Oh no, I'm turning into a Fodor's snob!

Old Feb 16th, 2001, 01:51 PM
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Gee, Rex, it must be you. I get an answer from Fodors just about every time I contact them!
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I always receive answers from Fodor's too. Maybe they are just ignoring someone who wants to change their site to suit his own business needs. They know Rex is a tour guide, so they stiff him. hehehe
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I think maybe some of the other services of Fodors.com are being overlooked. Christine who is waiting for her guide books to arrive should check out the rants and raves section. I love that part of Fodors and used it to find a hotel for our upcoming NYC trip. It's just great to be able to read what other posters have written about hotels and restaurants...the good the bad and the ugly. I think I may start directing more people to Rants and Raves the more people who post their reviews there the better for all. One thing that makes it easier for me to respond to questions about the hotels I recommend is that I have all of my positive comments saved in a Word.doc and I cut and paste them (which I find myself doing, over and OVER again)into the "post my reply" box. It saves a lot of time.
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Have to agree with Elvira here. When I see the same question that's already been asked over and over, my inclination is sinply not to reply, since I've nothing to to offer. Or to ask the poster to do a search, possibly pointing them to an earlier thread which I've "toppped" for them.

There is so much great information both in the destination section of Fodors (and Frommer's, Timeout and various other sites) and on this board, but it gets frustrating when people clearly haven't even tried to find it on their own before they post.

On the other hand, good questions usually ellicit great answers, which have been tremendously helpful to me in planning a number of trips. So to both the more thoughtful posters, and those who took the time to provide responses, thank you!
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I have some negatives and positives.

If you can find a better site please post it! Granted there could be improvements, but try and search other sites - especially the great Rick Steves and none are as friendly or easy to access than this one. Especially the thread of postings. I find this the best!

The negatives - when I ask a question and get back answers like "well, I read in this guidebook that this was a great hotel" - I don't want your input, I want people who have been there to respond.

I personally get obsessive when planning a trip. I want to know everything (books and sites like this) - hotels, restaurants, museums, metro, buses, schedules, etc. Then I talk to my travel agent and we finalize it. I personally find this as enjoyable as the trip itself.
I would like to see a better search section. Recently I searched for a topic and got the message "there was none", but after scrolling down a few pages, I found a thread on my topic. Something is going on within the setup of the site and I would like some clarification from Fodors.
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Bravo, Lesli
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There is a mutual fund message forum similar in style but not in content to this one
When I first looked at it about 2 years ago it was full of good questions and answers and shared knowledge
Gradually the site became dominated by a few posters
Soon they became known as the "regulars"
The rest were known by the playground mentality term "newbies"
Now--today---if you log on to this site you will see that the subject of investing in mutual funds is virtually ignored while the tone of the board has become more like a chat room--very cozy to the chosen few who block out questions from "newbies" preferring to banter knowingly with their peers
Dont let this happen here

Old Feb 16th, 2001, 04:36 PM
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The first time I ever posted here took alot of gumption. I had never used a board before, or asked a question on line to a group of unknown people. My posting looked kind of pathetic, the spacing was off and I didn't give much info in the text, but people asked for more and I gave them more and thus began my long loving passion for this site. I was amazed to get such thoughtful replies...so generous of someone's time. I didn't even see that there was a "text box" until later and then started to use it.

I imagine that some people feel a "burden" to respond to posts. Perhaps that's how you're feeling "bugged." So take a break, and let those who are inspired to answer, answer.
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I have only discovered this forum in the past week. I feel i have become almost addicted to the site. I am planning trip w/ my children and needed some tips not found in those quides. I received fabulous valuable information I'm sure I would not have found elsewhwere.
Now that I have visited here a few times I know "the schtick". I would not
have known to do a search within.
I agree that people who want to know what to do in Rome need a kick in the pants...to the bookstore?!
thanks to those who have such thoughtful entries.
Old Feb 16th, 2001, 07:55 PM
Beth Anderson
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my only pet peeve, really, is that I spend too dang much time here.

it is just too easy to sit at work, your mind wanders a little (why tackle that new project JUST yet), oh what the hell, push 'refresh' - then you "gotta" scroll through all the stuff to make sure you didn't miss anything.

Old Feb 17th, 2001, 12:46 AM
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This is a great thread bugged. Here are my 0.02 worth:

1. The search function does not work well. I tried using it when I was in Paris to look up a thread that I remembered reading before I left home only to not be able to get any responses. Frustrating when you're on the "road" so to speak.

2. People who respond to messages that seem as though they're rather sincere questions. There appears to be this "attitude" by some folks (who amazingly enough always seem to be known as "xxx" or something like that) who feel compelled to put the person down for the question they're asking and/or to make it a morality or political issue. This is supposed to be a "fun" board, isn't it? I agree with the other posters - if you don't have something worthwhile to contribute, just skip the posting. I also think it's hard for newbies to post and we should at least be courteous enough to point them in the right direction. Perhaps if it's been discussed before then somebody could just post the exact URL to answer it?

