Netherlands with Kids

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Netherlands with Kids

We're hoping to go to Europe with kids ranging from 6 to 12 years. Are there any economical places that they would enjoy (us too)? We're also hoping to go to Paris with them. We're looking for low cost lodging in these places as well. We'll probably go in the summer.
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Hi, haven't had too many questions on the Netherlands lately-I think or hope that what your kids would enjoy would be biking. There are over 7200 miles of fietspads or bike trails and everyone has a bike. They are readily available for rent and you can take them on trains. I plan to go back end of April and bike thru a park (the name escapes me)and see the tulips-over 70 acres-. There is a wonderful place few American go that is being found by a few and you and your kids would love it and its perfect to go there in the summer. Look on a map and you will see 4 islands in the North Sea above the town of Harlingen. Texel and Terschelling are the two most popular. On Terschelling there are also many fietspads, youth hostels etc. We stayed at the Hotel Europa. Adults get a room with bath(ask for the pine forest side) and kids go across the hall. they use your bath. Rooms have a balcony and you can have 1 meal or all meals with your room. The food is excellent and so is the service and they all speak English. Behind the hotel you can ride to the opposite side of the island and see the miles of beaches and sand dunes.
There are 3 towns on the island. The biggest is Terschelling West with its 400 year old Brandaris lighthouse for which I found a website containg artisits renditions of the lighthouse in different seasons and information about the history. There is a little museum on the island and it is just cute,cute cute. Good food and all. Ride through the countryside and see the Black Dutch ponies, sheep etc. Go to Midsland and have a coke or beer in the Dutch windmill "pub". There are arcades and laser tag games for the kids. I couldn't tear my son away. He loved the freedom. Its very very safe there. Bikes are king! Let the kids go or have a picnic. There is the Dutch Tourism office on line and I found on the info I needed for hotels ferries etc. If you are interested and want any more specifics just E mail me.
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Went to the Hague last summer and camped near the North Sea in Schevingen. (Sp?) Anyway, it was great! There were lots of hotels that were relatively inexpensive. The beach was wonderful and the people were really nice. Check out some brochures for the Hague from your local travel company or internet site for details.
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Near Tilburg, in southern Holland, is an amusement park called Efteling. It's an all day adventure for children of all ages, including adults. It's Hollands answer to Disneyland.

If the children are ages 10 and up, try the Dwlta Expo in Zeeland. It's an engineering marvel. It's a series of flood gates, dams and sluices which are designed to keep the North Sea from invading the land. There is a movie presentation, museum and bus tour of the same.
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Don't miss Madurodam near den Haag. The entire nation in miniature. Kids and you will love it!
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Was just planning to suggest a visit to Madurodam as being extremely interesting for young and old alike, and then I saw John beat me to it. Anyway, I concur it's very worthwhile.

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