New Yorker goes to Italy.........

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New Yorker goes to Italy.........

Going, for the 1st time, to Venice, Florence, Rome and Amalfi in July. This site has helped me so much and I would appreciate recommendations for your favorite restaurants. Looking for undiscovered gems!All price ranges. I am 46 and celebrating anniversary while in Rome. Help me make that night special!!! Thank you.
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Wow. I don't remember having even one bad meal in Italy, so this is tough. The only problem we encountered was that we were sightseeing when we should be eating, eating when we should be shopping, etc. Never did get the schedule right. Anyway, we loved Otello in Rome. A few blocks from the base of the Spanish Steps. Ate outside in a garden & the veal was spectacular. Moderately priced. In Florence we really enjoyed Aqua al Due. They have a tasting menu - 5 salads for apps, 5 pastas, & 5 desserts. You can just get the apps & pasta as we did, & then stroll a few short blocks to Vivolo's for Gelato. Try Riso flavor per Rick Steve's. Tastes like chilled rice pudding. Can't get that flavor anywhere else in Italy. In Amalfi, the fish is so spectacular, it is hard to ruin it. All restaurants on the water in Positano were terrific. Have fun, & wear elastic waist pants.
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Bon Appetit had a great issue on Tuscany in 2000 that listed good trattorias and nice restaurants. Don't remember the issue date, but could probably find it on their website and order a back issue. Writer who made alot of the recommendations is the same author of Under the Tuscan Sun bestseller.
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There are hundreds of wonderful restaurants in Rome and we took the recommendation from this board and went to Trastevere to eat at Ristorante Galeassi (Piazza S. Maria in Trastevere 3-3a). Beautiful atmosphere and incredible food. The Roman artichokes were incredible and a great wine selection. Not terribly pricey, and worth every lire. Make reservations though!
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My favorite restaurant in Rome is the Antica Taverna. I have some pics and info about this and other good, reasonablty priced restaurants on my websight.

Follow the path


Eat well in Roma!

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Hi margo
If you do searches here for
Florence restaurant, Venice restaurant, etc you will find many recommendations in all price ranges. Also check out the Fodor's picks elsewhere on this website
Here are some other suggestions(again, don't know your price range)
Restaurant of the Hotel Cipriani, Giudecca 10. phone 041 520 7744. Exquisite food, perfect service, beautiful room, private launch to pick you up and bring you back to San Marco. This was my big splurge. Budget permitting, what more can you ask for?
Much less-expensive but also charming in its own way in Venice is
Restaurant Da Raffaele, Ponte delle Ostreghe, 2347, San Marco. phone 041 523 2317. Attractive setting along a small canal, with gondolas passing by. Dine outside in good weather. Excellent fish, other dishes available. Restaurant is next door to Do Pozzi hotel, hotel guests get a discount I was told. This restaurant is often recommended by others on the Fodor's Europe forum.

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Here is a fun one for you. While in Venice, cross the Rialto (going away from the San Marco side) and there is restaurant there run by a guy from New York that ran away to Venice a couple of years back and opened up his New York restaurant there. I think his name is John. He also has a nicer restaurant up by San Marco. He is a fun guy and couldn't be happier about his venture in Venice. Can't say it is the best food going but it will be a bit of home for you.

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