Observations in England

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What is fair if you smoke, eat GM foods and are fat???
Called anyone Dummy lately???
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To: norosecoloredglasses: If you will go back to the original posting, it is NOT negative, but some interesting observations from my last trip that I thought might be worth sharing, for the sake of interest. You must know that all travelling is not always pleasant. It is people who make comments like yours that discourage others from participating in the forum. Excessing smoking, GMF, taxes to support a huge population on the dole, and transportation issues are of great concern in GB. Can we not discuss them without folks like you being rude?
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Would love to know where this "HUGE" population on the dole is? have you seen any recent unemployment statistics for GB, and the smoking statistics mentioned by a previous poster.
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Travelling is a subjective experience and if it causes someone to be "rude" about it then so be it. I think it's ok to make negative comments about a place if that's your experience of it. As an American who lives in London I could say that the ability of the English to "cope" isn't a positive thing. That's why nothing there ever gets done. People there love to complain. Sometimes i dont think they want to fix anything just so they can keep complaining. I remember watching a talk show where the topic was "Do We Complain Properly" and I thought only in England. You cant say ALL, but a lot of English people i know are obsessed about GMF, but hardly ever mention BSE, except how the French have banned British beef-- nearly a cause for war. As for the astronomical petrol prices all i can say is I and most other English people i know were stunned at the protests because it's widely held in England that the English don't protest anything. They just "cope". Alas, the protest were over how high the petrol taxes are. Not something a little worthier like the decrepit rail system or the faltering health care system or the embarrassment that is the royal family. And the smoking, well, I dont think the smoking scene in the U.K. is nearly as bad as in the rest of Europe and i'm grateful for that. Fresh fruit: the problem with fresh fruit in Britain is that it has to be imported from half way across the globe bar some apples. Hope I'm not offending anyone but those are my views on the island.
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We love you too Peter! There is a cure for verbal diahrroea. (sp?)
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Why do some Americans worry excessively about other countries and their smoking habits --when we Americans are polluting the entire world with our cars. Who can cast that stone? It cracks me up when someone from CA is concerned about smoking in London when you can even see cities like LA, Houston, Phoenix anymore due to car pollution hanging over them. Don't go--stay in healthy CA and inhale deeply! American observations: immoral Presidency, violence, pollution of the entire world's atmosphere, more violence, lack of clulture and respect, more violence...and so on--before Americans critize another country they should take a long hard look in the mirror!
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Touche Jerry!

I found the fresh food point rather strange Julie. Fair enough, Britain may not have every type of fresh fruit, but I've had lots of fresh vegies in the restaurant, as well as locally grown fruits.

Julie, you say you miss fresh vegies in restaurants when you travel abroad - where do you travel to generally? I've found loads of fresh vegetables all over Europe, especially in Mediterranean countries. Ditto for the Asian countries I've been to. You mustn't have been down under either, as we always have fresh fruit and vegetables in our restaurants.
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Not really needing to have the last word, and this is certainly not an earth shaking subject, but we have travelled a great deal, and, as a rule, not many fresh veggies seem to be offered as a matter of course. In Spain, you can have "ensalada mixta" but a side salad is not generally offered unless you request it as an entree. In England we sometimes got a bit of brocoli, or califlower, but is often overcooked. Where do we travel? Everywhere--have lived in the mid-east, and traveled all over Africa, Asia and Europe. Now, in Asia, (China especially) we finally did get our fill of veggies, and most meals consist mostly of veggies. Just an observation, and not need for folks to take up the cudgel on this one...just and interesting side observation to our many sojourns abroad. ps....love all you Fodorites..
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Seems like everyone in the forum takes one trip and is suddenly an expert on the subject. The laws of food are governed by supply and demand...Demand is the key word..people eat what they are used to, and when you go away from home, you should be prepared to eat what THEY eat. Take your own veggies, freeze dried, if necessary. GEEZE.
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Chris H
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Hey Jerry, what's up with bashing America? ANd why no email address?

You tend to forget we have 280 MILLION people over here, and that same domineering spirt that causes us to be the worlds only superpower also causes us pollute alot. So what? I don't see a whole lot of forests left over in Europe anyways.

I wish we had a great public transport system like you do in Europe, but we're not Europe. THat fact should be abundantly clear. I for one would love to be able to take a sub to work, but our monies go to other things besides that. If we could get rid of our stupid Social Security and we didn't have to have our military stretched here to Christmas, we could focus on more important things.

As for the election and the president, you see what Socialist Democrats we have in office and trying to be next in office.

Don't blame me, I voted Republican.

As for smoking, sucking a cigarette and sucking tailpipe are two different things. People have to drive. You don't have to smoke.

Gen Eng Foods: what's the big deal, as long as it's safe? (and you'll be surprised that most stuff you eat already IS). Or we can go back to the god old days of starvation?

Pollution of the world's atmosphere? Blame it on the cows.

Violence? No more than anywhere else. At least we get to arm ourselves (I see the laws in Oz and the UK are backfiring).

I consider myself lucky to be American, if we can get decent leadership with a better foreign policy (STOP BUTTING IN!) and a more honest approach (you see what the Big Gay Albot is doing right now). If Detroit can follow Japan's example for clean engines, and Europe's example for transport, we'll be just fine thank you.
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Chris -
surely you jest?
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Santa Chiara
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Re: ChrisH's message. Okay, folks, you see now what it will really be like under a Bush presidency.

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