3. I personally love this board. I have had the opportunity to "chat" with several people from all over because of postings and other discussions. It's that portion that I think really makes this a great community.
Old Feb 18th, 2001, 11:48 AM
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I am a relative newcomer to the Fodors site, and I have posted a few questions. Although my questions were courteous and respectful, some of the responses were rude and critical. I value the information I have received and wish to thank those who responded helpfully. To those who humiliated and embarassed me I wish to remind them that the whole purpose of the site is for newbies to get information. Criticizing people for doing the very thing that is expected from them only makes you look like a fool.
Old Feb 18th, 2001, 01:47 PM
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I am also a "newbie" on this Website. Yes, I buy the guidebooks and yes I check out every web-site before I travel. I am assuming, that people on this web-site have something more to offer. Therefore, I WILL post a general topic like "what would you recommend I see in Paris" etc. Perhaps, it would be better if I prefaced the request for information with details on the guide books I have purchased, the web-sites i have visited?

When I post a general topic, i am looking for peoples actual experiences. Why? Guide books recommend restaurants in Paris; 2 million North Americans purchase the guide book in Jan to plan their holiday; by August, the recommended restaurants are swamped with tourists, you can't get a reservation and, even if you can, the standard of food has diminished because they just don't have to try so hard.

Also, I am not a neophyte when it comes to the 'net, so of course I do a search on the web-site before I post a question but, as someone else pointed out, it does not always give the results you anticipate. In order to do this, perhaps we should recommend participants take the following approach to "Subject" : Country, City, Topic - e.g. France, Paris, Budget Hotel Accomodation.

You should be encouraging new participants to join the and then educate them on the site's etiquette - perhaps Fodor's.com would like to canvas participants and provide guidance to "newbies' regarding appropriate "manners"?

This is a great site - don't turn it into an exclusive club. There are people out there that have lots to contribute, you should make it easy for them to do so.
Old Feb 18th, 2001, 09:27 PM
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I agree with Bugged - people who sign on and say "I'm going to --- for 3 weeks, what shall I do, where shall I stay?" really don't deserve to be answered. The experts we have here are not babysitters or parents, but helpers. And as to that, I was just thinking that Fodors is the BEST. It's the only board I have found where there is a real (and continuing) dialogue between people about travel experiences, and please keep that up!

While I'm on the subject, it also anoys me when people title their posts merely "need hotel advice." Need advice for hotels where? OK got that off my chest. Now, keep on exchanging information, and helping those of us who really need and appreciate your advice. There are a lot of knowledgeable, helpful, friendly people here, and they need to be acknowledged more often! Thanks, guys.
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Here we go again
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I read this post last night and was irritated. I waited to respond until after I reread it this morning.I am still irritated.

Does anyone else have a problem with Neophyte's post? I really don't like all the "SHOULDS" that we regular contributors are supposed to be doing for the "newbies". Excuse me, but this is the very attitude that I find so annoying. Neophyte posts a "general question", yets demands a personal experience. Why should I take my valuable time to answer and reanswer the same old questions when they can't even use the search engine. It's as if they are "owed" this information. Perhaps it's just their tone.

I think many of us feel this way.
I am happy to share information and point people in the right direction, but, I don't think we have to hold their hand the entire way. Perhaps we'll have to start sending them to the Tour groups.

Don't mean to be offensive, thanks for the opportunity to get this off my chest.
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Neophyte, did it ever occur to you that when someone who has no personal experience to report add a bit of second hand book info to your thread, tey may be trying to do you a favor by "topping" the thread for you? I do that sometimes and I thought I was being nice. If you say who you are, I'll be sure not to do it for you.
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Lest we forget . . .
This is a tool.
The internet is open to all.
This should not be a way of life.
Old Feb 19th, 2001, 04:39 PM
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Hey now... Rex can be a little....um crotchety at times, but thats all part of his charm. It can't take away from the fact that he usually has informative and thoughtful responses for people with honest travel questions. Even if he was some kind of agent.. In the 2 years I've been visiting this site I've never seen him troll for customers. Every so often a real troller comes along with blatant advertising..That drives me crazy as well, but regardless of what any of the legitimate posters do for a living, if they give proper responses without ever directing you to spend money with their company or even mentioning their "business".. how can you fault them?
Old Feb 19th, 2001, 04:50 PM
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Good for you, Thyra.
Old Feb 19th, 2001, 05:08 PM
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OK, let me get this straight, are there # clubs now? Elites, Pompous and Snobs? Boy this is going to get really confusing!

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