non touristy - Cornwall/Devon or Wales

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non touristy - Cornwall/Devon or Wales

My husband and I want to go on a non-touristy vacation. We want to either just go to Wales (have been to Wales briefly - 1 glourious night) or Cornwall/Devon. We are looking for quaint villages with cute shops, castles, churches and walks with not a lot of Americans! (We went to a recommended restaurant in Paris and it was like being in New York, everyone was American - the next night we wandered around and found a great place with no english speakers in sight)It is not that I don't like Americans but if I wanted to see more of us I would vacation here. I want to experience their culture and not have to sit next to a guy who orders Budweiser and complains that he can't find a decent hamburger (happended in Ireland) I worry that Cornwall is too touristy and I have heard that Wales is not but is there enough to do for 10 nights? (I don't feel I can judge from our 1 night there). Some touristy atmosphere is good, like Brugge, not Kilarney. Any input will be appreciated!! We are going in May by the way.
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Mel Roberts
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Is there enough in Wales to keep you occupied for 10 days? Well I suppose that depends on what you like doing. Wales is good at providing small towns and villages to base yourself in, and lots of countryside and history to explore; and there definitely will be fewer tourists than in most other parts of the UK. So if you want a "hip & happening" holiday maybe wales isn't the best choice. maybe you could provide us with some more info on what you like doing and when you are thinking of going so that we can have a better idea? e.g. summer and walking in Wales are a good combination. For more info online go to Good luck!
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I would recommend Wales/Cymru for your trip, but one thing that you should consider is the way of your transportation would be. Although there is a local bus/ train service, but it is not convenient like you have your own car for Wales.
From the Pembrokshire national park for walking along the coast, going up to mid Wales and Lakes, and then Snowdon in the north for the mountains.
enjoy your trip.
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My vote would be for Wales. It's a whole country- there's masses to do.

It's less touristy than Cornwall or Devon.

No contest!
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I would vote for Cornwall/Devon or more especially East Devon, not very touristy but beautiful countryside and loads of well marked walks and hikes, both inland and the wonderful coastal path. There are some National Trust properties in the area well worth a visit, Knightshayes, Killerton and A La Ronde and if you want to visit a city Exeter with its maritime museum is close by.
The towns of Colyton and Budleigh Salterton are worth a look as is Lyme Regis, (just in Dorset), you could easily spend at least a week in this area (as we do most years!), there is plenty to do and see.
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I liked Sidmouth Devon for its little shops and walking paths along the cliffs. And the ice cream...mmm. There were, however, a number of tourists but they seemed to be British rather than American. Next visit I would like to spend time in Lyme Regis, but I'd be quite happy in any of the places you're considering. I think it would take some doing to find non-quaint.
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I haven't been to Cornwall. But we spent 8 days in Wales and never ran out of things to do. There were Americans about, but nothing was very crowded. We saw castles, abbeys, museums, restored homes, scenery, small towns, neolithic tombs, Roman ruins. And there were lots of things I didn't get to. I'm sure you could fill 10 days easily. You would definitely want a car to get around. We stayed in many very small B&B's, and got to talking with the owners, learned a bit about Welsh culture from them too.
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My wife and I love Wales and can't wait to get back because of all the great castles, the nicest people we met in Britain (though all were quite nice), least touristy and extremely beautiful. Now, despite all these positive accolades, I should wanr you about one potential problem and that is car break-ins/thefts at Caerphilly Castle. If you park during the main portion of the day you should be fine, but if you leave towards the end of the day, you could be unlucky (like us). However, despite this setback (and a heavily vandalized car), it actually was a blessing of sorts as we were taken in by a dear Welsh family who were taken by our plight. They fed us, gave us a bed and drove my wife to shopping places while I had to escort our rental car back to Cardiff for a replacement the next day.
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I want to thank everyone who has posted a reply to me. It looks like Wales is winning out. We will definetly have a car as we always do. We stayed on the Pembrokshire coastal path last time (literally steps from our B&B that was on the water) and loved it! I think that we will try out B&B's again as well as staying at Inns/Pubs. Has anyone stayed at Tower in Mold?(It is a castle B&B) Anyways...thanks again

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