Need passport info...

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Need passport info...

I have been searching high and low for an answer for this question. Any imput or help would be appreciated. I have already tried the British tourist authority and the embassys to no avail. I understand that I can enter the UK for up to 6 months on a passport provided that I have independant funds and will not be working. My question is, how long do I have to leave the UK in order to return and be given permission to stay up to 6 months again? Hope this makes sense. It seems to be a greatly guarded secret which leaves me thinking it is rather arbitrary and depends on who one's customs officer is. Even if all you have is your own experience with this, it would be helpful. Thanks, Sincerely, Susan
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Dear Scotlandbound

This information comes from the Fodor's 1997 Great Britain Guide (sorry thats the only issue I have) it gives a number for the State Department's Office of Passport Services information line 1-202-647-0518. It also says all U.S. citizens need only a valid passport to enter Great Britain for stays of up to 90 days and you can obtain your passport from any of the U.S. Passport agencies or try your local Post Office or local Court house. My and I husband made application and paid our fees at our local Post office. It was my understanding that for any length of stay past the 90 days noted above would require a Visa. I was told my some friends who have traveled in Europe at great lengths of time That they had to aquire a Visa and that they had to show proof they were self supporting as not to put addtional burden on the particular Country they were staying in.
They had to provide proof of health coverage also. The Visa's are good for a longer length of time then the Passport and you can apply for additional extensions of time on your Visa. Call the above number or talk to your Passport office in your local Post Office. Hope this helps Susan. If you are planning this trip within the next three months I would get to it pretty quick it usually takes a few weeks to get your documents returned in the mail after you make application and pay your fees.

Peace, Robbie
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This is my understanding, without the benefit of a proper legal education - - or consulting "true" docuemtns on this subject. The 6 months rule is 6 months out of any 12. Thus, you have to leave for 6 months to get another 6 months.

This may be the rule for Schengen region countries. I'm sorry I don't have more "supported" information to give you.
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The UK lets foreigners who do not need a visa for short stays (including Americans and Canadians) in for 6 months. The good news is that the UK does not have exit controls, so they don't know when you have left. So you could be in the UK, travel to Paris after six months for a day, and return to the UK the next day. When asked, it is probably not a good idea to tell the officer that you just spent 6 months in the UK.
The Schengen states will let you in for "max. 90 days in any 180 day period". These are the official rules. In practice, nobody cares as long as you have enough money and don't work or cause problems.
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Here's some info from the U.S. State Department web site:

Hope it helps.

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