartbeat.
Jun 17th, 2001, 12:17 AM
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My husband and booked a private compartment on an overnight train from Paris to Rome. The entire car was overnight compartments with its own porter and restrooms. The compartment itself had two larger beds and two upper beds for children. Also included a sink and med cabinet with water, towels, soap, etc. We were given a seating time in the dining car and had a very nice meal, champagne, antipasto, choice of veal or fish, pasta, dessert and coffee. When we returned from dinner our beds had been turned down. I'm short so the bed was fine, my husband is tall so he was a bit cramped. Much better than sitting up all night in seats however. Breakfast included cappucino and packaged pastry, juice box etc. All in all, it was very good. We did not worry about our luggage as the car was not open for anyone except those with compartments.
Jun 18th, 2001, 07:35 AM
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Was this in 1st Class or 2nd Class. I have a private car for 4 booked for night train from Paris to Rome. I am concerned about the dining arrangements since I will be traveling with 2 children and you hear such horror stories of packing your own food or you'll starve due to the lines in the dining cart. How did you manage to get a preassigned dining time? I didn't think this was possible.

Please get back to me with all the information believe me I need it.

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