Novels set in Prague

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Novels set in Prague

What are your favorite novels set in Prague?
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The Unbearable Lightness of Being (great movie too!)
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The Unbearable Lightness of Being (great movie too!)
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The films Mission Impossible and XXX have scenes of Prague.
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Thank you. Anyone else?

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topping in hopes of more info!
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Here are a couple: I Served the King of England by Bohumil Hrabal (a comic novel) and Love and Garbage by Ivan Klima (a political and moral tale).

I know there have been other threads on this exact subject, so try doing a search for prague AND novels or something similar and see what comes up.
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while not a novel:

A Traveler's Literary Companion
edited by Paul Wilson

A collection of short stories - some translated for the first time from czech into english. Ranging from czech fairy tales to contemporary. An enjoyable read.

They also have short story collections for other countries.
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Anything from Kafka.
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The Castle
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Book of Splendor, by Francis Sherwood.
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Two novels set in Prague, both by Jiri Weil: MENDELSOHN IS ON THE ROOF and LIFE WITH A STAR. These novels deal with the Holocaust, Prague during WWII. "Mendelsohn Is On The Roof" is about an SS officer who orders the removal of Mendelsohn from the roof of the Prague Opera.
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Prague the novel,
now in book stores is not about Prague. Hoe could that be?

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You might be interested in Two Stories of Prague: King Bohush, The Siblings
by Rainer Maria Rilke

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Austerlitz by W.G. Sebald. The last half of the novel is set in Prague. If you are not familiar with this writer you are in for a treat. Although it is fiction, it reads like non-fiction (and with interesting photographs) and concerns the effects of mid-20th century history on those living in Europe. I loved this book.
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My absolute favorite book is The Spirit of Prague by Ivan Klima - great author. It is actually a collection of essays. Highly recommend it!
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Forget Novels...
sometimes reality is much more interesting. Check out:

When in Prague I was thrilled to vist the church of St. Cyril and St. Methodious (in New Town).

I'd seen a movie telling the Assasination of the Reinhard Heydrich the 'Butcher of Prague".

"This led to the reprisal of the complete destruction of the village of Lidice, with the murder of all the men; the women were taken to concentration camps and the children were absorbed into Nazi homes and "re-educated"".

In the end "Having seen that the crypt was virtually impregnable to take by force, the Germans noticed that it was served byan external ventilation slot. They then tried to fill it with first smoke, then water. Finally, their Sten gun ammunitionhaving been exhausted, and unable to tunnel their way to safety, the four men committed suicide with theirrevolvers rather than be taken prisoner".

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"The scent of burnt flesh canvassed the quaint Czech
neighborhood of Nusle Valley, lying low in the
shadow of the Nusle Bridge. It was another reminder
of this neighborhood's unwanted infamy." - THE GOD COMPLEX by Chris Titus

How's that for an opening line? By chance, I met the author last summer at a book fair. Little did I know that his book, which I bought due to pressure from my girlfriend, would have been the most amazing travel novel for our trip to Prague a month later ... it was fate. Not only was it a gripping mystery set in Prague, but the guy even created a self-guided tour of the city based upon the book! It really made our trip. You can download the tour guide for free on his site - We highly recommend it.
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You have topped two ancient posts, advertising perhaps?
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Yeah - and those are the only 2 posts for this person, who just joined Fodors. Fishy.
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