Once upon a time in Italy

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Once upon a time in Italy


For a long time I did not pick up the keyboard and did not start writing something after the trip.

In 2017 I was able to visit different countries and different cities. But probably the most memorable trip in the memory of this year, will be traveling through Italy by car.

We waited a long time when we will go on this trip and at the beginning of October we finally went to study Italian architecture and local color. Our trip was planned as follows: Rome two nights - Naples one night - Capri two nights - Amalfi one night - Ravello several hours - One night was spent - Sorrento one night - back home to Riga. And the journey began!

While rainy Riga - hello sunny Rome. From Fiuminchino got to Rome by metro / train and immediately went to the hotel to the hotel. From the hotel walked on foot because all the sights were within walking distance. Rome is definitely a beautiful city. The building and architecture are massive, pompous, majestic and luxurious. But the number of tourists that was in Rome, I have not seen anywhere else except Paris. Two full days in Rome flew by unnoticed and it was time to leave again by train to Naples.
We did not place great hopes on the city of Naples itself. The port city with a wonderful promenade is a long one in life. We went to the boardwalk at 6 pm and left only after 10. You can go endlessly to the next city. Walked, had supper and went to sleep because tomorrow we were waiting for the most desired point of our trip to the island of Capri.
In the morning went to the ferry to swim to Capri. The ferry is more correct to call it a high-speed ferry reached the island in 20-30 minutes. And if you swim on the usual then it seems like 2 hours to swim. And only two differing price (not essential) and a slow open type steam, that is, you can go out on the deck to walk, look and photograph. Since we did not have time to enjoy the views of the Mediterranean Sea, the choice was obvious. As soon as we began to swim to Capri, we were pleasantly surprised by its beauty. Like small children, we gleefully looked at its cliffs and rocks. Since we did not know anything about the public transport of the island, and how to get there we immediately took a cabriolet cab to the hotel. What has created a pleasant mood and a feeling that the holiday is just beginning. But then the hotel was waiting for us at the other end of the island. And as soon as we were in the room and we opened the terrace doors, we understood all the beauty and uniqueness of the island of Capri. The view was gorgeous. The bay in which stood swimming boats for bathing, the sun was glowing from the sea surface, the main symbol of Capri Island was the cliffs of Faraglioni. It was an unforgettable experience.
The island itself is very small. There are only three main roads and only two buses. On the second day on the island, we decided to study it on a scooter, which was the right decision. Because all the sights are on different sides of the island. In fact, there are only a few places worth visiting.
The next day we had to move on, or rather back to Naples to take the car and already by car to go to study Italy. In Naples was Friday and the traffic jams were huge, the cars just did not move. We were afraid that if we took the car we could not leave the city. But we were lucky and the road through the city to the road was short and we did not stand much in traffic jams. Towards evening we could only get to the next point of our trip, considering all the stops in beautiful places. The city of Amalfi probably second place in beauty and charm of all that I saw in Italy. Yes it is very small, but these narrow streets / labyrinths and one main street where all the shops and restaurants are located, were beautiful and unforgettable.
The next day we wanted to go back a little to go to the town of Ravello, which is at the peak of the Amalfi coast, and did not regret that we stopped there. To look especially there is nothing except Villa Rufolo. But there you can easily walk 2-3 hours.
And now it's already expensive in Positano, where we'll stop for the night. This city is already much larger than the previous Amalfi coast, and it is so longitudinally located that the road on foot from one end of the city to the other took about 40-60 minutes. But this is with stops on the shops and gaze at the fabulous views. By the way, in Positano it was, I think, the same number of tourists per square meter as in Rome.
In the morning in Positano, we realized that Sorrento would no longer be a "Wow" town, that there would be no such species as before. We already knew that the journey was drawing to its logical conclusion. Even when I arrived at the hotel, it turned out that for us there was no room. All was occupied. Before us, we apologized for a long time and offered a hotel room nearby. By agreeing to this, we lost the chance to spend an evening at the hotel with a beautiful view of the city of Sorrento, and stayed with a view of the sea. About Sorrento there is really nothing to tell. A beautiful, neat city.
Before the road home, we decided to stop at the volcano Vesuvius. Volcano as a volcano. Yeah cool. Yes, we are the first time on the volcano. But apart from the fact that we were above the clouds, nothing more was left of the memories. By the way, to climb a volcano you need to drive your car to a paid parking, then either on foot or paid for on the bus. Then buy tickets for visiting the volcano and stomp from the bus stop walking up the volcano. Well we were in comfortable shoes. Because the way up was quite steep and long. They got up, looked and went back. Given that the time we had in the butt and as it turned out even a little, a minute in a minute.
From Vesuvius trails our way was to the airport of Fiumincino, the duration of hour 3. And with toll roads, where you can not not take the card in the beginning of the way, as we accidentally did, or you will get a fine for a rented car of 90 euros. Got exactly a minute in a minute to give the car and do not pay for extra days from a few minutes.
Total such small stories are complete, but in order to describe them in words, it is necessary to paint everything in the first place, and most importantly in the second it is interesting to read. I think that I will answer all the questions of interest in the comments.
In the meantime, enjoy it.
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Nice report! Especially enjoyed your Italy portion as we visited so many similar places this fall. It seems like we just arrived home yesterday and are ready for more.
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Thak you for sharing!! Would you recommend me to go to Naples? From italy I alredy visit Venice, Florence and roma but Naples has remained pending.
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Yes thanks for posting. Vesuvius climb I recall vividly going up that steep trail - all lave rocks at that time - 2 steps up one step back - kind of sliced by cheap tennies too. But an unforgettable site and great view over Bay of Naples!

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