Nasrid Palace: entry time in winter

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Nasrid Palace: entry time in winter

I am (finally) booking the Alhambra tickets, having gotten the itinerary sorted. And it seems that tickets are now simpler than before: one no longer needs to book morning or afternoon, but simply the timed entry to Nasrid Palace.

The target dates are either Saturday Jan 6 or Sunday Jan 7. On both days sunrise is at 0828, and sunset is at 1812, per

The question is how to time the Nasrid Palace entrance.

On Saturday January 6 the earliest options are 0830 and then not until 1330, 1430, 1530 and so on.

On Sunday January 7 every slot except 10:30 seems to be available.

Given the sunrise time, I think that an 0830 entry is not advisable as I could guess that the Nasrid Palace deserves good lighting. Logistically we would prefer Jan 6, but the lack of times available in the morning signals to me that it will be very, very crowded that day, perhaps dominated by Saturday tour groups?

Given that, I am mullling 1000 or 1100 on Jan 7, with time on the Alhambra grounds before the timed palace entry if we reach the Palace in good time.

Other suggestions for a strategy for a January visit to the Alhambra?

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I wouldn't choose Jan. 6 because it's a holiday, Reyes, or Epiphany. Likely to be crowds! but maybe not
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Yes, I suspected crowds because of the lack of morning entry times. I had been thinking Saturday rather than Reyes, but that is a double whack against Jan 6.

Thank you,
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Interesting question regarding the good lighting. Do you mean from a photography standpoint or just just for looking at it?

If it's a clear sunny day then you'll get a lot of contrasts between squinty bright surfaces and nearly black shadows, regardless of the time.

One almost hopes for thin cloud cover and diffused lighting.

In any case I'd tend to lean towards the earliest time slot in the (perhaps futile) hope that it will be slightly less crowded.

Some interesting photos here BTW, many of them appear to be taken on cloudy days. Even the opening shot of the Comares palace with the sun rays may not have been a purely blue sky day.
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Mostly just looking at it (and being able to see the details of the mosaic work, etc).

I've been in too many castles etc which were so dark (little daylight and very poorly lit for display) that one could not fully appreciate wood carvings and paintings, etc. Not really sure what the lighting and shadows situation is in Nasrid palace, but I suspect that 1000 will be better than 1100 for crowds.

Next decision: we are dithering about also booking the nighttime ticket, perhaps on January 5.
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I think your logic makes sense. Once you are in the Nasrid Palace, I believe you can stay as long as you like, so the earliest entry time that works for you is the one that I would choose. As you say, you can visit the rest of the grounds before and after.

I thought an evening visit absolutely magical, and am glad that my evening visit was after my daytime visit. That meant that I already "knew" what I was seeing, and I wasn't trying to see the details, but ooooh, what a wonderfully evocative experience to see it when it was quiet and not brightly lit!

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> being able to see the details of the mosaic work

Don't know if you do this, but we carry a small pair of travel binos (ours are "Zeiss 8x25 Terra ED Compact Binocular") partially for these reasons.

A lot of architectural detail is much higher off the ground than you can see clearly. This also helps for stuff at eye level if its roped off or otherwise you can't get close. It's amazing what pops out with a decent pair of binos. Highly recommended.

A second vote for the night visit. The lighting is different so the effect on the detail work is significantly different.

If you have some time to waste I have photos in this gallery that show the same locations such as Sala de Dos Hermanas, Sala de Abencerrajes and the Mirador de Daraxa taken both during the day and at night:

Not to mention, as kja has noted, that the night visit should be quieter, more subdued, evocative.

Good luck.
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