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As I mentioned up thread - you simply <i>can't</i> make this decision based on the weather. >><i>Decide which city you most want to visit - the weather could be <B>anything</B> . . .</i><<
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In November, I rejoice in the falling leaves. We have plenty of them in Paris. For example:
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We're doing Paris and Barcelona in early to mid November. That's what I recommend.
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Barcelona weather first week of November, past 16 years statistics:
Daily highs: 64-70F
avwrage 5 hours sun pr. day.
One day rainfall pr. week.

Art (Picasso, Miró, MNAC museum etc.), arcitecture (Gaudí) and fabulous food from here to eternity. Barcelona is known for great cafés, tapas bars, restaurants and nightlife. Nice plazas and parks and the city beach Barceloneta.
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Barcelona is also known for a LOT of pickpocketing, and not unfairly. I wouldn't find that relaxing.

But I suppose people will argue that just like rain, it happens anywhere.

I am totally puzzled though by these diktats being shrieked at the OP that she CAN'T make her decision based on the likelihood of seeing sunshine. Of course she can. And she should!

There is plenty of factual basis for preferring to go someplace where the sky is more likely -- MORE LIKELY -- to be blue than gray. Her plans could be spoiled by rain. They could also be spoiled by volcano eruptions, demonstrations in the streets (more likely than rain in Barcelona), or just plain disappointment in a destination never seen before. But she has wisely eliminated uncongenial climates.
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"what is predictable is that there is more to see and do in London than anywhere else in the world."

Have you been around much? Have you ever noticed how different people are? Many people find more to do that interests in destinations other than London, and return to those other destinations over and over again to see more, and never return to London after being there for a few days.

But even if one were to believe that London has all that, is it possible it is because the climate is so lousy there -- Aldous Huxley famously derided it as having all the appeal of boiled vegetables -- it is a necessity to have a lot of indoor entertainment?

By the way, Aldous Huxley ended up moving to California when he began to lose his eyesight because the general absence of sunlight in London and overcast, low angle of light, strained his eyes too much.
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Southern California.
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It's perplexing that St Petersburg can be discarded as an option for being too wintery but would consider Vienna, Prague & Budapest, equally as wintery with short days, just like the rest of Europe during the winter.
South of France can be very cold in the winter with short days also, last winter for instance they had snow which is unusual.
I spent 3 weeks in Lisbon during November a few years back and it was very pleasant and mild.
Usually in London it doesnt get really cold until after Jan/Feb, but some years the real cold can start as early as Nov. You can't decide based on weather, because it can be anything because it is winter throughout Europe, not just north of the Alps. Madrid lies south of the alps and has the reputation of being very very cold in winter and very very hot in summer.
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Don't be put off by the Barcelona pickpocketing comment. ROME has lots of pickpockets, too, as does Prague, etc., etc., etc. It can and does happen almost anywhere and if you are your usual cautious self it shouldn't be un-relaxing IMO.
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Re-checking in, thanks everyone for your input.
No, pickpocketing, demos, modest riots etc. don't put me off (I live in Vancouver... grin), but lots of rain like I would expect in Vanc in November would be too bad. Yes, I do understand, it's a throw of the dice regarding weather but I'd kinda like the dice weighted in my favour.
Barcelona and weirdly London have my votes right now... booking next week, I'll let you know.
Thank you again for all your help.
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